The One Thing Needful: Using Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

The One Thing Needful: Using Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

by Peter W.

rubber mulch new jerseyThere is mulch, and then there is rubber mulch. If you ever needed an outstanding playground, then rubber mulch is what you should aptly install. Made from recycled shredded rubber, it is considered the best – if not the cleanest and the safest – nontoxic alternative to wood mulch that comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. But why use recycled rubber as mulch on a surface?

The advantages of rubber mulch stretch into an inexhaustible infinity. Firstly unlike wood mulch, it does not retain any moisture and neither does it compact or freeze when the weather is wanting. Then again, it comes with a wide range of choice colors that last for years on end. Talk of recycled rubber beauty that is the surface of a playground.

Subsequently there is the maintenance factor. A rubber surface requires no special attention thus it is less cheap to maintain. Once kept clean with a spray from a garden hose and evenly leveled with a garden rake, no further maintenance is required on a rubber-mulched playground since the surface drains well. Using rubber mulch also ensures old tires are kept out of landfills.

No residue transfer. Nothing screams advantageous than this fact. A playground filled with wood mulch would fill children’s clothes with residue transfers, unlike a rubber mulch playground which has shredded rubber pellets that easily resist dispersal. In regards to safety, a rubber surface poses no harm. Rubber mulch is purely root proof, its non-abrasive and very odor free.

Wood mulch on the other hand absorbs and holds water easily, in turn rotting and growing mold with time. Any chances of dampness, in wood, predispose the material to insects that make a home around it. And besides posing as a breeding ground for insects, wood mulch hardens it fibers during the cold weather, hence a safety hazard if installed on the surface of a playground.

When it comes to shock absorption, one cannot compare what shredded rubber, or any similar rubber that is prepared for installing on a surface, can do. Rubber mulch literally outperforms all forms of mulch when it comes to shock absorption capabilities. It offers excellent protection, demonstrates absolute safety and zero injury potential.

It is therefore safe to say that rubber mulch is a material that cannot compromise safety – the top most priority on any given playground. It is an all-rounded material that can withstand any weather condition, all the more reason why landscapers recommend and prefer it to wood mulch.

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Running On Rubber Mulch Is Much Easier

rubber mulch new jerseyWhile technology is being used in manufacturing rubber mulch, the court is still out about the safety and usefulness of rubber mulch.  Although it is ruled as safe to use, the Environmental Protection Agency still doubts the effectiveness of rubber mulch.  While studies go on and scientists contradict their claims, first take a look at the present use of this contentious recycled material.

Children’s playground – it is always tiring for the parents to always watch and take care of their toddlers running in playground.  These little toddlers enjoy running with high speed making their parents feel worried.  By using the grounds with rubber mulch, every fall becomes less risky and the possibility for knee injury is minimal.  The bright colours of the rubber mulch also cause the kids to remain stepping on the mulch.  It makes also the tired sitters or parents find the actual sit on it.

Track fields – rubber mulch is now being used as an alternative to running tracks in most stadiums. The installation and repair costs are not even expensive.  Moreover, any athletes can benefit from rubber mulch during their exercise and training sessions.  Minced tires reduce the impact on every foot fall.  In addition, the waiting time after the fall is also reduced because water is drained immediately through the ground.

Horse shows – the attractive contour seen in a horse is always hidden by the dusts. Rubber mulch does not only absorb water, it also makes the horse clean due to the reduced amount of dust while running.  Riding horse with rubber mulch is now helpful to horse lovers suffering for dust allergies or asthma.  Horses can be thankful also for the laxer and softer ground.  The ground is provided with shock absorption for all the horses’ galloping and gallivanting.

Rubber asphalt – many roads are measured as frontrunners in terms of rubber asphalt application for the public roads.  Rubber mulch is allowed to be mixed with asphalt for highways to be stronger and to last long.   Although rubber materials are from trees, the chemicals for preventing tires from erosion can prolong the lifespan of the rubber mulch.  This helps in decreasing and delaying of the maintenance of the road.

The importance of rubber mulch in landscaping may still be a big issue but athletes do confirm it.  The material is soft for the feet and it bounces shock.  It gives protection against dust clouds and mud puddles.  Environmentally, it is more beneficial to recycle tires that are already supposed to be burned.

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Things You Need to Know about Organic Mulch

mulch new jerseyAs you can observe it while driving around, most lawns and landscapes beds are protected with beautiful mulches.  While many people use attractive gravels as their mulch, landscape mulch is regarded as a natural material utilized as a protective ground covering.  Today, there are assorted types of mulches any homeowner can select from.  You can discover diverse mulches so you can get your choice easily.

Mulches are placed in gardens and landscape beds because of a few reasons.  Mulch improves the quality look of a place.  Moreover, the thick much layer helps in holding moisture of the soil.  This material that holds water is very significant when there is drought and when shrubs or trees are initially planted.

Most likely, the main reason for using mulch is to regulate grass and weeds that always grow in the ground.  Mulch is capable of controlling soil erosion that may develop in unused ground.  Mulch helps in keeping the roots of the plants cool during hot season and warm during winter.  Furthermore, mulch surrounding the tree is a good barrier to the weed eaters.

Among the different types of mulch found in the market, hardwood bark is probably the most widely used and most popular—undoubted because of the cheap price.  This is inexpensive.  Every sawmill produces mulch made of the bark of hardwood as the bi-product of milling operation.  This is locally plenteous and mulch of this kind seems to be the preferred type.

There are also cypress and cedar mulches available in the market.  Both are made of wood and possess the natural characteristics of repelling insects.  One great advantage over the hardwood bark is that they don’t quickly breakdown.

Lots of gardeners prefer to use the pine nuggets, mini nuggets, or pine bark as their mulches.  They look very similar to hardwood although they can’t form any resistant layer.  These nuggets are the larger bark particles useful for rhododendrons and azaleas.

If you love to create the sweet-looking landscape in your neighbourhood, there is mulch made of cocoa bean.  It comes from cocoa beans and husks.  The tiny particles produce a more formal exterior. Normally, it stays permanently where it is positioned regardless of the weather.

When using mulch for the layer of 3 to 4 inches, be sure mulch is kept one or two inches away from the shrubs and trees.  Putting your mulch up on stems will gradually rot the tree and shrub because of moisture.  Eventually, your plants and trees will die.

Looking for beautiful, natural landscape mulch for your home?  It helps to know things about organic mulches.

Things You Need to Know about Organic Mulch

Using Rubber Mulch for Effective Eco-System

rubber mulch new jerseyAs you increase your mindfulness about environment, additional programs are now being used to minimize the production of carbon emission.

Gardens and landscapes are involved in the long list.  The active way of keeping ecological property gardening is by putting rubber mulch.  So here are some methods mulch does it role in preserving the environment for the next generations:

1. Long-term reused material

The more mulch people use, the fewer landfill they have.  Mulch, particularly the rubber type, is from scrapped and old tires.  It gradually decomposes and the colour doesn’t just fade away.  It can last longer compared to other natural mulch. Replacement is not needed frequently.  So the savings comes through this since most mulch needs frequent replacement and tending.

2. Weather-proof crumbs

While water cannot stay on surface, areas with rubber mulch will not become mud-covered.  Dust cannot accumulate either. The materials are too heavy to be carried away even by a strong wind.  Heavy water can’t stay on its surface making it an efficient preventive tool against overflowing river or floods.

3. Ground water supporter

Rubber mulch products come from materials that are permeable and won’t hold water.  For instance, rain water can just sip in downwards.  Having the collection feature built-in below, rain water will subside into the ground instead of just draining.  The process recharges the ground water which can be neglected because of the present waterway system including the cement foundation in place.

4. Temperature controller

Rubber serves as an efficient regulator, too.  As for mulch, this will help the soil to regulate heat temperature.  This becomes true when dark-coloured mulch absorbs the heat.  However, be cautious about areas prone to forest fires as the material can quickly speed up fire like the hay and wood chips.

5. Shock-absorbent material

The main reason behind using rubber mulch for playgrounds, horse arenas, and athletic fields is its capability to support falls.  Runners can bounce and get less stress for every footfall.  Parents can have the relaxation and worry less about broken bones and scraped legs.  Horses can run more rapidly because their hooves have less pressure.

Rubber mulch is a way of contributing your part in preserving the nature. The use will make your landscape visually beautiful with its assorted colours.  Just ensure that the bright colours don’t overshadow the remaining part of your garden, lawn, and the wide landscape.

Using Rubber Mulch for Effective Eco-System

Grimms Mulch For Your Garden

Grimms Mulch For Your Garden

video synopsis on mulch by: Asim A.

mulch in new jersey

mulch and mulching

Lady: This morning with my previous interview with Jeff Grimm. Jeff I know this year, it’s kind of a late, kind of season but it’s a little different from the years past. I think more people are looking at gardens and putting in vege-gardens and stay home but they want to study what peoples do with soils and I know this year garden mulch is very popular.

Jeff: garden mulches been popular it’s a nice alternative to those traditional land ground covers that most people use like the fur, the ham bark park does. Garden mulches really taking over that nitch in the market, it’s more nutrients better for you plant for soil that straight bark does and it’s a good alternative, we can use it for the top dressing like ham bark does like a fine dark does. We use it in some flower beds. Or you can till in more soils to turn it better.

Lady: I think we all talked about the green improvement and it’s kind of like a complete recycle, you get a lot of landscape for separating the garden deprive and then you turn it into the composts and we are doing it at home but you can really do Hugh amounts of it on your facility.

Jeff: that’s right, we have 11 acres here, people bring in here their garden deprive, they want us garden trimming, and we cline them up the compost 6-9 months. Then restring it with the fine black compost.

Lady: I think it looks so pretty, I think that with a lot of different things going on the housing markets getting down, fuels so expensive here, we are getting away from it, actually the garden mulch is better alternative.

Jeff: oh! It’s a great way to go, yeah it’s slow down the housing garden and we are competing them with the bark does, the fuels, there are lot of a generator, electricity bark does. So bark is getting very expensive and again it’s the garden mulch is the good way to go, it’s just better way to plant the soil the way the straight bark does.

Lady: so just we can call or you have a website too don’t you.

Jeff: it is Grimm’s Fuel Co.

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How to Create Mulch from Leaves In Your Yard

How to Create Mulch from Leaves In Your Yard

video synopsis on mulch by: Asim A.

mulch in new jersey

mulch and mulching

Hi, my name Willi Galloway and I am west coasts bay organic gardener and my website I teach peoples to grow their own vegetables and cook with seed ingredients. I also help a lot a time people learn how to grow their beautiful effective gardens using chemicals.

So today I am going to show you how to shred leaves even you don’t know how to use the shredder machine.

Leaves make great mulch because they break down slowly over the course of the season and they add nutrients organic matter back to the soil and they are great for worms, worms just loved lying under a nice layer of leaves, only problem with leaves is if you mulch the whole leaves they tend to form really gross, soggy batch when they get wet and that a problem if you mulch with leaves over the coronial which can also smell them.

So shredding the leaves is the good idea because it keeps them light and fluffy and they don’t compress. They also break down a little bit faster and, so if you don’t have chipper shredder, there is a couple of things you can do, you can just mold over your leaves along more they happen the form you want but if you break the leaves.

You can use, weeds trimmer, it’s a string trimmer and garbage can and you use the weeds trimmer like a merge in the winder, in a pot of soup and so you put the leaves into this trash bin and you just turn on the weed trimmer and chop them up inside, so I am going to show how to do that, and you may use the trash can and it is seems that you normally out your shredder in the trash can, so it’s easy to clean it up and there’s nothing yucky down here, then stick the string trimmer down inside the bin.

And you wanted to full it about a 3rd of the layer with leaves, might it possible make a leave here fill a border just put this in compost. Oh! I should mentioned, always a good idea when using the string trimmer to commonly wear the goggles. And you can see the leaves are nice and chopped up….as mulch should be. That’s it all.

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How to Effectively Mulch Your Trees

How to Effectively Mulch Your Trees

video synopsis on mulch by: Asim A. 

mulch and mulching in south jersey

mulch and mulching

Hi! I am Shawn with DAVEY TREE and today we are TALKING TREES. Today we are gonna discuss proper mulching, putting our trees back in natural setting in mimic the wild. Properly applied organic mulch, such as this hardwood mulch, is very beneficial for your trees.

Other key benefits of the good organic mulches: it suppresses weeds, retains moister, it prevent your molders and stem trimmers from hitting to the trunk or stem of the plants and it reduces the competition from the turf grass for the water nutrients the existing in the soil.

Now that we selected the good organic mulch such as hardwood mulch, here two common mistakes that we try to avoid when we are applying the mulch. We wanted to make sure that the mulch is no more then 2-4 inches deep and we wanted to make sure that the mulch is not up against the flayer or not up against the stem of the tree. So now that we determine which organic mulch is use to mulch our trees, how much mulch should be apply.

Well the larger the mulch ring the better, if possible, we like to mulch all the way out the drip layer of the tree. This is where your absorption in freer roots is competing with the turf grass existing water and nutrients that are in the soil. Hopefully this information on proper mulching is beneficial to you, remember we wanna mimic the wild and put our trees back to the natural setting. Once again my name is Shawn with DAVEY TREE, thanks for TALKING TREES. Talking Trees and mulch with Shawn Fitzgerald.

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Mulch:Water Retention Landscape

Mulch: Water Retention Landscape

video synopsis on landscape by: Cherry A.

mulch in new jersey

mulch and mulching

Water is the key issue for the survival for humankind of this planet.  We are in Tamera Peace Research Center in Southern Portugal where our water retention landscape has been under development since Summer 2007.  Bernd Muller is responsible for Tamera’s ecological research work.

We are creating water retention landscape here in order to heal the landscape.  To heal the whole land and to show a model how this land is meant to be.  A land which is an ongoing desertification process can be healed and we show through creating retention landscape that the rainwater can develop its healing quality on the land instead of causing further damages riverdown.  Holding the rainwater on its land, via mulch based products, giving it time to filter into the earth’s body and to recharge the groundwater system instead of letting the groundwater system sink down.

The water retention spaces have winding banks, shallow and deep zones, a diverse vegetation of water plants and are built aligned to the prevailing wind’s direction.  This way, the water is always moving, is enriched by oxygen and thus is naturally purified.  The water in our water retention mulch project makes the landscape stays fresh and alive by itself.

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Mulching With A Field Slasher

Mulching With A Field Slasher

video synopsis on mulch by: Cherry A.

mulch in south jersey

mulch and mulching

Good evening youtube, it’s just about sundown and what I’m showing you here is a little bit of land used comparison and this is where I’ve been ripper snipping with an ancient steel FS150 field slasher  that’s got a chainsaw motor built on to it.

It was manufactured in 1978.  And you see here green, all of this, this is because I’ve been sheet mulching it with the FS150.  Now here, we say there’s a much browner triangle, and this triangle area is the place where I have not ripper snipped, it’s the test patch.  And yeah, best season we’ve had since 1974.  But, it’s drier, it’s more barren, it hasn’t got as  much soil moisture, it  hasn’t got as much organic matter in the soil and the edge of it on the unslashed area in terms of wettest year we’ve ever had and on a hot afternoon you can probably still burn that, whereas you couldn’t burn that.

So, when I took about field slashing the forest floor, there’s bush fire hazard reduction, that’s what I’m going on a bit.  As I walk back at into the area, officially called the youtube hole.  I haven’t been as serious slashing as I used to be but when I paid for the title deed this was all bared up and I started with the snipping, just tear it up and cut down whatever grass there was and lie it on the ground so it can become mulch.

And there we have the edge of it on the test patch, the unslashed bit of regrowth forest.  Just thought you might be interested in that.

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