Demystifying Different Types of Bio-Remediation

Demystifying Different Types of Bioremediation


soil remediator equipment in new jerseyAny process that employs numerous microorganisms in the soil, for the purposes of cleaning up pollutants from contaminated environment, can aptly be regarded as bioremediation – a scientific process that is similar to soil remediation. Microorganisms released from bioremediation receive toxins that keep them alive, while in turn keeping the environment safe and free from toxins.

Here is how bioremediation (soil remediation) process works

Myriads of contaminated areas contain chemicals such as hydrocarbons and heavy metals. For proper treatment of the soil to occur, for bioremediation process to take effect, the metabolism of microorganisms must combine with the functions of the chemicals present. Both sides gain; the environment gets cleared off toxins, while the microorganisms get food that is toxins.

There are different types of bioremediation processes that effectively keep the environment clean and free from contamination. Initially, there is the intrinsic bioremediation process. It is most effective in areas that are filled with toxins such as hydrocarbons found in petroleum products. Microorganisms break apart the toxins and digest them to keep the environment clean.

Subsequently, there is the bio-stimulation process. Unlike the aforementioned, this soil remediation process has to be instigated and it is only viable in areas where microorganisms naturally exist. Here is how it works; for contaminants to fully disappear in an area, scientists must enhance the growth and activity of bacteria that live within the contaminated area.

That is inclusive of all microorganisms that breed therein as well. Since the idea is to flourish the microorganisms and allow them to thrive – for the natural removal of toxins from the soil and water – it is imperative that nutrients and oxygen be added to the polluted areas to effectively enhance the remediation process. This is done until all the contaminants fully disappear.

There is also the bio-augmentation process that is commonly used in waste-water treatment facilities. Chances of this soil remediation process yielding success are almost zero, because introducing microorganisms to a foreign environment kills them, hence proving ineffective. Microorganisms are purposely meant for the growth of a specific contaminant.

For the bio-augmentation remediation process to yield much success, microorganisms must be aptly introduced to toxins that were removed from the original contamination site. But that rarely happens since not many a scientists are well versed with bioremediation process of this kind. That explains why this soil remediation process is still used in waste-water facilities.

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Self-Storage Facilities: How to Pick the Best

Self-Storage Facilities: How to Pick the Best


south jersey self storage facilityRegardless of whether you rent or own a home, in case you relocate for a job opportunity or any other urgent reason, you will need a place to temporarily store your not-so-easy-to-move belongings like say a self-storage facility. Storage facilities offer ample space for items and they come in a wide range of sizes. Here is how to single out the best self-storage unit with ease.

Initially, location matters a great deal. Choosing storage units, that are close and convenient in regards to location, ensures that you save on unnecessary expenses. When storage units are far away, overall costs on traveling expenses and time are much higher. Thus location is a factor to consider prior to renting that clean, secure and affordable self-storage facility.

Flexible hours of operation need also to be considered extensively. Getting that extra space for your personal belongings is easy, but having access to the space might not be. Not all affordable units have similar set rules. If you are not able to access your self-storage facility at certain hours of the day then do not inconvenience yourself by renting it.

Do not overlook the security issue. You might have secured affordable storage units as a client, but is the safety of your belongings guaranteed? Check the security measures of the facility in consideration prior to moving in. Suffice it to say, ensure there are locks, gates, security cameras, sign-in sheets and staff patrols et al. Certain facilities greatly appeal to criminals. Be wise.

It is very important to have a climate-controlled unit system. Different clients have different issues to consider for their delicate belongings. If you have items that pertinently require stable cooling, ventilation, humidity and heating controls then having a climate controlled facility is imperative. Check also whether the systems are working without a glitch.

Size and cost is an inevitable factor. Clean and secure self-storage units come with a price tag that also determines the size of the units. Thus make certain to ask for a size and price chart that determines the affordability and availability of the storage units. Inquire also about any special offers that might be in the offing.

Do not forget to check the reputation of the facility as well reading closely all the necessary documentation. You should check and crosscheck all the terms and conditions of the binding agreement prior to signing on the dotted line. And lastly, let filed complaints regarding the services of a self-storage facility act as an eye-opener.

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The One Thing Needful: Using Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

The One Thing Needful: Using Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

by Peter W.

rubber mulch new jerseyThere is mulch, and then there is rubber mulch. If you ever needed an outstanding playground, then rubber mulch is what you should aptly install. Made from recycled shredded rubber, it is considered the best – if not the cleanest and the safest – nontoxic alternative to wood mulch that comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. But why use recycled rubber as mulch on a surface?

The advantages of rubber mulch stretch into an inexhaustible infinity. Firstly unlike wood mulch, it does not retain any moisture and neither does it compact or freeze when the weather is wanting. Then again, it comes with a wide range of choice colors that last for years on end. Talk of recycled rubber beauty that is the surface of a playground.

Subsequently there is the maintenance factor. A rubber surface requires no special attention thus it is less cheap to maintain. Once kept clean with a spray from a garden hose and evenly leveled with a garden rake, no further maintenance is required on a rubber-mulched playground since the surface drains well. Using rubber mulch also ensures old tires are kept out of landfills.

No residue transfer. Nothing screams advantageous than this fact. A playground filled with wood mulch would fill children’s clothes with residue transfers, unlike a rubber mulch playground which has shredded rubber pellets that easily resist dispersal. In regards to safety, a rubber surface poses no harm. Rubber mulch is purely root proof, its non-abrasive and very odor free.

Wood mulch on the other hand absorbs and holds water easily, in turn rotting and growing mold with time. Any chances of dampness, in wood, predispose the material to insects that make a home around it. And besides posing as a breeding ground for insects, wood mulch hardens it fibers during the cold weather, hence a safety hazard if installed on the surface of a playground.

When it comes to shock absorption, one cannot compare what shredded rubber, or any similar rubber that is prepared for installing on a surface, can do. Rubber mulch literally outperforms all forms of mulch when it comes to shock absorption capabilities. It offers excellent protection, demonstrates absolute safety and zero injury potential.

It is therefore safe to say that rubber mulch is a material that cannot compromise safety – the top most priority on any given playground. It is an all-rounded material that can withstand any weather condition, all the more reason why landscapers recommend and prefer it to wood mulch.

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Essential Landscape Supplies

Essential Landscape Supplies

landscape supply south jerseyPicture-perfect landscapes are a result of great artistic designs put on paper, then practically designed on the ground by a landscaper. However, without the necessary tools at hand, without landscape supplies, the designs cannot take shape. That is where landscape supply companies come into the picture; you need them to supply you with necessary tools for working.

Not only do supplies make landscaping easier, they also ensure safety on the ground is rightly met for both the plants and the workmanship hired. Handling plants with the wrong tools can easily damage landscape work, especially carefully picked plants meant for crucial designs. So what are some of the best landscaping supplies needed on site by a landscaper designer?

Firstly one must have a tiller. Whichever size you choose will greatly depend on the scope of work and what you want done on the ground. This tool is essential for ground-breaking purposes as it allows proper aeration of the soil, controls weeds and creates an effective lee-way for water penetration in the soil. Without a tiller, a landscaper cannot prepare the soil for anything.

A pruning tool and a trowel are also vital landscape supplies, their small sizes notwithstanding.  These tools prove effective in the hard-to-reach areas where bigger tools cannot be used. Small and delicate plants, with fragile roots and stalk, can be carefully dug up by a trowel and easily transferred with little or no damage at all.

A pruning tool on the other hand proves worthwhile when you have shrubs and bushes that need trimming on the stems and branches. To reduce chances of damage on very fibrous plants with woody inner cores or weak stems, it is necessary to use the pruning tool when trimming off dead branches. This helps maintain the safety and the beauty of the plants in general.

To completely break off the ground and keep the soil loose, the use of a three-prong cultivator is aptly required. Many landscape supply experts can tell you for free that this tool, however useful, is to be used carefully lest you damage any extended tree and plant roots. A cultivator greatly helps control weeds in open grounds where it can easily maneuver.

Nothing beats a spring brace rake. This is a handy tool that helps keep the landscaping site free from debris. It suitably evens out the grounds for landscaping as well as creating a uniform appeal of the soil in an outstanding manner. Having the aforementioned gardening and landscaping tool sets helps make work easier and gratifying.

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Why Choose Pavers (Paving Stones) Over Concrete?

Why Choose Pavers (Paving Stones) Over Concrete?

paving stones in new jerseyPavers or paving stones area concrete-made substances that are used in making pavements. However, it is 4 times sturdier than concrete. Pavers have long been used in enhancing the beauty of walkway, courtyard, driveway, backyard, pool deck, patio, etc.

Back in 5000 BC, the Cretans built the first paved roads. The Romans built the first paved expressway system more than 1,900 years ago. At earlier times, paving stones were made of clay or sand. Latest paving system uses accurate fabricated concrete interlocking paving stones. These are durable, easy-to-maintain, and are available at a reasonable cost.

Based on paving surface, different types of pavers are there – natural stone, concrete, rubber, clay brick, and grass pavers. Part from that, there are also Mortared block and Mortar less paving systems. Mortared brick type of pavers is nonflexible, rigid, and tends to crack easily. By contrast, mortar less pavers contains sand between ingredients and is used in road-based objects. It is more flexible than Mortared block system and is widely used in the fastest growing paving business.

Paving stones have some certain benefits than concrete. Let us take a look why these stones are preferable to concrete for your walkway.

  • Driveway or walkway must be strong and durable so that it lasts for a long time. Pavers will give you such a lasting durability. They are hundred times better than concrete and are easy to repair.
  • Using paving stones adds greatly to the look of a walkway. They enhance the beauty of your surroundings by giving it a natural look. Scenic walkways instead of a concrete or brick build one will attract people more. People can beautify their outdoor living space by constructing dazzling walkway, pavement, or patio with pleasantly designed paving stones.
  • Paving stones are available in a variety of colors. So, people are open to choose them according to their personal taste and preference.
  • Decorating the driveway with admirable pavers will increase the property value. Moreover, it can be done at a low cost.
  • Pavers last more than brick or concrete. They are also resistant to earthquake.

The popularity of these stones is increasing day by day. However, you should check the quality before buying pavers from any company. In addition, you should also employ an experienced installer in order to get the most out of them. The beauty and durability of these stones largely depend on their quality and the expertise of the installer.

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Methods of Soil Remediation For A Greener Planet

Some Methods of Soil Remediation

soil remediator equipment in new jerseySoil pollution is a great problem that is deteriorating our environment every day. The pollution mainly occurs due to disused gas fields, waste dumpsites, chemical laden industrial lands, etc. Soil remediation is that process that restores damaged soil medium to its normal condition. Geologists employ a variety of methods for removing soil contamination. These methods range from slow to fast and passive to active systems. Depending on a few factors like the geology of the area, type and gravity of the pollution, and the budget and timeframe of the project, each soil remediation method has its own pros and cons.

  • Dual phase extraction and air sparging method is good for removing volatile and semi-volatile constituents. A high-powered vacuum pump is used in dual phase extraction to extract soil vapors. On the other hand, air sparging is used to remove volatile elements from the upper soil.
  • Another soil remediation method is to use injectables. This method is suitable for a variety of elements and can be used in busy areas where heavy equipments cannot be installed for an extended period. These cleaning agents are injected into the subsurface for stimulating contaminant degradation.
  • Simple soil removal is good for those properties that have localized pollution. In this process, the soil remediation can be done by excavating the contaminated soil and disposing off at a landfill or soil treatment facility.
  • Phytoremediation is an eco-friendly soil remediation system that is gaining popularity constantly. In this process, shrubs and trees are used to decrease the density of pollutants in the subsurface. Through this process, any specific area is remediated by using plants to uptake soil through their root system. Specific plants are effective for specific pollutants. So, right type of plant species is needed to be used for proper soil remediation.
  • Another eco-friendly treatment process is natural attenuation. In this method, microorganisms are used for soil remediation. This system works well for organic elements like gasoline. Natural attenuation is the system of using microorganisms that feed on organic matter in order to treat the elements that naturally degrade in the subsurface.

In order to complete the cleanup process, this method is often used in combination of active soil remediation systems. The proper remediation of soil is largely dependent on the constant monitoring of the system.

The effectiveness of soil remediation techniques depends on the location, contaminants, desired goal, and the available resources. So, in order to determine the proper technique, each unique circumstance should be evaluated properly.

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How to Get Started with a Self Storage Business?


south jersey self storage facilityIf planned and marketed in a proper way, a self storage business can be the means of having handsome profits at a reasonable costs. Starting such a business is not so tough. A properly planned, funded, and operated self storage facility can be very rewarding and profitable business.

However, the hardest part of this business is taking the first step. You will find many people who were going to build their first self storage unit but could never get around to it. So, take a look at this step-by-step process of starting such a business:

Select the Location

It is the first and one of the most important steps of self storage business. In fact, a major part of success in this field lies in choosing a great site. Nobody even notices you if your unit is located in a remote corner. Choose a property on a road that has a high volume of daily traffic. At least, 10,000 vehicles per day will do but it will be better if the traffic volume is 20,000 vehicles of more per day.

Design the Unit

Making a well designed self storage facility is also important. Employ a good engineer or you can generate ideas by yourself from reading trade publication and visiting existing self storage units.

You should start the marketing process during the design period in order to get prompt success.

Regulatory Approvals

Thorough plans and considerable time period are needed to get the regulatory approvals for self storage business. This stage is critical and you may have to compromise to get the approval for your self storage unit. Have patience and work on the next steps while this process is going on.

Construction of the Unit

Detailed plans, proper construction documents, and regular supervision will help you to do this job smoothly. Establish a single point of contact with all the contractors and be available on the site regularly.

Selection of Employees

The success of such a project hugely depends on choosing skilled employees. Employ skilled workers who have deep knowledge about self storage. Manage the whole procedure in a way so that the work flow gets smoother. Remember that it is a lengthy process and you have to work with multiple employees over the years. So, be patient and have a proper plan to make things working.


The marketing of self storage business should be started long before the opening of the site. In fact, you should start it at the time of the site selection. Online is a good platform for marketing. Reference of existing customers is also a good one.

How to Get Started with a Self Storage Business is presented by Peach Country Self Storage, a top rated self storage facility in South Jersey for consumers and small businesses.

Alternator Rebuild Kit – How to Find the Right One

alternator rebuilder in new jerseyAlternator failure is a common problem that every DIY mechanic has to deal with at some point or another. Alternator rebuild is important because you car will lose power at odd times or the battery of your car can barely keep charge if the alternator is weak.

You have three options for rebuilding your alternator – employ a mechanic or find a repair shop, replace one by yourself, or buy an alternator rebuild kit and use your motor knowledge to replace a new one. Finding a proper kit is a bit toilsome. You can apply the following procedures to purchase a suitable alternator rebuild kit.

  • The first step is to make a list of all the general information of your car including drive specifications, engine details, production year, model, manufacturer’s name, etc. Plus, try to detect the actual cause of alternator failure. It will help you finding out the appropriate alternator rebuild kit.
  • Now-a-days, online is a great source of having information about anything. So, try to google for alternator rebuild kits and you will get tonnes of information about specific repair kit and repair kit providers. Choose a company that has good reviews and user ratings and provides the auto parts you are looking for. Just go to such a company’s website, browse the products and services offered by them, and decide if it fits your criteria or not.
  • Try to find out if your chosen company has the alternator rebuild kit designed specifically for your car. Perform searches with specific keywords, so that the search results lead you to the companies that manufacture the kits you need. If you need an alternator rebuild kit for your 1996 Ford F150, search with those words and take a look at the companies showed in the search results.
  • Shortlist some companies based on your search results. After that, compare them depending on the reviews, user ratings, prices, quality of services, etc. You can fix your choice depending on references from your friends or known ones too.
  • Do not forget to know about the shipping cost. Find out if the company demands any other extra charges. Sometimes, these additional costs increase the cost of alternator rebuild kits manifold.
  • If you are clear about your requirements and options, you will not find it hard to pick up the right company to buy alternator rebuild kit. Just complete the buying formalities, pay the money, and wait for your alternator rebuild kit to arrive.

Alternator Rebuild Kit – How to Find the Right One is presented by Peach Country Alternator Rebuilding Company located in Mullica Hill NJ. Peach Country has been the leading alternator rebuild New Jersey company for many years and strives for the utmost in customer service.  Call today for a quote!