Building A New Pergola

Build new Pergola

How to build new Pergola

by: Ligaya M.

In building a pergola many factors have  to be considered,  the location, size of the house, what type of pergola installed, and more importantly, needs and wants of the home owner.  In choosing the right location, what matters most is a shaded area is needed. The size of the pergola should not be big enough that can cover the entire house.  After deciding on these matters, one is ready to build the desired pergola.

Before erecting the place where the post will be built, one needs to check if there are gas and water pipes as well as electric lines that can be hit or damaged to avoid an accident before and after installing the pergola on the desired location.  To ensure that posts are aligned perfectly straight and parallel with each other, drive a stake and string at the first corner.  Position a right-triangle along a two-by-two at the pergola’s front edge.  The stretch string must create a 90 degree angle from the front stake to the back corner for a rectilinear design.   Positioning of the pergola is not much difficult part, tie markers along the string for the middle and back post positions on the side of the pergoal.  It must be evenly and accurately placed and positioned them with a tape measure.   Do it with the other remaining post position on the pergola and then drive a stake at each marker.  Put a mark line and place a bottomless bucket on the six stakes to mark as a digging line, and then slowly remove the stakes for each posthole. Dig at least 3 feet deep with the help of the posthole digger.

It must be stable enough for the strong winds or the hurricanes not to destroy the posthole.  Make sure that the post in the holes are properly plumb with post level, and then clamp temporary braces to stakes and posts to hold them vertical.  After that, place a dry concrete mix and add gallon of water each.  And for the finishing touches secure it with nuts and washers.  And lastly, enjoy the pergola that has been built!

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