Installing Stair Railings

stair railing install

How to install stair railing

Installing Stair Railings – Colonial Elegance

by: Ligaya M.

Stair railings are for looks and safety and whether its time to replace your current rail or you just want to change up  the look is something you can do at your own. This article will show you how to do it.

Its very simple to put in your own railing. Start by counting the numbers of steps your have in your stair case. Count each step as one foot and add an extra foot to figure out how long the railing will be needed. For example for twelve steps you should purchase at least thirteen feet of railing. And then the mill post at the bottom and then a mill posts at the top.  You will need one short baluster for the front of the step one line baluster for the rare of the step. Also measure the distance of any straight sections. If the old stair treads are worn now it’s the good time to change then.

Colonial elegance offer a wide collection of replacing stair treads. First drill pivot hole in the half noel. Use three inch construction screws to anchor to the wall studs. The bottom screw is covered with the plug. The top screw is hidden by the hand rail. The height of the hand rail depends upon the height of the balusters. To find the location of the bottom mill we take the width of the mill add half the width and measure it from the front of the step and the same amount from the side.

This is where the center of the post would be. Now drill a pivot hole. A double ended lag bolt is screwed into the bottom of the mill and then into the stair. Make sure the post is leveled. Then lay the hand rail section at the treads of the stairs and mark both ends at the correct angle to meet the post. Carefully cut the hand rail at this angle. Next drill three quarter inch  holes at each treads to conceive the balusters.  Then attach the hand rail to the bottom rail mill with the fastener. Drill a pivot hole in the mill post at a same angle as the hand rail. Install the bolt. Then in the hand rail drill the pivot hole  and larger hole for the nut. Apply glue and slide the rail to the end of the bolt and tighten the nut.

Next inset the baluster into the hole and mark the angle where you will cut the baluster at the top. Cut each end of baluster sixteen feet longer so it fix under the groove of the hand rail. Cut all the baluster to the proper length, check the level before installing then glue them and install them. Wait twenty four hours for the glue to dry.


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