Bathroom Remodeling: Bathroom Lighting

Factors to Consider for Bathroom Lighting

video synopsis by: Talat Z.

Its always an excellent idea to consider improving your bathroom when you are doing a home improvement or remodeling project. There are so many people which neglect the importance of bathroom improvement while renovating their homes. This is because of the reason that they think its too big job to handle or may be their bathroom is too small for any change. But remember size doesn’t have to do anything with the bathroom improvement; few good ideas are all you need to do it.

One of the most effective remodeling ideas to enhance the beauty of your bathroom is through lighting. Light is the first element of design. Without it, there is no color, form, or texture. Showers and fixtures usually get top billing in a bathroom remodel, but lighting is a very important factor as well. Different lighting types help create a unified look in the bathroom. There are three main options when it comes to lighting:

1.         General Lighting. This is the overall illumination.

2.         Task Lighting. This is lighting for a specific function.

3.         Accent Lighting. This is lighting on a specific area, such as a shower.

As a general rule, you can never have too much light in the bathroom. What is the most important type of lighting for the bathroom? It is the vanity light – the centerpiece. It is located over the mirror, which is where you do a lot of grooming. It is very important to have a lot of light in that area so that when you look in the mirror, you will have a decent light and you will actually see your reflection. Does the size of the bathroom determine how much light it needs? There is a basic formula for establishing how much light you will need on the bathroom. That is length x width x 1.5. This gives you the base amount of watts that you will need for your bathroom. After that, you can start with the first layer of lighting, which would normally be a ceiling fixture or a semi-flush ceiling fixture in the bathroom. This is going to provide a decent amount of light for the whole area.

One thing that you will need to avoid is shadows. Good fillers for those will be vanity lights, wall sconces, and even recess lighting. Lighting can make such a great difference in a bathroom. It can make everyday projects like putting your makeup on, shaving, and brushing your teeth much easier. Thus, good lighting is always vital to whoever uses the bathroom for whatever purpose. Visit for more bathroom improvement products and information.


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Five Tips For Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling (The Five Important Tips)

video synopsis by: Talat Z.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it can be tough. This isn’t going to be an easy project especially if you haven’t had an experienced doing a bathroom remodeling before. I would like to share with you five important tips that will help you with your bathroom remodeling project.

  1. Make sure that you come up with a good design. Create a nice plan something that works in your bathroom and works well; in other words, if you have a bathroom, a bathtub in your bathroom. I’m just going to go over the standard bathroom here; a bathtub, a sink, and a toilet. Don’t switch these items around. Don’t move the bath tub where the toilet is, which this could be some causally things to do.

In moving your plumbing, try to stick with the same format if possible when you’re planning, but make sure that you have a good plan. Don’t flit a seven foot tub in a five foot area. Simple things like that are common sense.

  1. When it comes to demolition. Your going to be tearing out the shower, you’re going to be taking the bathtub out. Would it be a bad idea to provide yourself with enough ventilation? Even wearing respirator mask to keep the dust out? Ventilation, a nice fan, an open window. Often, if there’s a window, I’ll stick the fan in a window and run that while I’m working all the time and to get rid all of the debris.
  2. When it comes to selecting your plumbing textures. Would it be a bad idea to make sure that they match? A lot of times you’ll see an all white; bathtub’s white, toilet’s white and the sink is white. It’s not a bad idea to stick with the same colors or colors that are close to that.
  3. When it comes to painting. It’s not a good idea in the bathroom to use flat or sat in paint. Try to use a semi gloss or high gloss paint. I prefer to use semi gloss paint. Now, some people asked me, what about the oil based or water based? Oil based is a good paint. If you’re not familiar with using oil based paint, I recommend that you use water based paint. Sometimes, the oil based paints are difficult to use and apply. Recently, I was in a house where someone painted used oil based paint to paint the ceiling in the kitchen with a roller that must not had been a very good roller, there was all sorts of little hairs, these hairs are about half inch apart all the way through the ceiling. So, if you don’t know what you’re doing, stick with acrylic water based paint but semi gloss is what I recommend.
  4. Pre-modeling your bathroom. If you’re not going to do it yourself, you need to find a good contractor. Make sure that your contractor is licensed. If you can’t, check out their work. Have they remodeled some bathrooms in your area? If you are going to do the work yourself. What about purchasing a couple of books? Go to the internet; check out how to do things. Watch videos like this. Give a little education behind you. Even if you watched one video or read one book and it saves you a couple of things that prevents you from making a mistake or helps with the design of the bathroom, this going to be worth it.

So, these are the five tips for remodeling your bathroom and there’s plenty more if you log on to


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Bathroom Remodeling: Two Handle Faucet

How to Install the new Moen Linley Two-Handle Bathroom Faucet

video synopsis by: Talat Z.

If you are looking for your bathroom improvement tips, then you must read this article. It’s most important part of home improvement to improve your bathroom. The reason behind this is that, bathroom is considered as a room where everyone tends to go. So, it’s important to remodel or make your bathroom better to impress your friends, guests and to satisfy yourself.

Before you get started, you need to make sure you have the proper tools to do the job right: new supply lines, adjustable wrenches, a basin wrench, and a Phillips screwdriver. Before you actually start installing the faucet, prepare the sink area. Always turn the water supply to “off” before removing the existing faucet. Turn the faucet on to relieve water pressure and to ensure it is completely off. Then disconnect the supply lines from the shut off house. Now you’re ready to remove the old lift rod. Take the old faucet off and make sure to clean and dry the mounting area before you start the installation.

Here are the parts that you need in installing the new faucet: faucet assembly, mounting nuts, lift rod, deck plates. Place the new faucet on the sink, with the gasket provided, or use plumber’s putty if no gasket is provided, to make a seal to the sink deck. Tighten the mounting screws underneath the deck. If necessary, you can use a basin wrench to tighten the mounting nuts. Connect and tighten supply lines to your existing hot and cold water supply. You may need to install a new waste or drain assembly for your new faucet. For detailed instructions on these steps, go to or refer to the instruction sheet that came in your faucet box.

Next, you need to install a new lift rod. Insert your lift rod through the hole in the faucet. Insert the end into the lift rod strap and secure the lift rod straps through to finalize the assembly. Open the hot and cold water shut off valve before turning down the supply valve. Now that the faucet is already assembled, you’re ready to test for your new Moen faucet. To avoid any damage to your plumbing, be sure to flush the new faucet. Make sure the handles are in the “on” position and allow the water to run for 15 seconds. Now your new Moen faucet is ready to use. These Moen faucets are backed by a life time limited warranty.  So, if you like change in your home, spending on remodeling your bathroom will definitely add a great value to your home.


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Bathroom Remodeling and Design Tips

Bathroom Remodeling and Design Tips

video synopsis by: Talat Z.

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to add value to your home, without spending a lot of money. St. Paul and the Home depot have everything you need to transform your home.

There are several things to consider when remodeling your bathroom. A simple way to improve the atmosphere is by adding some color to the walls. Light blues and greens can create a serene spa-like mood, or warm tone such as oranges, yellows and reds can promote a cozy atmosphere. Now that you’ve decided on a perfect color for the walls, let’s take a look at the flooring. There are several types of floor options, the most popular being ceramic tiles. Tile manufacturers have developed two types of palettes – traditional flat tones and stone-like appearance. Bathroom vanities are a combination of functional storage and décor style that set the tone for your bathroom. And now, with so many styles and colors available, you can be selective in what you want. For quick remodels on a strict budget, take a look at the Vanguard series. The unique vanity combination features a base cabinet ranging from 24 inches wide to 36 inches wide, a modern Counter Top with sink and a sleek wall-mirror, all in one box.

Larger bathroom makeovers allow for more options when deciding what type of vanity cabin you want. The providence collection ranges from 30 inches wide to 60 inches wideand features best-in-class oversized storage doors. Beautiful furnishing details and the smooth white finish make a bold statement while complementing your other bathroom décor.

St. Paul carries a variety of wall-mirrors to match your favorite vanity cabinet collections. For our model bathroom, we have chosen the Providence collection 36 inch wall-mirror to co-ordinate with our Providence vanity. This large wall-mirror creates space while complementing the other bathroom decor. Additional wall cabinets can really help clear the clutter, provide the storage needed to help keep your bathroom looking beautiful.


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Cheap Home Remodeling Ideas

Cheap home remodeling

Idea for cheap home remodeling

Cheap Home Remodeling Ideas

by: Gabriel A.

When I first thought about remodeling the house, it is for no valid reason other than it looks really boring, dull, but not necessarily creepy and unlivable. In most cases, the look of your home affects your outlook in life, so a rather boring home slowly takes away your positive energy, and that mirrors to every person in your home but mostly adults are more obvious than children.

They easily get irritated with little things and having shorter and shorter temper, which is normally not their trait. They get mad easily, and a good example of that is my beloved wife (she will never get to read this and know that this article came from me, but taken for granted that nothing can be kept secret, I’d better be half a mile away if ever she discovered).Moving on, so there I was, searching the internet for whatever beautifully inspiring is there about remodeling a house that will catch my attention.

There are all sorts of stuffs: from do-it-yourself; contractors; modern designs, etc. The internet is really a huge place to search for everything but none of them really catches my attention. Actually, most of them cost too much and my family cannot afford it for the meantime, moreover I wanted to surprise my wife about this so these expenses will only go out from my well-kept money (for beer)and future allowances (for beer). I could try the handyman thing, but I currently don’t have the right tools they are showing on the videos and buying each of them would just hurt my wallet even more.

And then, with some kind of divine intervention, I saw this:

Cheap Home Remodeling Ideas by Tim Gipson, a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in Franklin, Tennessee. You can contact him via

Problem solved! I had my home repainted with a new color and still have some money left to make other home improvements (and for beer) thanks to this special video. My wife? I can never be more happier seeing her be delighted with joy seeing our newly-painted house getting home from a 2-day trip.  🙂

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Kitchen Remodeling On A Tight Budget

Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling on a tight budget

Kitchen Remodeling On A Tight Budget

by: Gabriel A.

Let me tell you a story, I grew up in a family who spends more time in the kitchen than any other room inside the house. My mom would just bake for no occasion, and my grandmother would cook everything and anything that can be cooked. It’s amazing how my grandmother can cook very well, so good that as a child, I imagine she can cook stones and still would taste very well. My dad too, he spends his time in the kitchen, experimenting like a scientist on different non-cook foods and fruits from magazines that I imagined as food from heaven.

Years later, As I grew older, I finally got my turn on the kitchen to cook, and with everybody tasting my first-ever product, and well I was very proud of it since I followed the steps on the recipe, they were speechless… they were speechless because of how awful the taste of what I’ve done and they just don’t want to hurt my feelings. And they would fill me with encouraging words of wisdom like “patience and perseverance are the keys to success”, and “even the heaviest of stones are moved by the persistent water”, and “try and try until you succeed”. Well, I did tried, and tried but never succeeded. Finally I gave up cooking because I just want to stop trying and trying and just do something else.

And I imagine the kitchen trying to beg me to stop ruining her reputation. So I realized cooking is not for everybody but that doesn’t mean that I hate the kitchen. And now, I became a blogger, and still related to kitchens, talking about hitting two birds with one stone, hah! And on that note, I am featuring this video today because I had to (nope, no one is pointing a gun at me or something), I had to because I would like to share the great stuffs with you, and that this video has a very interesting, and financially friendly topic which is kitchen remodeling ideas on budget.

Enjoyed it? There are more kitchen ideas of where this came from, at:

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A Bathroom Remodeling Project

Remodel a bathroom

Design for remodeling bathroom

A Bathroom Remodeling Project 

by: Gabriel A.

If you can get the chance to change your bathroom, how would you like it to look like? Given that, you can afford such improvement for your home, do you have any concept in mind about how your bathroom should look like? Most people would read magazines and brochures, browsing for the latest and best bathroom layouts there are and clip everything they like to come up with a unique and customized bathroom of their own. And I bet it look great on paper clippings, awesome even. Just utterly, breath-taking that you and your partner cannot wait to see your newly-improved bathroom and try it out. I know this because my wife and I already did this.

So you and your partner went ahead to hiring experts to get your dream bathroom done as fast as they could possibly can. Some contractors, well I think half of them, even if they saw your planned layout is rather not going to look good, they will not give you their opinion. Not that they do not want to, it’s just because you gave them a planned layout of a bathroom that is agreed upon by you and your partner, and all that they can really do is bring your dream bathroom into reality to the extent of their expertise. Again, I know this, because me and my wife have already done this. The end product of your design, would be, it didn’t end up as you hoped it would be. I mean all the stuffs you chose from brochures are there, and the contractor did a great job, but it’s just that, IT DIDN’T END UP AS YOU HOPED IT WOULD. As my wife puts it, “there is nothing magical in here.” and we both agreed.

So I’m here to save you from that sort of trouble. The problem really is, you did not hire a contractor to somehow alter your agreed-upon design to be an acceptable and harmonious as every layout should be. Jennan Constructionis here to help you like they have helped me. With their great attention to details and focus on quality of work, your home is, rest-assured, will look like what you hoped it should be and more! Same goes to your bathroom remodeling needs.

Come visit their website to learn more about JennanConstruction:

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Bathroom Renovations For Less Money

Renovation the bathroom

The design for bathroom renovation for less money

Bathroom Renovations For Less Money

by: Gabriel A.

Bathroom Renovations presents remodeling a bathroom with Design For Less (Design4Less). In this video, Amy Matthews, together with two experts Tom and Gary, of Bathroom Renovations will show you how to remodel a bathroom using Design For Less stunningly lovely designer tiles. I bet you can never go wrong with their tiles, I mean if you just put one in a corner or attach it onto the wall, it will attract attention…that is how beautiful the tiles available that you can see on their website are.

Though sometimes, the first plan did not came up to be the final output, it’s amazing what they did for the shower. The turn-around of the plan, I believe, just made it look better and justified. They made the whole shower floor look warmer and accentuated it with pebbles. Actually they have pebbles available that are imported from Indonesia.

To see more information about Bathroom Renovations and the tools they used in this video at visit their website which is Bathroom Renovations have all sorts of stuffs inside their website that you might need if ever you decided that you like to remodel your home. From painting, to remodeling under home improvement tab, to TV shows, experts and host, shop, and find a pro. Everything! Absolutely everything that your home could possibly need are right inside their website.

Design For Less is a unique online source for information about innovative designer tile. They have exquisite and commendable products for your bathroom and kitchen like Natural stone, pebble tile, stone mosaic tile, glass tile, stainless steel tile and wood deck tile give a contemporary and serene feeling to design projects.  Ideal for bathroom design and kitchen design, you can choose from a diverse line of premium tiles, which can then be used for anything from a backsplash to a feature wall.

Contact Design For Less at (888)848-4537 ; or Email them through their website which is I could go to Heaven for telling you about Design For Less, because using their tiles, your bathroom or kitchen would transform into a wonderful piece of art!

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Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

Kitchen remodeling

The idea of remodeling kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

by: Gabriel A.

If you are looking for a video that have relevance to or is related to kitchen remodeling, well here is one. It just might be your lucky day, because this just might be the exact thingyou are searching for. If ever it is not, well, the pie is already been served so you might as well it eat.

JIn this video is Tim Carter as host of and as watch you watch on, be amazed on how significant the featured kitchen has changed in all three hundred and sixty degrees. It is purely interesting stuff for kitchen lovers out there, and for homeowners as well, who just might be considering having their kitchen revamped. Enjoy!

The kitchen is surely and undoubtedly the heart of the home. Kitchen remodeling can bring a new life into a home if done correctly as how puts it. With host Tim Carter, he will discuss to you how great your kitchen can improve even without changing the blueprint of your kitchen! Although it might cause a dent to your card, it is absolutely worth it and you would decide how much budget are you going to put on remodeling your kitchen.

Tim Carter and can help you change your kitchen, or ultimately your home, from an old uninteresting environment into a renewed, refined, and well planned home, that is not only modern, but presentable as well. will ensure you that your home will be maximized to its full potential and right on budget! is your ultimate home improvement team that you will ever need for the improvement of your home. Complete with up-to-date ideas to help your home reach its full potential. Their services offer a whole lot of options for you to choose from that would fit your budget. If you haven’t decided whether you want to improve your home just yet, then just visit their website and read their latest articles just to be in-the-know of things. Trust me, every article you can find inside are purely informative and useful, you can apply these ideas right to your very own home.

Aching for more of AsktheBuilder home improvement useful tips and ideas? Check out their updated website at

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Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling Kitchen

The design of kitchen remodeling


synopsis by: Gabriel E.

Are you having problems with your kitchen space? Remember how it used to look spacious when you first moved in, and then a few appliances later, there’s hardly enough room for two people to move about inside the kitchen? Running out of storage space? Kitchen gadgets becoming more like kitchen clutters. Dirty table becoming more and more crowded. Yep. I have been there, too. Well, worry no more! is sure to have the right solution for all your kitchen problems. In fact, is everything about kitchen! From a wide variety of stylish designs, functional layouts, clever cabinets and drawers, choosing the right color motif and combinations, to very useful and wonderful kitchen tips and fresh ideas for do-it-yourself types of people such as myself. You name it, and is the right place for you to find what you’re looking for, and more! It’s basically everything for your kitchen needs!

If you are not the crafty person, or just don’t have the time to do it yourself, there’s nothing to worry. Find a pro! Find a Pro at provides you a list of professional designer, contractors, and even suppliers near you (currently for USA only), so you don’t have to drive around the city trying to find one, talking about convenience, eh?

Feel free to browse through a wide variety of inspiring and lovely kitchen designs by professional designers with styles ranging from country, contemporary, outdoor, old world, traditional, to transitional and modern designs. Clearly, this is not just a website for people finding kitchen solutions, but to aspiring interior designers, focusing on kitchen, as well. Also, find the best and latest products available suitable for your kitchen at the Products tab. And not only that, also features latest news when it comes to kitchens, and a community for all those kitchen lovers!

I just love this place, and I’m sure you will too!

With, who knows, maybe you can even find your very own dream kitchen!

Anyways, here is a video of some quick tips on how you can make the best use of your kitchen space.


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