Food: A Documentary Pt. 4

grocery delivery in philadelphiaA natural, well, just about all the foods you buy is natural unless something artificial has been injected.  Fresh, never have been frozen, the legal definition according to the USDA of fresh chicken means that the internal temperature has never been below 26˚F.


Free-range, it doesn’t mean that your chicken was raised like this.  It means that the chicken had access to the outdoors.  But land to roam, time to grow and feed like this organic food comes with a price.  Womach’s chickens cost about $20 each compared to $7 or $8 for a grocery store chicken.




I think a lot of chickens are waste.  If you are paying $.60 a pound of chicken, why does it matter if you’re not making stock from the bones?  There is an American culture where it is like we deserve all the meat we want every day.




Americans drink more orange juice than any other fruit juice.  As KPBS reporter Amita Sharma tells us, orange groves had been a part of our history for the past 100 years.




San Diego county groves produce 95,000 tons of oranges each year.  Local growers are sending these oranges to India, China, Japan and all countries willing to pay premium rates for San Diego oranges, viewed as some of the tastiest in the world.


JONH DEMSHKY – Pres.  & C.E.O., Corona College Packing House


The color and the taste of San Diego fruit is quite popular overseas.  Most of our San Diego fruit, we actually send to foreign countries.





Since we export most of our oranges thousands of miles away as far as Japan, where do the oranges we eat come from?  It turns out that depending on the season, the fruit we consume here is shipped from thousands of miles away, from countries like Australia, South Africa and Peru.  It is we, the consumer, who determined that our oranges trot the globe.  American shoppers like their oranges to be seedless and easy to peel, but San Diego oranges have seeds and they’re thinner skin is tougher to remove.  We also like our oranges to be orange.




Consumers buy with their eyes.  You can’t buy an orange that is unpeeled, but ultimately, that bright orange color is really a factor of the climate and the temperatures that they were grown in.   But clearly, your San Diego fruit might have had a little bit of green on the top of it, something that we call “regreening” in the industry.  That’s really just a cosmetic issue and it is not an indication of the flavor of the orange at all.




In fact, says 79-year old Ben Hillebrecht, “They’re sweet and juicy and they’re just an excellent orange.”


Hillebrecht’s family has grown oranges for generations in Escondido.




All my life, I have been right here.  If I live to up to December 9th, I’ll be 80-years old.




Hillebrecht would prefer to sell his fruit to San Diegans.




You can’t make people eat just because they’re grown here.  They can buy a little bit cheaper from someplace else.  Food in America is cheap and you always spend $.10 out of your dollar, $.11 is an average American.


But escalating water prices are making it difficult for orange farmers like Hillebrecht to keep on growing, especially with oranges coming from Australia or Brazil.  In fact, the Hillebrecht are turning off the tap on some of their orange trees because keeping them alive is no longer profitable.


ERIC LARSON – Executive Director, San Diego Co. Farm Bureau


Here in San Diego County, it is tough for farmers to compete.  The land is expensive, labor is expensive and water is very expensive because we import the water from a great distance.  So it makes it very, very difficult to compete.




The Hillebrechts family has diversified what it grows and its fallback crop is San Diego’s top food crop, last year the county produced 59,000 tons of this fruit.


40% of the avocado sold in the United States come from San Diego county groves like this one in Escondido.  When avocadoes aren’t in season here, chances are the ones you are buying in store came from Mexico or Chile.


MIKE HILLEBRECHT – Escondido Avocado Grower


But in some ways, that’s beneficial because the consumer can buy avocadoes year round.




But Ben’s son, Mike Hillebrecht says that there are downsides to importing avocadoes for San Diego growers.  Again, because of labor costs, local growers pay $8 an hour.  In Mexico, workers earn $4 a day.

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Your Kitchen Home Improvement Project

Your Kitchen Home Improvement Project

by Vikram S.

custom kitchen designs for home

custom kitchen designs

The most important part of Home Improvement is improving or upgrading your kitchen. A kitchen is a small room that is used for cooking and for household jobs such as washing dishes. Kitchen is considered to be the heart of one’s house.

A clean and hygienic kitchen always keeps you healthy. A Kitchen generally contains a gas stove, a sink, a refrigerator, a microwave and kitchen cabinets and other electronics gadgets including toaster, mixer etc .

The main use of a kitchen is to cook food. The space in a kitchen is generally small so its needs good planning to decorate it and make it more useful and attractive by adding things to it. Its a tough task to incorporate all the facilities in such a small place. If you decorate your kitchen or its interior,  you put new paints  or wallpaper on the walls and ceiling, change the floor type, add new appliances, install new cabinets or replace old er sink with new and larger kitchen sink for dishwashing. It also includes improving of the storage area and ventilation in the kitchen. The renovation process and decoration generally takes a months time.

Proper care should be taken while your kitchen. Preplanning is required while choosing  the colors  or textures that  suits your kitchen and soothes everyone’s eyes. Plastic paints should be preferred to paint the walls and the ceiling of the kitchen as a teflon protected surface protects your wall against dirt and its easy to clean. These paints provides a very smooth surface which dirt doesnot stick to, so the walls can be cleaned easily. Chimneys are installed to evacuate smoke from the kitchen and this keeps your wall protected from dust and oil.

While installing a new floor, you can prefer any of the floor such as wood, laminate or tile flooring as per your liking. Even a small area can be made effecient by placing kitchen cabinets and sink in a proper place. With the technological advancements , electronics appliances have fully filled our kitchen.  One cannot do anything without a refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster, miixer and juicer. Kitchen improvements can cost you high but its benefits are really worth it in the long run.

Home Remodeling: Preparing Laminate Flooring

Home Remodeling: Preparing Laminate Flooring For Installation

video synopsis by: Talat Z.

If you are going to take on the task of installing laminate floors in your house for a home remodeling project, make sure you are prepared so the job gets done in a timely and appropriate manner. It is very important to properly evaluate the surface on which you are going to install your laminate flooring.There two factors to take into consideration:(1) the flatness of the subfloor; and (2) the humidity level. If it’s a wood subfloor, there’s no problem.

Unless it’s on the basement and there’s no installation. A humidity test will be necessary because it’s not recommended to install laminated flooring on surfaces that have more than 60% relative humidity. Do some test cuts on your laminated boards to make sure they don’t get chipped and if they do try cutting them upside down to eliminate obvious flaws in your work.

The same goes for concrete. This type of surface is compatible with laminate flooring but humidity must always be monitored, especially when it’s a ground level or below. Also, buy the right type of padding that will go underneath the flooring to keep sound to a minimum.

Manufacturers also do not guarantee their product if it is placed on a concrete surface without the use of a proper vapor barrier. This is mandatory. Also remember that laminate flooring can be installed on any surface except carpet. It would be like putting a mirror on a mattress. The solidity will be greatly reduced. In addition, closing up a carpet beneath an impermeable surface would not allow it to breath. It would cause mold, thereby promoting bacterial growth.

Whether the surface is wood, concrete or if it an existing floor covering, it must be SSDC (solid, smooth, dry and clean). So if we want good results, we must pay special attention to the variations and height of the subfloor. You must correct variations exceeding 187 inch every 3 feet. If you cannot perfectly smooth down the surface, you must apply a thicker floor for more rigidity. Finally, a laminate-flooring can also be used to cover a low temperature heated surface that’s already integrated into the subfloor, such as water heating systems. In this case you have to recommend a felt underlayment. But beware… some manufacturers do not recommend it as it voids the warranty all together, especially the electric floor heating. We must read the information on the product label. it will make easy for you to understand and the subsequent home remodeling project.


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Home Improvement: Laminate Floor Installation

Home Improvement: Laminate Wood Floor Installation

synopsis by: Augustin M.

In this article, we will talk about laminate floor installation for your remodeling or home improvement project. Laminating flooring comes in a couple of different installation applications. You can have a standard tongue and groove, such as this, where it’s just a tongue and groove that goes together, and end to end, or you can have a snap together.

With the tongue and groove, it either has to be nailed down or glued down. With the snap together, you can actually do what they call a floating floor where you put down a paper barrier which usually has some kind of a foam cushion material on it. You snap the floor together, and you are done. So, it’s a lot less labour intensive than glue down or nail down process.

Regardless of the process you’re using when you start out installing your hard wood floor; e.g., if this is the outside wall, so you want to go to the outside wall of your room and you want to draw a line. Thus, the thickness, a little bit more than the thickness of your flooring and you want to draw that parallel. So measure out and draw that parallel to that outside wall and that will be your reference line for doing that floor.

We are going to lay out several rows; your flooring comes in various lanes, and what we want to do is laying out this floor. We want those laces to be varied throughout the room. So you want to dry stock that out of several rows until you get a good pattern. Then we will push that away from the wall. In a glue down, we will simply take our glue and we will spread it evenly thin layer across the floor.

Now, with the glue, it will recommend a trowel and a type of notch that you need for the glue in the flooring that you are using so go by that recommendation. Then once we get that down, we’ll just take these grus. You want to have these nice even grus. What the grus do, is that they allow the flooring to get suctioned there. First one, we’ll put down, and you want to make sure to leave a quarter inch between the edge of the board and the wall all way round for extension and contraction.

We will just lay these down and press them in.  You want to put a quarter inch filler and you want this to be solid on your first row. Something that you can pull out later once the glue is adhered because you will need it on this tongue and groove to be able to put these in place. And you either squeeze them or tap them for some kind of rubber mallet. Once you do that, then you get a good system and your home improvement project should look great.


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Home Remodeling: Laminate Flooring

Home Remodeling: Laminate Flooring

In this remodeling and home improvement article let’s talk a little bit about advantages of laminate flooring, especially Supreme Click Classic Series. The Classic Series is 10.3mm overall thickness with an 8.3mm Laminate Flooring board and a 2mm pad attached to the back.

Laminate flooring was invented about 20 years ago because people wanted the look of hard wood, but they wanted something that was Durable and would be a worthy home improvement investment. They wanted something that would be right for the active family and the active household.

Let start some simple tests. The first is the scratch test. We can take a key to our Supreme Click Laminate Flooring and not hurt the finish. And you see that there will be no scratch marks at all, on the product.

Another great thing about this product is its stain resistance. We can write on the product in a Sharpie marker, let it dry and then wipe it clean. As you can see, the Sharpie is dry; and all we need to clean this off, is some simple acetone. Acetone can be purchased at any local hardware store or even at Walmart where I got this bottle for $6. Get the paper towel a little bit wet, and wipe it clean. The best part about this is that the acetone does not damage the finish and in no way, voids the manufacturer warranty.

Speaking of the manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer’s warranty on our Classic series, ranges anywhere from 50 years to lifetime. Now, the Classic series in all the Supreme Click lines are made specifically to our standards. We have our manufacturing partners make the patterns that we want, the fitnesses we want, with the warranties we want, and then we pass the savings along to you- the consumer.

Another great benefit of the Supreme Click Series is that it is a Green product. The Hdf core board, which is on the interior part of the laminate is made out of recycle board products. The Supreme ClickClassic series has a 2mm attached pad. If you’re installing over a wood sub-floor, you’re ready to go right out of the box. If you’re installing over a concrete sub-floor, you still need a moisture barrier and that can be accomplished with our 2mm foam-and-moisture-barrier product for 15 cents a square foot.

If you get a small amount of water on the product, and you get it up in a reasonable amount of time, it shouldn’t be a problem. So don’t worry about water in the kitchen or in the bathroom. But if you do get a couple of pieces that get extremely wet, and there is bubbling at the seams, you can always replace them with the couple of extra boards that you’ve saved in your attic after you did your job.

The Supreme Click Classic series is incredibly easy to install with an angle-angle locking mechanism. You touch the face of two pieces at about a 30 degree angle and rock the second piece down into place.


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Home Improvement: Repairing Scratches On Hardwood

Home Improvements & Repairs, Scratches on Hardwood Floors

synopsis by: Gabriel A.

If you have started your kitchen improvement project, then you must read this article to find out how to get scratches out of your hardwood floors. Now, whether it’s an engineered floor, a hardwood floor, or a solid wood floor, your surfaces are pretty much the same. So, you know, if you have those instances, where somebody had moved back your chair and you get a scratch, there are some different things that you can do without having to re-finish the entire floor to take care of that.

Now, first and foremost, most of your hardwood floor products come with some type of a cleaner and a cleaner buffing agent. So in most cases, if it’s a really light scratch, you can just use the buffing agent with a soft white cloth and in most cases, you can spray it directly on, or spray it on the cloth, and you simply rub and this will actually clean and buff the area to get some of those scratches out.

Now there are some other after market value products that you can use, that are specifically formulated to hide surface scratches. Now, if you get some deeper scratches, what you may need to do is actually get a Urethane or shellac. Actually shellac works very well. What you can do is- you take some shellac, you cut it with a little bit of denatured alcohol to make a real thin mixture, and then you can just take an artist’s paintbrush and paint it into that crack, and then you let that dry, and then you come back and repeat. Now, after you’ve repeatedly put the shellac in there, if you can still see the scratch, then you come back and do it a third time. Now if you have a really deep gouge or something like that, you can also use a product like beeswax. If you melt the beeswax into it, sand it lightly and buff it, and use a buffing compound, again the cleaning compound and those are some typical ways that you can take care of some scratches in hardwood floors. These are some helpful tips on taking care of scratches on hardwood floors.


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Tile Flooring: Beautifying Your Home

Tile Flooring For Home Remodeling: Beautifying Your Home

synopsis by: Jan Placido

Tile floorings, plays an important role in beautifying your home, making it glamorous and attractive….definitely a priority for any home remodeling project. Majority of homeowners today prefer tiles for home improvement task in better and professional way. Because many homeowners, architects, and engineers prefer to get this product, many tile making companies/home improvement companies has emerged in the market. With vast array of options available in the home improvement market today, many people can go with the one as per their needs and finances.

Man-made material such as tiles have some major collection in the market available today, these includes ceramic tiles, mosaic, slate and marble tiles. All of these tiles have their own assets. One of the most important advantages affiliated with tile flooring is that they have hard wearing nature. If tiles are being maintained properly, they will last for a very long time and the second advantage that they have is that they are waterproof nature.

Tile flooring suites well in areas like bathroom and utility rooms, because of the aspect that tile flooring is very easy to clean, and it is also recognized for kitchen use, though tiles may have the slippery factor, it is not the case with all. Advance technology today has given the tiles a non-slippery feature, thus making this suitable for older people or children. Tile flooring also provides the advantage of easy installation procedures, because tiles are like a puzzle you just have to connect the squares together then you can create your own free imagination in real life.

One, of the most important thing to understand is the decoration and the style of each particular room or area, where one individual is interested to lay the flooring. A person can decide what stiles he/she wanted on a particular room, or whether he/she would install a high grade or medium grade tile. This becomes clear that tiles flooring are good option to make homes not only look elegant but also provides a good feel to the homeowners.

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“Do It Yourself” Tile Flooring

Home Improvement: “Do It Yourself” Tile Flooring

synopsis by: Jan Placido

If you do have a plan to buy some outdoor tile, you might ask yourself and wonder where and, why would you do that. Since tiles are something you can only put on the interior part of the house and on bathroom walls. Outdoor tiles can be used on porches and decks. This type of flooring tiles are unglazed and slip resistant, it make look like the same tile but without the glazed coating that makes indoor tile shine.

Tiles are easy to do and can be just a weekend project. Tiles can be ceramic, stone or porcelain, with vast arrays of styles and designs to choose from. From these options there would be one design that would really fit your lifestyle and will complement or enhance your home. There are specific tiles that suites each climate. When you do try to measure the where you wanted to place the tiles on, make sure that you get extra so you just have trim pieces.

If you are ready to put the tile on the floor, make sure that your concrete is very dry and clean.  So you could just stick glue on the tiles and lay them one by one according to your desired pattern you choose to lay out. You have to consider to, place spaces between the tiles, so you could put a grout in between them. It is wiser to buy or purchase smaller tiles for your project. It might take longer to put them all down. Smaller tiles are very easy to crank, while larger once have the disposition to crack and break and it cost more than smaller tiles.

If you do buy a tile, ask the home improvement agent or tell him how big your area would be so there will be no shortage of tiles when you bought them. You have to consider to-buy extra tiles, there are some cases, like accidentally your tiles will get broken when you transfer them in some area. There are some possibilities when you go back and purchase more, they might have stocks available just like the one you bought or they were a discounted tile on sale.  Thus it is much more, better to buy more than what you need maybe 15 percent of it would do, for as long you have extra’s if you broke some.

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Five Tips For Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling (The Five Important Tips)

video synopsis by: Talat Z.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it can be tough. This isn’t going to be an easy project especially if you haven’t had an experienced doing a bathroom remodeling before. I would like to share with you five important tips that will help you with your bathroom remodeling project.

  1. Make sure that you come up with a good design. Create a nice plan something that works in your bathroom and works well; in other words, if you have a bathroom, a bathtub in your bathroom. I’m just going to go over the standard bathroom here; a bathtub, a sink, and a toilet. Don’t switch these items around. Don’t move the bath tub where the toilet is, which this could be some causally things to do.

In moving your plumbing, try to stick with the same format if possible when you’re planning, but make sure that you have a good plan. Don’t flit a seven foot tub in a five foot area. Simple things like that are common sense.

  1. When it comes to demolition. Your going to be tearing out the shower, you’re going to be taking the bathtub out. Would it be a bad idea to provide yourself with enough ventilation? Even wearing respirator mask to keep the dust out? Ventilation, a nice fan, an open window. Often, if there’s a window, I’ll stick the fan in a window and run that while I’m working all the time and to get rid all of the debris.
  2. When it comes to selecting your plumbing textures. Would it be a bad idea to make sure that they match? A lot of times you’ll see an all white; bathtub’s white, toilet’s white and the sink is white. It’s not a bad idea to stick with the same colors or colors that are close to that.
  3. When it comes to painting. It’s not a good idea in the bathroom to use flat or sat in paint. Try to use a semi gloss or high gloss paint. I prefer to use semi gloss paint. Now, some people asked me, what about the oil based or water based? Oil based is a good paint. If you’re not familiar with using oil based paint, I recommend that you use water based paint. Sometimes, the oil based paints are difficult to use and apply. Recently, I was in a house where someone painted used oil based paint to paint the ceiling in the kitchen with a roller that must not had been a very good roller, there was all sorts of little hairs, these hairs are about half inch apart all the way through the ceiling. So, if you don’t know what you’re doing, stick with acrylic water based paint but semi gloss is what I recommend.
  4. Pre-modeling your bathroom. If you’re not going to do it yourself, you need to find a good contractor. Make sure that your contractor is licensed. If you can’t, check out their work. Have they remodeled some bathrooms in your area? If you are going to do the work yourself. What about purchasing a couple of books? Go to the internet; check out how to do things. Watch videos like this. Give a little education behind you. Even if you watched one video or read one book and it saves you a couple of things that prevents you from making a mistake or helps with the design of the bathroom, this going to be worth it.

So, these are the five tips for remodeling your bathroom and there’s plenty more if you log on to


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Laminate Flooring: Hardwood Beauty Without Scratches

Laminate flooring: hardwood beauty without scratches

synopsis by: M. Moyeez

Hardwood floors are beautiful, elegant yet simple and great for many home remodeling projects. Everyone likes the stunning beauty of hardwood floors. But when you look at the scratched and dented hardwood floors, you may not like them the most. You may get irritated with those stains and fade marks that appear on the hardwood floors.

Hence, to overcome these stains and fade marks and still enjoy the beauty of hardwood look, laminate flooring can be considered. Laminate flooring is lot cheaper and is more durable when compared to hardwood floors. Then, why to go for hardwood floors when you can get more beautiful and durable laminated flooring at much cheaper rates. Laminate flooring is made with a core material of high refractive index. This is sealed with laminate covering and hence, is called as laminate flooring. The quality of the laminate flooring depends on the quality of the core used. The thicker the core used, the high is the quality of the floor. In fact, the flooring with thicker core lasts longer and is highly durable when compared to the flooring with a thinner core.

However, you can decide how much to spend on your flooring depends upon how you are going to use it. If you are going to use your house permanently then it is very good to go for a thicker quality core. Instead, if you are going to sell your house within some span of time then you can probably go for thinner one. Even if you are living as a tenant and want to change the floor, you can go for the laminated one with thinner core inside. It still adds lot of beauty to your house with less input.

One more advantage of laminate flooring to hardwood floor is you can install it manually. Hardwood flooring is of high cost and it requires a professional as a must to install it. Whereas laminating is not like that, t is very easy to install. Never mind if you does not know how to install a floor because it is very easy for the starter as well to install the laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is very good even for kitchen and bathroom. The water that spills can damage the hardwood flooring but for laminate flooring, it is not the case because it is water repellent. Hence, you can enjoy the beauty of hardwood with endurance of laminate flooring.

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