IBC For Deck Railings and Steps

IBC for deck railing

IBC for deck railing and steps

International Building Code for Deck Railings and Steps

synopsis by: Talat Z.

From this article you will learn about the basic international codes for the handrails and steps. Essentially what the international building code does is it provides minimum standards for building or renovating specifically as a US residential is provided by  the international residential code.

Now what is covered in this is as a concise to the step it is this that maximum rise or maximum height from the top of one tread to the top of the next. And this maximum height is measured from a finished surface so whether it’s a solid wood or carpet the maximum can be seven and three quarter’s inches. And then also as you have a number of steps the maximum difference between the height of any two treads can be a difference of maximum of three eight of an inch. The other standard that is covered as it has to do with the steps is you have to have the clear dimension of thirty six inches in width. So if you have handrail that stick out or stand off the wall the minimum width you can have between the hand rails or clear opening is thirty six inches. Now there are also standards that tell you how far the edge of the hand rail has to be from wall. It also covers the maximum height. Typically this height is around anywhere from minimum height of thirty eight inches or twenty seven inches if you have two rails.

There is other standard that covered in the international building code related to hand rails of the stairs is the minimum height clearance that you have from any step to the ceiling above you. So if the step extends pass where the ceiling start coming up then you have to measure from that tread up. Now to establish what these minimums are you need to have the copy of international building code or international residential code or you can contact your local builders department.  It will be your city department if you are living in city limits and if your are outside that will be your county. So prior to building anything or renovating anything in your home as it pertains to stairs or handrails you have to make sure that you check these specific codes and specific measurements and requirements.


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