What The Heck Is A Pergola?

The heck in a pergola

The heck and Pergola design

What The Heck Is A Pergola?

by: Ligaya M.

Pergolas which are traditionally made of wooden materials were originally used for raising vines of plants. , In time, pergolas evolved to different types of pleasing designs and now are being used as bases for climbing roses and other kinds of tree lianas.  They have specific structures which basically represents horizontal or semi-horizontal construction built upon columns or lines that keep the pergola in an upright position.  Pergolas are famous for providing additional external beauty of the house particularly in garden and the entertaining area, which becomes cozier and and relaxing because of the ambiance.  This is especially true when staying at longer time and when one is alone. The relaxing atmosphere provided by a pergola creates reflective moment.  Together with the ornamental plants hanging around and climbing the pergola, design and beauty of the pergola is further enhanced.   Friends and relatives who visit the house are endowed with an intimate and an comfortable feeling.

Pergolas primarily serve as a weather protection. It gives shade from the scourging heat of the sun in areas most needed for the greatest comfort of the visitors.   They also add interest to the garden path giving walkways that help emphasize direction leading to the garden or to the main house.  And as originally conceived, they provide the structure for the climbing plants both ornamental and flowering plants.  Aside from embellishing the design and appearance of the house, they also cover and eliminate the unnecessary things or view in the house.

Pergolas come in different shapes and functions available in the market today. There are pergolas made of wood or aluminum. Some are dark or light, colored or natural.  Among the different kinds of pergola in terms of function included a car park pergola, pool pergola, kitchen pergola, garden pergola, wedding pergola, as well as a pergola towards the main entrance of the house.  Pergolas can be customized to suit the needs of everyone.  In terms of shapes, there are circular, rectangular and the square type of designs of pergola. A hexagonal shape can also be a good choice.  Circular designs are more difficult to build and are thus expensive. Thus, one’s budget is also a major factor in the choice of pergola design.

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