Pergola Vs. Shade Arbor: Which To Choose?

Pergolas Vs. Shade Arbor: Which To Choose?

The Pergola image

The image of pergola

by: Ligaya M.

Arbors and pergolas are closely identical with each other and can serve purely as decorative structure as they can definitely change the image of an area.  Meanwhile, both pergola and the arbors can also provide shades hence may have similar functional purpose.  However, arbors were originally meant to be built to hold a vine or two in a small niche or recess outside the house.  The word “arbor” relates to trees because the original shades in the garden were provided by the low fruit trees found in the garden.  Arbors were created to mimic the shade provided by this low fruit trees in the garden thus they are usually small structures.

A pergola on the other hand was originally conceptualized to shades in the garden and to block the sunlight for anyone who wanted to have a relaxing view on the garden.  A pergola has horizontal cross members and is supported by columns so as not to block or obstruct garden views.  Moreover as a bigger shaded area, they are usually bigger in scale.

Both arbor and pergola provides shades.  However, an arbor is specifically meant to provide structure for vine plants to climb upon. The vines that climb the arbor are meant to cover the whole structure, which further enhances its ability to provide shade. However, arbors are pretty small structures and usually bend on top.  Thus, arbor is originally made for plants to have a space for them to climb on. As time goes by, people decided to put a stronger wood to support the structure for grape vines to climb around.  People then decided to call it the pergola, which originated in Italy.  Because the plants need to have a strong and structural design that can hold a lot of weight and a person can climb on top, traditionally the pergola was made of wood and the uprights can be stone or some kind of masonry where they last a long time.  Because of its size, the pergola evolved to become a room for other needs of people such as carport, kitchen space, resting space among others.  In other words, it was then considered as a room only without walls.

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