Easy Fence Installation

Fence installation

How to install fence easily

Easy Fence Installation

by: Erin Ramirez

With the right tools and how-to’s, installing a fence can be as easy as 1-2-3. Although fence installation may seem labor intensive, it’s actually easier than expected. Your first step for fence installation is to decide what type of fence you’d like installed. There are many different options to choose from; wrought iron, wood, vinyl, steel, barbed wire, bamboo, electric, chain link, aluminum metal, wooden slate, rock, stone etc.

Once you decide what type of materials you’d like for your fence, you need to decide how big you’d like your fencing to be. For fence installation you need to have the right tools such as enough of the fencing materials you decided to go with, a power saw, a power drill, work gloves, tamping rod, ready-mix concrete, nails, gravel and/or sand, hand saw, wheel barrel, hoe, post hole digger, wood preservative, steel tape, marking pencil, fence stretcher, carpenter’s level etc.

Once you gathered your materials and tools for fence installation you need to decide how far apart you want the fence posts, normally people space out their posts between 6 to 8 inches. To make it easier to mark where you’d like your posts to be use better boards and string to measure out where each post should be put. Once you spaced them, you should set them. Use your hole digger or an electric spacer to make the holes and use wood preservative on the parts of the posts that will be underground. Once that is complete fill the holes full of gravel and/or sand or you can use cement and stick nails in the bracing and attach the bracing to the posts to keep the posts in place. Remember only one nail per bracing is necessary to safely secure the post. Normally two bracings are used per post. The differences between whether to use sand and/or gravel versus using cement are very small differences and so I’d recommend just using the one that you feel most comfortable using.

Once that is complete add rails to the fencing post, normally it’s best to add the rails at the top and bottom rather than the middle since it has a more stable base from top and bottom.  This will insure that the rails are installed properly and won’t mess up later on after a couple of months. That is how to install basic fence installation. There are other combinations you can add to your fence, but look for other tutorials on how to complete those.

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