Small Engine Repair: How to Adjust the Mechanical Governor

Small Engine Repair: How to Adjust the Mechanical Governor

video synopsis on small engine repair by: Chakka S.

small engine repair south jerseyThis is a Kohler 25hp v-twin engine it’s a carbureted engine and it power a craftsman GT 5000  garden tractor and in this video am going to show you how to adjust the governor system on this engine.

The type of governor used on this engine is centrifugal flywheel mechanical governor and the components you need to concern yourself with are the governor spring which is right here governor arm which connects to the spring which is right here and then up here is a cross shaft which u need to know that sets and this lock nut here for the governor arm.

You need to loosen that up to adjust the cross shaft; the cross shaft is the part actually connects to the mechanical governor which is located inside this engine crank case.

The way that this governor works when your full throttle is this spring here holds this governor arm all way that way which forces your throttle wide open and your engine cranks up and get up the speed and then the fly weights, the centrifugal fly weights on the governor start to oppose this spring, the governor spring here and actually force this arm in the opposite direction. When their force is equal to the spring force is where your throttle will be set up where will stop and you can see when I pull this way you can see that the throttle up here and seems right inside here starts to close.

So it will rest in a certain rpm that’s how it governs the engine speed. If your engine counters the load, it will lower the rpm decreasing the force centrifugal weights of the governor and then spring force then will be greater then it will pull this arm that way again and that will open up the throttle over here. Supply more fuel to the engine which will increase the engine speed and then the opposite low curve. The flywheels on the centrifugal arm will start to oppose this. Spring even more point in this way until there is a balance. The way that you adjust this governor system is to take this governor arm and hold it all the way, that way as far as it go.

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Making Compost with a Composting Bin

Making Compost with a Composting Bin

video synopsis on compost by: Oleksii R.

compost south jerseyYou don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy the benefits of compost. In fact you can find rich compost materials in your home landscaping beds. Of course compost is a proper ingredient for vegetable garden, giving plants essential nutrients.

First you want to select position for your composting. Considering a location, look first for plenty of sun and have ready access to your water supply. You want it out a way, probably away from your house but close enough to be convenient. You can create or purchase closed composting bins. Of course bins are convenient and simple solution to keep the pile contains, while protecting it from weather and animals plus a reason for maintain.

Now will be using a bin we built. Whether using a bin or open area, start by laying it with a few straws, and then begin adding your layers. For kitchen and insides wastes keep a small container around hand to collect materials, than empty container into the pile as it goes full. I think your compost materials are fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee and tea grounds and egg shells. Be sure to cut big pieces into smaller parts. You can also add shredded newspapers, fireplace ash and sawdust. Things you should not compost are: meat, bones, fat, grease, dairy products, and pet waste. From your yard you can collect and add leaves and grass clippings When add your materials alternate dry materials with wet ones. These create the right mixture to help the items decompose.

Now we talk about two the most important ingredients to composting – moisture and oxygen. Your pile needs to remain moist, but not too moist in order to decompose properly. Every few weeks water the pile. Then give it a turn with a pitchfork. This allows oxygen to penetrate into ingredients you varied to keep the pile healthy. To make sure you are adding enough water, examine the small piece of a material. It should be damp but no so soggy like a sponge. Your pile should have also a good dirty smell. If it has ammonia odor – it means that pile needs more carbon materials such leaves or newspaper. If pile smells any other way – check the moisture content, it’s probably too wet and needs more dry material. The compost is ready to work on your soil, when it fells crumbly, looks dark and smells dirty…..just as compost should.

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Compost: Making A Tumbler Bin Composter

Compost: Making A Tumbler Bin Composter

video synopsis on compost by: Asim A.

compost south jerseyHow to make compost and a Bin to cook your compost pile in 14-21 days.

Cost of my composter bin $8.00 + 2 hours labor.

Here are my sources:

Kitchen scraps, pig manure, grass clippings, newspaper dry, leaves.

My welder charged me $5.00 for one long 1 inch sq galvanized tube and also cut it down in 3 pieces to fit my drum. Gave him $2.00 tip and bought me a piece of wire to secure tubes for $1.00. Total cost of my bin $8.00.

The old drum I was no longer using …

… Tools needed:

a drill, a knife and a screw driver.

Materials needed:

1 plastic drum, 6 nails or strong pins, 3-1 square inch tube, 3 hinges & lock, 3 yards of wire, 1 sq foot of Zinc.

Drill 3/8” holes all over your composter. Your pile needs to breathe for faster cooking. Our friendly bugs need to find their way in to help discompose your file even faster!

To compost in 14 to 21 days you need to help Mother Nature brake down your Carbons, Nitrogenes. Use a lawn mower to grind everything in your path! Don’t spend $$ in fancy shredder machines!

Here comes the good stuff:

Kitchen scraps & dried pig manure.

Global Warming? Sun dry your manure.

It’ll be easier to carry. Use the Sun!

Mow it down!

Yummmy … mower is Happy Happy J

Your carbons (dry leaves) & nitrogene (grass clippings) all in the same bag

Dump it in your new composter …

did you know that Human Urine is very high in Nitrogene and used as #1 Compost ACTIVATOR?

If you are NOT under medication; DO NOT FLUSH YOUR URINE!

Pure human urine MAY burn some plants roots; thin it with 1 part of urine to 20 of water

Activate your compost!

Greens & kitchen scraps contain water as well; so basically, you MOIST your compost. Add more water ONLY when needed.

The squares tubes will brake while rotating your compost.


Roll it up!

An effective compost pile is about as damp as a well wrung-out sponge. Squeeze some compost. If water drips out of your hands then add more dry leaves.

Expose your bi to 6 hours of full sun daily. Microorganisms will start to grow and will heat up your compost.

If your pile is too small, too much sun exposure can kill these lovely critters.

And this is your finished product after 14-21 days …

… soil-like-earthy smell-sweet compost.

Don’t own a farm or a house with a backyard?

You can also compost in your apartment.

Don’t miss my next videos!

Why compost?

For FREE “All Organic Fertilizer” To send less garbage to the landfill

To save $$ in water bills (garden treated w/compost requires less watering) for higher per crop fruit production

 … and what about Global Warming?

It is time to use our own resources and stop damaging our planet even more! L

What is your reason to compost?

Mines are these:

Pink Guava (Guayaba pera rosada)

Sour Cooking Orange (Naranja agria de cocinar)

Tannia roots (Yautia, Malanga)

Breadfruit (Panapen, pen de fruta)

Sun Dryiny fresh picked Annatto (Achiote, achiotina, bija)  

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Small Engine Repair: Briggs & Stratton Muffler

Small Engine Repair: Repairing a Briggs & Stratton Muffler

video synopsis on small engine repair by: Chakka S.

small engine repair new jerseyWhat I have here is a Braggs & Stratton vanguard 9hp engine at single cylinder engine and what happened to this engine is the mounting bolts for the engine loosened up and the operator continue to run the engine and the vibration eventually cause the muffler to break.

There was a first part of the muffler fall off but the major damage is here you can, this is so damaged you can just lift of the muffler not even bolted to the engine anymore.

It was the major break in that. That supposed to secure this part of the muffler here which is bolted to the engine. Then here is another mounting point securing point which is right here which broke off. And it bolts to the engine right here. What I am going to do in this video is trying to weld this back together and get it working.

I am not a welder so whether this works or not am still going to videotape it and upload the video. Okay so I have got the muffler disassembled. This is a piece of the engine this needs to be welded back on the main part of the muffler here. Here’s the other piece that broke off got to reattach that to this part of the muffler. So what am going to do now is clean the stuff up and get it ready to well.

So I got these buffer pieces are cleaned up with the wire well so am ready to weld everything together. Here’s a look at this piece here. As far as holding the pieces together while welding this can be fedded like this and there won’t be a problem. For the smaller piece over here I am using a magnet, attach a magnet here and hold this piece in place. I am ready to weld this back together.

Like I said before am not a welder so don’t watch this video for welding instructions…only small engine repair. And another thing I forgot to mention is how to take a safety serious when you using that wire it’s good to wear gloves and buy protection. And when you are welding makes sure you don’t have anything flammable around because welding wire gets easily fired. So Here is the muffler it was a complete failure I could not weld this metal is too thin from my welder.

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Topsoil From Bluemel’s Garden Center

Topsoil From Bluemel’s Garden Center

video synopsis on topsoil by: Joanne A.

topsoil new jerseyBluemel’s Garden and Landscape Center offers a huge selection of bulk products such as mulch, topsoil, sand, stone, and decorative stone right in the Milwaukee area.

When it comes to bulk landscape materials, Bluemel’s Garden and Landscape Center is the place to go. We carry over 35 varieties of bulk landscape mulches, soils, sands, grave and decorative stone. And better yet, we’re the only place in the Metro Milwaukee area that has these products always on stock and ready for pick up or delivery 7 days a week. Let’s take a moment to view these products, as well as give you a little bit of a description on what these products are used for.

When it comes to decorative stone, nobody competes with, Bluemel’s Garden and Landscape Center. We have over 20 varieties of decorative stones always in stock. As you can imagine, this creates a lot of options for you in picking up a decorative stone. Each one has its own unique look. Size, color and texture vary and we encourage you to stop in and check these stones out for yourself.

Moving on to wood mulches; all wood mulches serve the same purpose and that they retain moisture for your plants, suppress weeds, control erosion, and add a decorative element to the landscape. Wood mulch would generally last about 2 years if installed in a 3 inch tap. We offer 4 natural mulches and 3 colored mulches. Our white seeder mulch is rich in color and has the pleasant smell of seethe. The natural oils in this mulch act as a bug repellant but also as a natural preservative which makes this our longest lasting mulch. Although they look like seeder chips, our playground chips are actually made of chip pallets of various hardwoods. Although they are generally used on playgrounds, they look quite decorative in a landscape as well. Our safety chips, also known as certified chips, serve the same purpose of our playground chips but have a more shredded consistency. Our hardwood mulches are double shredded mulch made mostly of oak. Because it’s double shredded it has a very petty consistency which gives it excellent moisture retention. It’s also very dark in color. If you want to go green, then go with the colored environ mulch. We offer red, gold and dark brown. These mulches are considered a green product because they are made of recycled pellets and colored with environmentally safe dyes that will not harm animals or children. Expect the color to last about two seasons before you start to see fading.

When it comes to construction stones we have 8 different options; we carry ship stone, colored round stone, traffic bonds, peed gravel you name it. Whether you are putting in drain tile, putting in a patio, maybe installing a retaining wall, we have all of the construction products you’re going to need to complete your project.

Bluemel’s offers two types of sands; we offer washed play sand and torpedo sand. The washed play is a good material for children’s sand boxes; it also works really well underneath pavers, or as a base for swimming pool. The torpedo sand is very similar to the play sand but it contains small pebbles and this sand can be used to make concrete, and it also works well underneath the pavers.

Bluemel’s offers 4 different types of bulk soils. We offer brown topsoil, blended topsoil, garden soil and blended compost. We constantly get asked what the main uses are for these soils so I want to go over a little bit more I depth at what these soils are consist of and what they are used for.

Our brown topsoil is a heavy, clayey soil that is used for filling large holes or pitching water away from foundations. Our blended topsoil is a 50-50 mix of black soil and brown soil. This soil is ideal for planting grass seed or laying sod. The black soil that is added makes the topsoil a bit lighter so seed germination and sod growth is quicker. Our garden soil is a blend of black and brown soil, sand bark and peed humus which makes this the ideal soil for flower beds and tree or shrub plantings. Our blended compost is broken down grass clippings and other plant matter. It does not contain any animal manure. This is an excellent choice for amending to your soil, or if you just want to rejuvenate last year’s planting bed.

I do want to point out that these are a bulk soil and are in different consistencies over bag soils. They’re screened, but they’re screened for large debris and field stone only. I also want to point out that these soils are tested for contamination and are not treated with any chemicals.

So as you can see, Bluemel’s carries a complete selection of landscape materials for any sized garden or landscape project. Oh I almost forgot to mention, we carry a full selection of bag products and fresh sod and straw delivered daily. So remember when it comes to landscape materials, no one – and I mean no one – does it better than Bluemel’s Garden and Landscape Center.

So stop in and pick your topsoil products up, or call in for delivery today!

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Living Mulch: Sustainable Farming

Living Mulch: Sustainable Farming

video synopsis on mulch by: Asim A.

mulch south jerseyThis spring, we started to work this field and our challenge was to go from that thick clover that we had down now over a year to something that wouldn’t be too comparative with our vegetables.

Even though clover adding nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other micro-nutrients, it’s also taking nutrients away and taking water away and competing for space for the crop, so how do we balance the benefits of our living mulch with, it’s comparativeness with the crop and what we decided to do was to test a minimum tilt then no tilt, so over here we have some of the minimum tilt crops, we have the broccoli rows and we have cabbage and broccoli and then we have some Brussels spread.

The cabbage and the broccoli rows, we came in and made three foot bed, we had primary two piece of equipment. We had a single shank sizzle plow that I put back of the tracker and I went up one way down the others and we basically just disturbed the clover and then we went though and took a three foot tilter and tilt that lightly and when we got the clover basically turned over and killed bank and not entirely killed the bank then we came in the mechanical transplanter and we transplanted broccoli and cabbage and Brussels spread.

And as you can see three months later, we have clover banked into the rows where we did the minimal tillage and the good thing about that is that:

  1. We are covering the soil so we get the other weed out.
  2. We are going to be provided continue supply nutrients that our living mulch will supply, particularly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and the most important thing perhaps is that it’s providing natural habitat for beneficial insects.

We find that there are pollinated insects there; lots of bees, there are beneficial predators and parasite, we have a parasitic wipes a … they are here and in fact we have seen very … very high parasitism rates on many of the crops early in April, we would have seen almost a one to one ratio of parasitizes aphides to life aphides, so a parasitic wipes are very active and one of the reason that they are very active is that they have this habitat as pollinated nectar source and as the source to cover the ground as mulch.

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Compost And Your Land

Compost And Your Land

video synopsis on compost by: Asim A. 

compost new jerseySort it present Compost written by Chris Will and Lewis.

Hi there I am Chris, today I am in entertainment park. I come here today because before we think about composting, we are going to think about how waste is dealt with in the past. And to do that we are going to turn back the clock, a long long way, we are going to turn the clock back to, before there were TV, before there were cars even before there were books.

Way the way back to 5000 years ago. Back in those days though there were few humans lived in Britain and other all those countries which were covered in forest like this and the amazing thing about that time is that there were no waste, no waste at all, so while looking at this forest, we are looking back into the past that how Britain looked all those years ago. Now as I looked around this forest floor it’s hard to see any rubbish or litter or I can find a rode leaves, lots of sticks like these, plants and underneath them all, lots and lots of soil. So why is there no waste in the forest, I think we need Dr. Rotalotta to explain.

Dr: hmmm! Forest let me see leaves, trees ah, I have got it now every year the trees produce there very narrow braches of leaves for spring time. And then all you have to sudden the leaves collect the light from the sun to make their very good food. But the days getting older of comes around the leaves become brown and shimmer and crispy fall from the tree to look around in a way they are like the rubbish of the tree. But this rubbish doesn’t sit on the ground forever.

However, but you understand what comes next, you want to know a little something about MICRO-ORGANISM. Now micro-organisms, they live absolutely everywhere, from the top of the highest mountain to the bottom of the deepest oceans. Just a single spoon of soil, there are more micro-organisms then there are humans in the whole wide world. They live in the grass, they live in the trees, they live in ponds, they live under rocks, they live on your hands and they even live on your bottom. Now some micro-organisms are very very helpful to us, they live inside of your stomach, helping to digest you food … so why not composting in your home, although it’s natural.

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Pavers For Your Backyard Landscape

Pavers For Your Backyard Landscape

video synopsis on pavers by: Cherrelyn W.

pavers in south jersey


We are at the backyard landscape remodel here in Winch mister Colorado. We’re just preparing this area here for some pavers, patio pavers with sander vacuum to hold the grass in , we have road base and barrier and our sand we’re prepping pavers that we will put in here so I’ll walk through a little bit of that we’ll take you in front and of the front yard.

The remodel and paver installation that we are doing and this is all of the front yard that we are working on here so I’ll walk you through a little bit of that and show we’re ready to dig here actually bearing the down spill so we have drain going and outside away from the foundation of the house we’ve done that with all the tip ups got rid with tip up that gotten in the way and three standard paver routines that we do all the time but this is the front porch remodel and we’re ready to lay down wet gravel down there and road base sand and get ready for the custom cut flag stones and we’ll do that.

We also have plant bed that we clean up around the edge and we learn badly basically to remodel so that they can look new again and finally, we’ll see more flagstones and pavers .

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Soil Remediation: The Specifics

Soil Remediation: The Specifics

video synopsis on soil remediation by: Cherry A.

soil remediation south jersey

soil remediation

TRS ERH in soil remediation.  This animation illustrates In Situ Thermal Remediation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds and soil and dolomite bedrock using TRS Electrical Resistance Heating.

Four contaminant source areas partially below buildings were remediated in 2009.  The results of one of the source areas are in this animation.  The red mass represents the contaminant, the vertical black rods are the ERH electrodes that were co-located with recovery wells.  The electrodes deliver energy into the sub-surface and convey steam and vapours to the surface for treatment.

The electrodes do not get any hotter than the surrounding soil.  The days of operations in contaminant mass removed are in the upper left and right corners of the animation screen.  Sub-surface temperature increases slightly faster in the areas of highest contaminant concentrations.  This is advantageous because these areas clean up quicker and can be turned off early following sample confirmation.  The remaining energy is redirected into the areas until they are cleaned up also.  This eliminates wasted energy and saves time and money.

Average sub-surface temperatures increased at a rate of 1 1/2  degrees Celsius per day during heat-up and the maximum sub-surface temperature reached was a 114 degrees Celsius.  At the end of ERH, final contaminant concentrations were orders or magnitude lower than the guaranteed remedial goal.  Confirmatory soil sampling included independent analysis of 204 soil samples collected from 71 sample locations.  Over the 6 month ERH operating period, 600lbs of contaminant mass were recovered.  The contaminant mass was reduced by 98.4%.

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Compost: Setting Up a Worm Composting Bin

Compost: Setting Up a Worm Composting Bin

video synopsis on compost by: Oleksii R.

compost south jerseyI am going to tell you how to set up Deluxe Rubbermaid worm compost bin. Let’s start by talking with some supplies you are going to need to set up this bin. For starters you need couple of Rubbermaid tubs. I prefer the Rubbermaid Roughneck tub. You don’t even need to use Rubbermaid, of course. Anything that plastic and stackable type of bin will work.

If you want to drill some sorts, I prefer to use 1/8 inch drill bit, anything bigger run a risk of having a lot more worms. Anything smaller and you can potentially have plugged up holes, which of course are going to spoil your drainage process. Cardboard make an excellent bedding material for worm bin, that it is what I prefer to use. You can also use pit mass or shredded newspapers.

I find that forms really like cardboard and it helps to balance system nicely.  Also you are going to need some food scraps. All point of setting up worm bin often time is to handle your kitchen wastes, so adding some food scraps is certainly good idea. In terms of best food materials, fruit and vegetable wastes are excellent as well as coffee grounds and tea bags. Some things you keep in mind during moderation goes.

Spills and fruits themselves, onions and really spicy food, like hot peppers, and anything that starchy, bread or rice or pasta materials should always be uses in moderation. All these can make a problem in our bin if add too many of them. Something you definitely want to avoid in your bin completely: any sort of meat, dairy products like cheese or yogurt and anything that oily.

All of these materials are tough to break down. Some sort of spray bottle that can help to spray down your system and get everything moist. I made some supports for my upper bin by cutting the bottoms of small milk cartons. Any sort of blocks you put in the bottom work perfectly fine.

The reason why I am doing this, that if you just place the top upper bin inside the lower bin – it’s going to end up getting wage down and it’s going to impede airflow. The whole point of setting up such kind of compost bin is to allow for a lot of airflow and allow for nice drainage of moisture from upper bin to lower compost bin.

This top rate and informative video synopsis on compost, is brought to you by:
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