Alternator Rebuild Kit – How to Find the Right One

alternator rebuilder in new jerseyAlternator failure is a common problem that every DIY mechanic has to deal with at some point or another. Alternator rebuild is important because you car will lose power at odd times or the battery of your car can barely keep charge if the alternator is weak.

You have three options for rebuilding your alternator – employ a mechanic or find a repair shop, replace one by yourself, or buy an alternator rebuild kit and use your motor knowledge to replace a new one. Finding a proper kit is a bit toilsome. You can apply the following procedures to purchase a suitable alternator rebuild kit.

  • The first step is to make a list of all the general information of your car including drive specifications, engine details, production year, model, manufacturer’s name, etc. Plus, try to detect the actual cause of alternator failure. It will help you finding out the appropriate alternator rebuild kit.
  • Now-a-days, online is a great source of having information about anything. So, try to google for alternator rebuild kits and you will get tonnes of information about specific repair kit and repair kit providers. Choose a company that has good reviews and user ratings and provides the auto parts you are looking for. Just go to such a company’s website, browse the products and services offered by them, and decide if it fits your criteria or not.
  • Try to find out if your chosen company has the alternator rebuild kit designed specifically for your car. Perform searches with specific keywords, so that the search results lead you to the companies that manufacture the kits you need. If you need an alternator rebuild kit for your 1996 Ford F150, search with those words and take a look at the companies showed in the search results.
  • Shortlist some companies based on your search results. After that, compare them depending on the reviews, user ratings, prices, quality of services, etc. You can fix your choice depending on references from your friends or known ones too.
  • Do not forget to know about the shipping cost. Find out if the company demands any other extra charges. Sometimes, these additional costs increase the cost of alternator rebuild kits manifold.
  • If you are clear about your requirements and options, you will not find it hard to pick up the right company to buy alternator rebuild kit. Just complete the buying formalities, pay the money, and wait for your alternator rebuild kit to arrive.

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Small Engine Repair: How to Adjust the Mechanical Governor

Small Engine Repair: How to Adjust the Mechanical Governor

video synopsis on small engine repair by: Chakka S.

small engine repair south jerseyThis is a Kohler 25hp v-twin engine it’s a carbureted engine and it power a craftsman GT 5000  garden tractor and in this video am going to show you how to adjust the governor system on this engine.

The type of governor used on this engine is centrifugal flywheel mechanical governor and the components you need to concern yourself with are the governor spring which is right here governor arm which connects to the spring which is right here and then up here is a cross shaft which u need to know that sets and this lock nut here for the governor arm.

You need to loosen that up to adjust the cross shaft; the cross shaft is the part actually connects to the mechanical governor which is located inside this engine crank case.

The way that this governor works when your full throttle is this spring here holds this governor arm all way that way which forces your throttle wide open and your engine cranks up and get up the speed and then the fly weights, the centrifugal fly weights on the governor start to oppose this spring, the governor spring here and actually force this arm in the opposite direction. When their force is equal to the spring force is where your throttle will be set up where will stop and you can see when I pull this way you can see that the throttle up here and seems right inside here starts to close.

So it will rest in a certain rpm that’s how it governs the engine speed. If your engine counters the load, it will lower the rpm decreasing the force centrifugal weights of the governor and then spring force then will be greater then it will pull this arm that way again and that will open up the throttle over here. Supply more fuel to the engine which will increase the engine speed and then the opposite low curve. The flywheels on the centrifugal arm will start to oppose this. Spring even more point in this way until there is a balance. The way that you adjust this governor system is to take this governor arm and hold it all the way, that way as far as it go.

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Small Engine Repair: Briggs & Stratton Muffler

Small Engine Repair: Repairing a Briggs & Stratton Muffler

video synopsis on small engine repair by: Chakka S.

small engine repair new jerseyWhat I have here is a Braggs & Stratton vanguard 9hp engine at single cylinder engine and what happened to this engine is the mounting bolts for the engine loosened up and the operator continue to run the engine and the vibration eventually cause the muffler to break.

There was a first part of the muffler fall off but the major damage is here you can, this is so damaged you can just lift of the muffler not even bolted to the engine anymore.

It was the major break in that. That supposed to secure this part of the muffler here which is bolted to the engine. Then here is another mounting point securing point which is right here which broke off. And it bolts to the engine right here. What I am going to do in this video is trying to weld this back together and get it working.

I am not a welder so whether this works or not am still going to videotape it and upload the video. Okay so I have got the muffler disassembled. This is a piece of the engine this needs to be welded back on the main part of the muffler here. Here’s the other piece that broke off got to reattach that to this part of the muffler. So what am going to do now is clean the stuff up and get it ready to well.

So I got these buffer pieces are cleaned up with the wire well so am ready to weld everything together. Here’s a look at this piece here. As far as holding the pieces together while welding this can be fedded like this and there won’t be a problem. For the smaller piece over here I am using a magnet, attach a magnet here and hold this piece in place. I am ready to weld this back together.

Like I said before am not a welder so don’t watch this video for welding instructions…only small engine repair. And another thing I forgot to mention is how to take a safety serious when you using that wire it’s good to wear gloves and buy protection. And when you are welding makes sure you don’t have anything flammable around because welding wire gets easily fired. So Here is the muffler it was a complete failure I could not weld this metal is too thin from my welder.

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Small Engine Repair: Checking a Vacuum Fuel Pump

Small Engine Repair: Checking a Vacuum Fuel Pump

synopsis on small engine repair by: Chakka S.

small engine repair NJ

small engine repair

This is a craftsman garden tractor in this particular tractor comes with a twin cylinder Kohler pro 25 horse power engine it’s a carbureted engine. In this engine am going to show how to check the fuel system to minus the carburetor.

Couple of systems, symptoms of a bad fuel system is hard starting or the tractor just as doesn’t start at all. I have got the hood of this tractor so that’s why it looks funny. I took the hood off because it is easier to the front of engine to get out of the way.

On the front the engine we have got a vacuum operated fuel pump its operated by pressures created by the engine crank case on a positive pressure it pushes fuel out and then negative pressure pulls fuel in. This is your inlet line, this line goes to fuel tank and then to your pump this is your pulse line this line connects from the crank case to pump and you got the outlet line which connects from the pump to carburetor.

There is also couple of check valves in this pump to make sure that the fuel goes only goes in one direction from the tank to the carburetor. The first thing to do  when you check in one of these is you want to make sure that you are able to get fuel from the gas tank to the pump so first thing we are going to do is remove the fuel line and check for fuel flow.

First thing we want to do is you want to make sure that the fuel pump is able to pull fuel through the inlet line. And the way we do that first thing we want to pull the inlet line off you do that if you got a hose clamp like this take a pair of pliers and compress it and pull it back then to make this easier to pull off some of these lines are sometimes hard to get off because  they had been on there for years if you can sometime grab the line gently and twisted so breaks free of work and connects to the pump and then pull It off.

then we want to take the inlet line of position below the fuel tank so gravity can pull fuel through the line we can see a flow and we can here so we know fuel able to flow through the inlet line and then reconnect it take a pliers again and compress the hose clamp and put it into position okay if we were not able to get fuel to flow through this inlet line there’s a few things you can check that one is a fuel filter it could be to be clogged the way you could check is that just disconnect the line before that fuel filter get fuel flow…for the small engine repair job.

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Small Engine Repair: Compression Test Of A Chainsaw

Small Engine Repair: Compression Test Of A Chainsaw

video synopsis on small engine repair by: Chakka S.

small engine repair in new jersey

small engine repair

In this video am going to do a compression test on a craftsman chainsaw its a 2 stroke engine 42 cc and the bar length on this chain saw is 18 inches the model number for this chainsaw is 358350990 to do a compression test on the cylinder of a gas engine we need to get to the spark plug.

and spark plug  on the chainsaw is located under this cover so we need to remove the cover and its held on by four screws , I meant 3 screws and there is your your spark plug next there u need to remove the spark plug to attach your compression gauge so I do that now  for the compression gauge that I am using, I need  to  install the correct adapter for the gauge to do that I need to find the correct size and I just compare the adapter to the spark plug until I find the correct one and then I tighten this into the spark plug hole and just hand tighten it. After you hand tighten you can attach your compression gauge before you turn engine over to check the compression there is a couple of things u do.

One is make sure you kill switches in the opposition and the reason you do that because on some electronic ignition system the system are try and create a voltage to overcome whatever resistance it sees at the end of the spark plug wire since we don’t have anything connected to the spark plug wire it basically sees infinite resistance so that can damage some ignition system so always make sure you kill switches in opposition.

Number 2 when you turn this engine over you want the piston to draw an as much air as it can so always have your throttle wide open when you turning the engine over  and make sure that your choke is not closed . okay am ready to check the compression you can usually get a good reading within five good pulls so am going to go ahead and to pull this over 5 times and see what the compression is and I got the reading and that’s a 120 psi lets go it and pull it over 5 times and see how it goes and got that one up to slightly over 150 psi.  Hope u find this video helpful and thank u for watching.

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