Groceries: Regrowing Your Store Bought Romaine Lettuce

Hello, I’ve heard that you can regrow celery so I wanna see if it would work on romaine. So I took a trip to the grocery store, I bought a package of that organic farm stand or organic  farm trash, whatever it is, oh, earthbound farm, that’s what it is, romaine hearts. And instead of throwing away the end, I cut a small x into it, put it into a shallow deep of water and it started to regrow a little bit. I don’t know you see that very well. I did this previously with one and it started dying on me, but I notice in the middle, there was a bunch of brand new leaves or two brand new leaves rather, so I took away all the dead original leaves, all the original leaves did end up dying and it started making tinier, little leaves in there. So, it is re-growing, slowly but surely.

So I just wanted to show people, I don’t know if making the x made any difference and in order to keep the water clean, I do this in my flowers so I figured it wouldn’t hurt too much on my lettuce, I take some of that lemon juice, put it in there, just a little bit.  I do that every couple of days and I replace the water cause I don’t like, I don’t want it to mould or anything, I don’t want it to rot, I just want it to soak for like two weeks and then I’ll put it in a regular, old seed starter cutting soil. And that’s it. and I will have an update later on, when this actually gets bigger, have fun.

Groceries: Regrowing Your Store Bought Romaine Lettuce


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