Grocery Store: Should I Buy Butter or Margarine?

grocery delivery philadelphiaWe’re picking margarine. Two things I want to think about picking margarine. I don’t want any Trans Fat and that’s very easy to find out now because it’s going to tell me right on the label. Right on the Nutrition Information list, as you can see Trans Fat listed, look for zero. You will find most margarine that comes in a tub, zero grams Trans Fat. That would be a great choice. Most margarine, not all margarine that comes in a stick form, you’re going to find Trans Fat there, anywhere maybe from one and a half or two and  a half grams of Trans Fat. I want to leave those behind, I want up that margarine that comes in a tub that doesn’t have any Trans Fat.

If I want to take one step further, I want to split the margarine with a least of Saturated Fat, no more than two grams. People often ask me why don’t I just use butter. If you look at the label on butter, you would actually see Trans Fat zero grams. However, the Saturated Fat is at seven grams. I don’t want to spend that much Saturated Fat on that item.

So, with the margarine, select one that in a tub, make sure it has zero grams Trans Fat and you’re good to go.

Grocery Store: Should I Buy Butter or Margarine?


Home: Should I Buy 2%, Skim Or Whole Milk From Grocery Store?

affordable grocery philadelphiaWe’re here in the milk aisle – do not walk past here without picking up a gallon. Milk provides us with calcium, with vitamin D, two nutrients that some of us don’t get enough of. When you’re making your milk choice, make sure it’s either skim or fat free, that means the same things – skim and fat-free is the same thing.  Half percent or one percent are all fine choices. I’m trying to stay away from two percent milk and whole milk.

When those are my choices, I get too much fat, I get too much saturated fat. That recommendation of skim, one percent, or half percent applies to anybody over the age of two. So when selecting milk, again, make sure it rides up in your cart, so you’re getting your calcium and your vitamin D and select half percent, one percent, or skim.

Home: Should I Buy 2% Or Whole Milk From Grocery Store?

Grocery Store: Which Type Of Oil Is Best?

grocery in philadelphiaWhen selecting an oil, I have a lot of healthy choices. Liquid at room temperature is what I’m looking for. So, olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, all fine choices. When I select an oil that is solid at room temperature, then I’m getting a lot of saturated fat there.

Again that’s the fat that clogs my arteries, that’s the fat that increases my blood cholesterol level. One example of an oil like that? Coconut oil. Notice I don’t have any liquid movement here; it’s all solid fat. Again, very high in saturated fat; not a great option if I’m trying to keep my heart healthy. So, in your pantry, whatever you might like to have there, whether it’s olive oil, canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, all are fine choices.

Grocery Store: Which Type Of Oil Is Best?

Home: Which Vegetables To Buy In The Grocery Store?

grocery philadelphiaSo I’m surrounded by vegetables. If you are like me and you have trouble getting your family or specially your kids to eat more vegetables, I have a couple of suggestions. One is, think crunchy; kids tend to like crunchy vegetables, so perfect idea? Baby carrots. If that helps to serve it with a low-fat dip, if that would encourage them to eat more, nothing wrong with doing that.

Or how about red pepper strips? Cut into strips, again if you want to serve it with a low-fat dip, nothing wrong with doing that if it would encourage them to eat more. So, another tip, when you have your kids here in the grocery store, to get them to eat more fruits and vegetables, let them do some of the picking. I think you’ll find – if they are more involved with the selection and even cooking process, it would get them to eat more vegetables.

Home: Which Vegetables To Buy In The Grocery Store?

Home: Which Grocery Store Cereal Is The Healthiest??

groceries in philadelphiaHere we are at the cereal aisle where you have many, many choices. To narrow it down, to make sure you’re getting something healthy for you and your family, I like to use the Three-Three Rule, meaning, I don’t want to spend more than three grams of fat on a cereal and I want at least three grams of fiber. So, when I’m looking at say Cheerios, I look at total fat, I’ve got two grams of fat here, so great, I’m at my fat guideline. Fiber, three grams, so fantastic; meets the criteria.

Kellogg’s Smart Start would meet the criteria. Post Raisin Bran would meet the criteria. If I come across something that’s maybe a little shy on fiber like Special K; only a half of gram of fat here, but I don’t even have one whole gram of fiber in that cereal – not to say that it’s a bad choice, but maybe I mix it with something like All-Bran which on a half of cup of All-Bran, I’ve got 10 grams of fiber. I put a little bit of this All-Bran into my Special K, I’ve just increased the fiber of that cereal and made it a fine choice.

So when you’re in a cereal aisle, to narrow down your choices, make sure you get a healthy choice. Just remember the Three-Three Rule: at least three grams of fiber, no more than three grams of fat.

Home: Which Grocery Store Cereal Is Healthiest??

Home: Buying Local and Organic Groceries

groceries philadelphiaGoing green, buying organic at the grocery, what are you gonna do? We all wanna do the best with our dollars we also wanna do the best with our health and our communities and taking care of our families, it’s a big question. We’re gonna answer it for you today on mom ed green living, going green at the grocery store. Hi I’m Kristen Eykel and welcome back to Alexandra Zissu, she’s a mom and she’s also the author of the conscious kitchen and the butcher’s guide to well-raised meat.

You know a thing or two about organic why don’t you explain exactly what organic means? I wish I could do that in a little song but its harder than you think. The basics is, and it’s not just for produce, it’s really for everything you see the milk; you see the eggs here today. It means that the food has not been grown with certain synthetic pesticides that are known not to be safe for humans, safe for the farmers, safe for the earth. It also means that the food cannot be genetically modified and it’s really a way of safe herding yourself, the farmers and the earth. It is also third party certifiable, it’s a government standard and it means when you are in a supermarket and you see just organic, you know, that has been third party certified to be true and I like to think of the label as mom’s best friend. So, lots of moms think that if you peel fruit and vegetables you’re getting rid of the pesticides?

I get that a lot and I wish I could tell you that that’s true but it’s not and I think what happens is a lot of us just don’t understand farming. And I’m guilty too, I mean I’m not a farmer. So, when you’ve sprayed a pesticide, it goes in through the roots and up and through the plant and so it’s internal as well as external. There have been some studies that show that some rinsing minimize what’s on there but you’re not gonna get rid of it by peeling it and you’re not gonna rid of it by washing it. so buying organic is important for a lot of different reasons but sometimes it can seem to be a bit prohibitive because it might be too expensive, so can you tell us a little bit about how we might wanna save money when we’re buying organic?

Yes, I have plenty of tips for how to save money when you’re at the grocery store and still manage to take home a fair amount of organic. Sometimes, people are like, I just can’t afford to buy all organic. And I totally get that, so there’s this great organization, I’m sure you’re familiar with them, called the environmental working group and every year they make a list based on the amount of pesticide residue found in fruit and vegetables. And then they list it into the clean 15 which is sitting there by you and the dirty dozen which is sitting by me.

The dirty dozen would be apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, nectarines, grapes, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, blueberries, lettuce, and kale/collard greens. If you buy organic just for the dirty and don’t spend your hard-earned dollars on it for the clean, you can reduce your pesticide intake by 80 percent according to EWJ. So you can choose the best for your budget as well as the best for the planet and maybe it’s not a hundred percent organic but you’re more organic than not? Right, that’s a great money saving tip. Another thing that I would like to point out is you see here on this table, I lack of packaged foods and that really is a good way to save money and that if you shop looking for whole foods, you will save money.

The whole food. If you shop in a local coop, sometimes you can buy them in bulk, you can buy your beans in bulk, your nectarines in bulk. Another great thing to do is to join a farm. I don’t know are you member of the CSA? Actually, we have a farm that delivers boxes to our school and so you get what’s regional, what’s seasonal, what’s local and it saves you a lot of money that way and you get like a surprise, like, oh its charred. That’s a fantastic thing to do I love charred. Another thing I like to do is shopping the farmer’s market at the end of the day. One farmer would like to take home good stuff; you could like totally get it for cheap. Love to do that in august when there’s ton of tomatoes and make tomato sauce, totally fun, fun to do with your kid. All this beautiful fruits and vegetables, you’re gonna want to wash them before you eat them.

So let’s talk to Sophie Ugliano of gorgeously, she’s got a healthy, little tip here and time for gorgeous. So for fresh fruits and vegetables, how do we keep them gorgeous? Well you wanna watch out for pesticide residue and dark grime obviously. So very simple, fill a sink with cold water put in your produce and 1 cup of white vinegar, leave for half an hour, rinse and you’re good to go. I love that. And it doesn’t smell funny? No, not at all. It’s really important; I know to pay attention to your fruits and vegetables but what about milk? Milk tends to be the gateway to organic food for most families and certainly it makes sense. You know, you’re breastfeeding or you’re feeding your baby from bottle, its milk and then you think about what am I transitioning them to and that sort of where most families come into organic food world and with good reason. I am concerned about the hormones in the milk and I’m also concerned about the way the cattle is raised, so I do try to buy milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, I do try to buy that organic as much as possible, those seem to be staples in my household.

What about organic meat? Is it worth spending your money on that? Organic meat can be very expensive, I’m not gonna lie. One great way to save money is to go ahead and buy cuts of meat that you wouldn’t ordinarily get. If you’d get the main steak everybody wants, its super expensive but maybe you can make beef stew or maybe you can buy a whole chicken and roast it and use it all and have chicken for sandwiches the next day. And it’s amazing how far you can stretch your dollar. I know, it’s overwhelming, it’s a lot, organic, non-organic, what you buy at the grocery, what you buy at the coop, really I think what it comes down to, and do the best for your family. Don’t make yourself crazy on this. By seasonal, bt regional, by local, buy what your family’s gonna eat and buy what you can most afford.

That’s how were gonna change the planet, one mom at a time. Alexandra, thank you so much for all your idea and suggestions and all your hard-work on this endeavour. Thanks for having me. Thank you to all of you in the café mom community for joining us in a little bit more of going green at the grocery store. I look forward to hearing your questions, your comments, your suggestions; make sure you let us know what you think.

Home: Organic Grocery Shopping On A Budget

groceries philadelphiaThis post is going to be about groceries, I just have a slight cough, no big deal. So the boyfriend and I actually went grocery shopping and I just wanna show you some of the things I purchased. Not part of the diet but you know lifestyle change and change in the way I eat and stuff so I wanted to show you just some of the things we do. You can see that we have lots of eggs, there’s like 18 in one carton and we have four.

We do go through a lot of egg for breakfast, you can even have it like for dinner, or lunch, just eggs are pretty great, just all around. I know with organic guy, some people say that you can’t eat the yolk, and you’re fine and I guess it’s just more of the preference but I do the 1 yolk, 4 egg whites. And then, we have crab cakes so were excited to try these from Trader Joe’s and everything is from Trader Joe’s by the way, we shop at either Trader Joe’s or whole foods or Sam’s club and that’s where we got the eggs from cause they’re pretty cheap.

And we also have ground turkey, here and I’ll make meatballs out of these, really good, just wheat germ and flaccid and 1 whole egg and some seasoning and onion and just mix it all together and its really good. You can also make burgers with that too as a good alternative to beef. Next is cottage cheese, one for the boyfriend and one for me. There are two servings in here and, I’m sorry, there’s four servings and half a cup so it’s pretty much 2 cups in here and this will last four days. So we should share about 2 four us but someday we don’t want to.

So were going back to the store in a couple of days. Okay, anyway we have avocado they have to go on the burgers or sandwiches, I found one recipe from missing piece with avocado and an rami so were trying it out and see how it goes. Seasoned chicken and then just regular, organic chicken, just three guys. We also have tuna salad, white tuna, none of that light stuff, I just straight up this. You have uncured bacon, once a day in the morning, maybe like two slices.

There’s not a lot of fruit here just because I’m not eating a lot of fruit just because the quote and quote diet part. With my goal weight I will incorporate more and I do take multivitamins so that gives me the vitamin c that I do need. Lots of vegetables over here so it’s pretty much protein and then vegetables, that’s pretty much what you need to survive. No carbs, vegetables have carbs in them and you can also get them from beans and oginami which I have in the freezer. This has lots of carbs, this is what we use, it takes 5 minutes to cook and it’s also from trader Joe’s.

And then we have this fresh bag of vegetables it has like fresh curries, peas, string beans all the good stuff. Bags of peas, frozen spinach just because it’s denser than fresh spinach and it lasts longer. I find it we don’t cook spinach as fast, as quickly as we do like tale or romaine. So we just get it frozen and we put our eggs its pretty good and you can’t even really taste it. So if you have kids or something like that, or picky boyfriend who doesn’t likes spinach, put it in the eggs and it’s gonna be fine. We have bags of romaine and arugula, if you haven’t tries arugula, you should, it’s pretty good, it has like a peppery taste to it and if you put in your eggs or mix it with kale it tastes pretty fine.

And then we have a bag of kale which we go through really fast but we try to limit kale once or twice a day because you don’t wanna eat too much because they bloat up in your system and you might feel a little sick. And then just goes on with rotating your vegetables. That’s why we have like a variety of different veggies to eat throughout the day so that is it. that is just a peek into what we purchase when we go grocery shopping and yep, pretty much what I’m eating. Just throw in my plates, protein and then carbs which is just trough vegetables which is fibrous carbs and that is pretty much it. so yeah, hope you guys love the video.

And the cost, it costs like a 130 bucks for these stuff here so not too bad for two people and see that it will last a week or a little longer for some other things, its pretty good so yeah, oh and we have lemon, put lemon in water cause it helps you get rid of cellulite and also its good for just flushing out your system. So probably just cut a little bit in half and squeeze them into some water and drink that. I don’t do like every single cup of water but at least a couple lemons, probably like 2 a day and I also drink green tea. Alright,so hope you guys like the video and the peek into our grocery shopping trip and I will talk to you guys later okay? Bye.

Home: Organic Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Home Business: Setting Up an Organic Grocery Store

organic grocery storeOrganic grocery store is one of the growing industries in today’s era. Very conveniently it has become a legitimate alternative to conventional grocery stores. Organic foods are nutrient rich products free from any sort of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Even though they cost higher than their counterparts there is a growing market for these foods.  If you are planning to open an organic grocery store pull up your socks and get ready to for a brighter future.

These stores like the conventional grocery store cannot be operated by a lay man. For selling organic foods you need to have a high degree of understanding of organic foods. Various organisations give a certification for this. Having this certification will help you understand the organic grocery store market better and you can flourish in this business.

The success of any store depends on their location. Choose the store in an apt location to attract customers. You can also offer discounts at the initial stage to help your business get recognition.

You also need to study the market of such stores properly. Organic product includes fresh and frozen vegetables, meat, baby food, alcohol, processed food etc.  A market survey would help you understand what food products sell like hotcakes and which are sidelined by the customers. You can decide the budget of your organic grocery store using this. This is important as organic food is expensive and it would prevent you from purchasing unnecessary food items. Buying from an organic market can further cut down your budget, as buying in wholesale is always a cheaper option. You need to be cautious while buying from such markets. Obtain a list of certified organic farmers or retailers from the local authorities. Always ask for invoices of the items you have bought. In case a customer complains of forgery, the invoice comes in handy and can be used as a proof of your buying grocery from a certified retailer.

Running an organic grocery store isn’t simple. You need to have a license to run the store. You might also require a health inspection certificate.  Check all the mandatory requirements necessary for operating a store hassle free. The certification and licensing are important for an organic store because there have been many cases where retailers sold the conventional items at the price of organics items.

The best way to be successful in the organic grocery business would be having a predetermined plan and taking actions accordingly.

This home style based post on setting up an organic grocery store is brought to you by Affordable Grocery, the new grocery store Philadelphia delivery based service for consumers and businesses alike.

Home Business: Setting Up an Organic Grocery Store 

Home: Smart Grocery Shopping

groceries in philadelphiaHey, guys. It’s me here, Jessie. I am doing this video because I wanted to show you some of the things that I pick up at Whole Foods for Ahmad and I.

We are really trying to focus on leafy, greens for the summer, right? Because it’s hot outside, so you need things that are cooling for the inside. So, anything green, anything light, nothing too heavy for the body, right? It’s like you want to lay off heavy fats, you want to lay off heavy carbohydrates, starches, high in fat food like cakes, cookies. All the things that we know to do all year round but especially during the summer because it keeps your body cool in the inside and it aids and burning fat. So, think Kale, Quinoa is actually like green, think tuna salad, think alike chicken salad. And later in the clip, I’m going to show you a really fun way to make a healthy to consolidate that you can incorporate in your meal or in your diet. Ahmad actually came up with this really delicious mix that he puts together. So, I’m excited. I can’t wait to show you.

And then, what else? I think that’s it. Maybe some lean protein, of course, you want to have protein in every single meal through working out hard core. You need to aid those workouts with some lean protein. Also, let’s see. I can’t think of anything at the moment. Fruits, of course, I’m forgetting fruits. Don’t be afraid to have fruits especially if it’s smoothie. Maybe mix the fruit smoothie with some protein so that we are always absorbing some and every meal or snack. You don’t want to go heavy on the fruits because it’s still sugar and it still affects your body the way sugar affects it if it’s over abundant amount of something.

And then, tons of water, tons and tons of water. If you feel that you’re little lower on energy or electrolytes or vitamins and even minerals, drink coconut water. Coconut water is excellent. It has sugar in it but it has natural sugar, so your body absorbs it, uses it immediately but it doesn’t have that crash feeling that you got from some sugary drinks. And that pretty much wraps it up.

If I would think of anything else, I will get back to you. But right now, that’s it. So, stay tuned. I’m going to show you my groceries once I come out from Whole Foods. Again, I don’t buy everything at Whole Foods, I just buy few things because it’s pretty expensive. So, I’d like to buy vegetables and the fruits here, of course, organic is the better way to go, no pesticides, no hormones, no nothing. So, stay tuned. We’ll get back to you with the groceries that I’ve gotten. We will go over some recipes together because that’s important when you’re creating any diet plan or you are on an existing line, you’re kind of feel you’re in a rock and needs some creative ideas. Those are the times that you need to watch this video because we have some great recipes coming up and some fun detox even smoothie ideas. So, we’re going to break that up into several little segments for you. We’re not going to hit you all up at once a lot of information. So, just keep coming back and staying, too, so you can see we have next for you, all right? I’m excited. I’ll see you, guys, in a little. Bye.

Hey, guys. Okay. This is what did I get from Whole Foods portion. So, first thing I want to show you is red Kale. It is gorgeous. It is beautiful, brightly green vegetable. It’s very similar to cabbage. It’s actually from the cabbage family. Just wonderful for your skin, it’s vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, really helps in aiding in the digestive process, also clearing you out, so you want to eat that especially for this summer, right? Like I said earlier, it cools down your body. Well, you can use it for chicken salad, one of the leaves and wrap it and eat like the chicken salad wrap. You can put it to the, which I’m going to do it later a separate clip for that. I would mix it with apples, a banana and if you want some hemp seeds for some proteins. That will mix my next Whole Foods purchase which is hemp seeds. The reason why I wanted to show this because it’s an alternative form of protein you can get. If you’re vegetarian and you don’t want to eat an animal meat, hemp seeds, lots of people use this. You can grind it up and put it in the smoothie or you can put it in your cereal or you can put it even in your salad. It’s up to you. You can get pretty creative with this. So again, you can find it at Whole Foods or you can order on landline.

The next thing I got was I made Ahmad and I this wonderful salad that we call love basket. You could see right here. It is romaine lettuce, some rice and those are stringed zucchini which are awesome at taste, super good, a lot of veggies here because that’s we’re trying to focus on and I have one hard-boiled egg in there. What I plan to do is throw in some chicken salad that I also bought from Whole Foods. We love very much, it’s light, it’s fresh, it’s a high quality great chicken. It’s hugely important if you’re going eat meat. Make sure it doesn’t have any biotics, any hormones, you know, it’s good for you, it’s natural.

What else did I buy? Oh, this yummy, yummy Quinoa vegetable power cakes. You can actually make them yourself. So, it’s just Quinoa vegetable with a little bit of bread crumbs, just a little bit to keep it all together and then you heat it up and you can mix that up with your chicken salad, you can put it in just a salad minus the chicken. You can just eat a plain, whatever you want.

Next is, some granola that I bought for Ahmad because he loves granola with kids, yogurt and this is strawberry hemp granola. It’s delicious. You can see it here, it tastes yummy. It’s actually low in sugar, high in quality protein, easily digestible, it tastes wonderful. It doesn’t taste like cardboards. Sometime healthy granolas don’t have that delicious granola taste. So, you can eat it with your cereal, you can put it in your smoothie, in your yogurt, whatever you want to do.

Next is, let’s see what else.  Jam, organic high quality jam that doesn’t have the added chemicals or sugar that some jams that you can get at regular convenience store or regular supermarket store have. So, you want to be very cautious about that. It should be high quality. The thing is that you’re eating, so that’s when you feed your body.

Next is, apples, green apples because I love them. That’s the staple for the summer. Green or red, it doesn’t matter, it just depends on your choice.

Next clip, I’m going to show you how you can make a kale smoothie using green apples. So, stay tuned for that. That’s coming up next, all right? And that’s all I got today. I just have to get few more things. Whole Foods is expensive. So, you want to pick and choose the things that you’re going to buy there that save some money. Until next time, I’ll see you soon. Bye.

Affordable Groceries- All in Your Hands!

affordable groceries in philadelphiaWith economies all around the world fluctuating and trying to recover, price rise in every aspect of life is bound to happen. It becomes difficult for a common man to change their budget with the ever increasing price rise. The worst affected area due to price rise is the food budget. Buying affordable grocery becomes very important because the income doesn’t increase with the increase in the price rise.

One of the best ways to lower your budget would be buying grocery items in bulk from a wholesaler. You might think that buying in wholesale will lead to more wastage of the grocery. I’m sure you would have heard of pool car, similarly you can even pool your grocery items with your relatives and neighbours. With the growing increase in prices, they wouldn’t hesitate as everyone wants affordable grocery. Like this, you can cut your grocery expenses to more than half.

If you are a non -vegetarian you should try to reduce your consumption of meat. Meat is one of the costliest food items which are available. You can replace it with vegetarian diet. It would be difficult, but as the saying goes ‘You need to lose something to achieve something.’ You can have it occasionally.

Make sure before you go out you have prepared a proper list of items you need to buy. Thoroughly check your kitchen on the items that are finished and needs to be refilled. The list will prevent you from buying unnecessary grocery items and you will be less tempted by the eye-popping items. Research has proved that people who buy grocery with a particular list of items in mind tend to spend 30% less than their counterparts who shop with a proper mind frame. So next time you go out for buying grocery items make sure you have a list prepared.

In time of economic crunches even the manufacturer tries to cut down their production cost and increase the price. Before you choose an item, make sure you check the net weight of it. Take a case where you get a 100g biscuit packet for 0.5$ whereas the same biscuit packet of 500g costs you 1$. Obviously you will opt for a 500g biscuit packet. When buying things in a hurry you might see only the price on the packets and not the weight and ends up buying a costly item over a cheap item.

No shop or super-market will give you affordable grocery. It is you who has to plan and mange your budget.

Affordable Groceries- All in Your Hands!
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