Fence Railings For Your Deck

Fence Railings For Your Deck:

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Fence railing can be an important feature to showcase the house. Architectural fence railings installed in a planned way can really add to the visual beauty.

Usually 4×4 posts are attached to the deck frame to provide the support for the rail.  There are also some composite fence railings which require installing a wood post. The 4×4’s must be long enough to project the railing at least 36” above the frame. Generally it extends below the deck surface for attachment to the frame as a mean of support.

There is a part that run horizontally to the posts, they inter connect the posts the give it necessary strength.  In wood decks 2×4’s are often used for this purpose. The top rail must be set so the top of the guardrail is at least 36” above the floor.  Likewise the bottom rail is usually raised above the surface to allow a sweep space for snow and leaves but it may not extend beyond 4” from the floor. Sometimes a top cap is used to extend the view. Boards laid flat work well and provide a level surface to place drinks. The infill section of rails is usually constructed of the repeated use of pickets.

These kits are handy and they come in different shapes and sizes. Balusters or pickets are the rail components used to provide infill for deck guard rails. Many creative deck builders have crafted unique rails using conventional wood parts in different applications such as using horizontal and vertical members to create a grid or setting 2×2’s at angles to form a sunburst pattern.  Along the way professional deck builders started installing copper tubing into drilled out holes along the top and bottom rail.  This was an interesting look but required substantial labor.

Most wood guard rails use a top cap to finish the top of the fence rail.  This component is usually a 2×6 board laid flat and run across the narrow side of the 2×4 top rails.  The purpose of the top cap is both aesthetic and functional.  The flat surface provides a convenient ledge to set drinks on top of or to rest against.  A top cap also covers the baluster connections from the top side to prevent them from loosening. Post caps are decorative tops that can be attached to the top of rail posts to add an interesting appearance.  Some deck builders bevel the tops of the rail posts themselves to soften the sharp corners and offer a stylized finish.  Today one can choose from hundreds of pre manufactured post caps made from wood, metal, composite, glass, and ceramics.  Some are very detailed and interesting….great way to enhance your fence railing design.


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Home Improvement: Building A Deck

Home improvement by building a deck

Home improvement and build a deck

Home Improvement: Building A Deck

synopsis by: Laura D.

Constructing a railing for your deck should be simple after viewing these wonderful tips! The narrator suggests using rails made of plastic clay and UB inhibitors. They are easy and do not need to be cut, measured, or screwed together. It is almost like putting together a puzzle. The railing in the video shown is the straight railing that goes across your decking. The straight railing is different from a stair railing.

The stair railing goes on an angle and the holes are rectangle and not square. So when you put them in you can get your angle that goes up and down with your railing. So, there is two different ones and you want to make sure you know which one is which. They have collars that go on the ends. This is for your straight railing. Put one on each end when you have it together. The kits will come with the stainless steel screws. You can buy all of the railing in one kit. It will come with all parts.

The other option is to buy the bottom rail, top rail, sleeve, and spindle rail separate. Depending if you know the terms for these pieces and what they are used for, it may be best just to buy the kit with the railing pieces all together. If it is your first time building a deck for your home, then you do not want to forget anything, and have to make another trip back to the store.

Building a deck should be easy and the least frustrating possible. The narrator shows what the sleeve posts looks like. It goes over your 4×4 uprights and the sleeve connects to the side of the post with your stainless steel screws. The sleeves for the straight rails are about an inch and a half, whereas you have great big ones where your railing fits in. When you have an angle on your railing you can cut it better. So you need the great big stair rail collar so you can get a better cut on your angle.

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