The Many Types Of Pergola

The Many Types of Pergola

by: Ligaya M.

According to materials used

According to shape

According to function

There are many different kinds of pergola and pergola designs on the market today. Made from wood and aluminum, dark or light so on and so forth. There is a pergola for a main entrance, a car park pergola, pool pergola, pergola for an outdoor kitchen, there can be a bar at the back and water feature in the front , pergola overlooking the garden, pergolas attached or stand alone. There are many kinds of pergola and pergola designs that can suit your needs, depending on what you’re looking for. The well designed pergola give your living space a unique luxury appeal and feel. When you are designing the shape of your pergola beams and rafters, take into account how much privacy and shelter from the sun or wind you want for the sides of your pergola to provide for you.

You can also have a circular design which is more difficult to build. It is also expensive as compared to the other rectangular and square pergolas. Circular pergolas are expensive because you need material manipulation which will then give round edges. Another option is to build a triangular pergola. People are also getting hexagonal pergolas made because it looks like a circular pergola. It may look circular, but it is easier to build.

Free Standing

  • Many pergolas are free standing and can be placed in a variety of locations, such as over a hot tub or even amid a garden.

Attached Structure

  • Some pergolas are attached to a house. They are usually attached over front or back entrances to the home.

Box Pergola

  • The box pergola is known as such because of the placement of “solid nogs” amid the top rafters that help to form rows of boxes that may appear oblong or square.

Planter Pergolas

  • Planter pergolas are becoming increasingly popular. This type of free-standing pergola is includes the addition of planter boxes at ground level.

Walkway Pergolas

  • These are free-standing pergolas that are used often in commercial areas. This structure is built to enhance walkways by providing shade.


  • Any pergola can be altered and changed depending on what kind of lumber and materials are used. Therefore a pergola may be built to suit any design of house or garden.

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