Painting A Vinyl Pergola

Paint a Pergola

How to paint a vinyl pergola

synopsis by: Laura D.

This video will show you how to paint a vinyl pergola. You can use these tips to paint other exterior vinyl structures as well. You will want to look for paint to start. You need to decide wether or not you want the color to match your house. First, and most important is to make sure that the vinyl is clean.

The narrator tried sanding and using it in its natural form and he said he could not tell a difference. In this case, they are not sanding, but are leaving it the way it is with one coat. The application takes two coats and needs about 24 hours to dry per coat. If you do not turn it over to get the other side it will begin sticking. You will have areas on the vinyl that are not smooth. It is a good idea to use a foam roller when you begin to paint. You can decide what thickness you would like to use.

The narrator uses a 3 1/16 inch foam roller and thinks this is the best type. The foam is able to grab the vinyl and provide a really nice texture. After the second coat, a beautiful texture will be created that is not necessarily smooth. It just depends on what you prefer for your vinyl pergola. The surface of the vinyl is very durable, but if something sharp comes in contact with the vinyl, then it will scratch it. Make sure to keep some touch up pain around in case this happens. The vinyl posts could get scratched from a storm, or maybe you have kids at home as well who will be playing in this. With colors, there is a wide range of colors.

In the video, the narrator uses cabot. He is using a color which matches the color of his home. The process for this takes about 4 days. If you are painting in your garage, the process will go faster because moisture will not build up. You will want to paint the cross beams at the end. So, after these simple steps, you are ready to get started!

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