Home Improvement: Choosing The Paint Color

Choosing paint color

Tips for choosing paint color

synopsis by: Maria A.

When choosing paint color,color need to be understood. You need to be comfortable with using the color wheel.  How colors from one room relate to another room. Painting interior spaces, what color you want to use. What color looks or blends together. You need to grasp the basic principles.

In the color wheel,look for the primary color ; red, blue and yellow, .Secondary color, colors that are blends of the primary colors;orange, which is yellow and red, green, which is yellow and blue and violet,red and blue . Complimentary colors, located at the opposite sides of the wheel.Like green is opposite red.Next, what color do you value.When these colors are combined,  each makes each other appear more intense.

As you Identify the colors that appeal to you,give some thought on your own preferences when choosing or blending a color.Do you prefer lighter or darker shades of the color. If you like a particularly strong color, since these color can use to overwhelmed an entire room think of it as an accent. Such as a dividing wall, or furniture,think about what you prefer warm or cool colors. By looking at the color wheel,warm colors are red, yellow and orange. Cool hues are green,blue and violet. In the palette of the other three colors use one for balance. For example,a golden yellow room can be enlighten with green fixtures or upholstery. It is also,important to note the natural and artificial lighting of the room.

After you familiarize yourself with the colorwheel and your own color preferences.  Make a careful study on the play of the light in the room of your home. Take several days and pay attention on both natural and artificial light to how the room looks in the room that you want to paint.Which direction the rooms face, are they flooded with pale morning or direct afternoon light, do they receive much natural light .How the over headlight and overhead lamps affect the lighting of the room all day. Choosing paint color to your home,is not that difficult at all.Just follow the details and the design will follow through.

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