Home Improvement: Ventilation


The design of ventilation

Home Improvement: Ventilation

by: M. Moyeez

Every house needs proper ventilation provided for every room. Especially, the kitchen must be provided with most ventilation than any other room in the house.

How does this affect your home improvement? This is probably a big question. I can tell you, ventilation is a key for any house to be safe. Say, if you are using LPG cylinders for cooking, then ventilation becomes mandatory or else you will succumb to some hazardous diseases. The smoke and polluting gas can escape through the ventilators provided.

It is also useful to let the sun rays enter your house early morning. As we all know, how good the early morning sun rays are for the human body. If you provide some proper ventilation to your house, sun rays can enter into your home and provide adequate amount of heat and sunlight. This light would be far better than any artificial light you provide for your house. It reduces cost of your appliances and electricity as well.

Ventilation can be done at any corner of your house. If it is done just below the roof, it is very good as sunrays and air can easily enter. Little space is enough for ventilation but make sure that it is provided for every room. When you are buying a ventilator see that it has proper holes to pass air and sun rays through it.

When it comes to kitchen, ventilator should be provided just beside where you cook your food or any other stuff that generate smoke. The ventilation should be good enough to throw the smoke generated in the kitchen out and get some fresh air in from outside. For other rooms, small ventilation is enough which just needs transfer of air.

This can really enhance your home when compared with a house which is not properly ventilated, you will find the difference and importance of ventilation. This would improve your home quite dramatically.

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