Different Styles of Exterior Moulding

Different Styles of Exterior Moulding

by: Jeremy K.

Exterior moulding styles

Different styles of exterior moulding

For hundreds (or probably thousands) of years, exterior mouldings have been one of the essentials in home construction, renovation, and improvement. Homeowners incorporate these materials into their homes not just to add beauty but also to serve as practical finishing touches that provide smooth and elegant bridges between surfaces.

Three Styles of Exterior Moulding

Manufacturers and distributors classify exterior mouldings differently, but in general, these materials fall under three classifications.

1. Classical exterior mouldings

This type of mouldings follows the Roman style of architecture. Symmetrical columns are introduced, and geometric patterns repetitively fill the house’s facade.

2. Formal exterior mouldings

These mouldings often have elaborate and repetitive designs, but they are used primarily to frame windows and doors.

3. Contemporary exterior mouldings

This type focuses mainly on the practical uses of mouldings. These mouldings are used not for aesthetics but to act as a bridge to cover ugly surface gaps and seams.

Considerations When Purchasing and Installing Exterior Mouldings

Unlike in the past, modern homeowners use exterior mouldings simply to cover gaps and seams. However, even though exterior mouldings no longer fulfill decorative duties, this does not mean that homeowners should take them for granted. When purchasing and installing exterior mouldings, here are some considerations.

1. Style and color

Exterior mouldings are still an essential part of the house so their style and color must complement the design of the house. For instance, a Victorian-inspired home must have elaborate exterior mouldings (and even spindles) to achieve the desired look. As for color, monotone schemes blend well with classical exterior mouldings.

2. Material

Traditionally, exterior mouldings are made only from wood and plaster. These materials, especially wood, bring out flawless and long-lasting elegance to the house. However, as times have changed, there are now several mouldings made from plastic, recycled wood, and composite materials. To make sure they get the most from mouldings, homeowners are encouraged to consider a material that best suits the design of the house, and the purpose of the mouldings.

Whether for the interior or exterior of the house, mouldings are used to give a house a distinct personality. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. When used properly, they can be an invaluable, yet affordable, asset to the house.

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