Building A Decorative Deck Railing

Decorative Deck railing

Build a Decorative Deck railing

Building a Decorative Deck Railing

synopsis by: Talat Z.

Wooden hand rails made from pressure treated lumber are common amongst many decks throughout US and Canada. But you can also dress up these traditional  rail system with a variety of decorative accessories including post caps, metal balusters, post trim and rail connectors that conceal the wood joints.

You should start with the strong post system. It will need to anchor each four by four post with the minimum of two half inch through bolts with washers. Using galvanized metal post brackets provide even more strength to the construction. Installing the post on the inside of the deck s outer Joyce will also help keep the rail sturdy. Measure between the posts to determine the rail length. Clamp the upper and lower rail of one section together and mark them every four and half inches for the balusters. Once the balusters are installed, they will be less than four inches between each of them makes typical building code. You can use durable plastic decorators railing connectors that screw on to the ends of the rails. The brackets are then screwed into the post at offset angles for a sleek finish appearance and a firm hole.

Screw the designer baluster connector on the each mark you have made on the upper and lower end of the rails. These connectors are rubber boots that mount the aluminum baluster. Simply twist the aluminum balusters on to the rubber connector on the rail. Once installed match the upper connectors to the exposed ends of the balusters. Press the rail firmly into position and fasten o the post. Just repeat the procedure for the remaining section of the handrail.

To crown our hand rail posts we use solar post light for main ornamental.  These lights activate automatically at sun set and installation only requires a quality exterior grade adhesive. Finish the handrail by gluing the support block beneath the center of each six foot section of railing. Finally add the stain and preserve it of your choice and enjoy your completed project. Visit for more home improvement tips and videos.


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