Pergola: Best Selling Items For The Yard


Pergola Best Selling Items For The Yard

Pergola: Best Selling Items

 by: Algene C.

                Recent studies show that there is an increasing number on the demands of different home shopping items in the market for the last five years. Among the most highly demanded products are home furnishings, decorations and accessories. According to the market specialists, the reason behind the unbelievable rise in the demand for these items is because many home owners seek to provide the best look for their houses. They want to enhance the beauty of their residences by adding elegant and classy materials to every corner and area of their houses. They believe that the best way to create appealing homes is to curate their places with designer home items.

Pergola is one of the top selling items in the market. Most of the outdoor areas of various home owners contain this beautiful decoration. It is a type of gazebo that forms like a shaded walkway where different individuals can stay on sunny afternoons. It is usually installed in gardens, lawns and backyards. The materials used in making a pergola are well-chosen by different manufacturing firms. Only the durable and sturdy direct materials are utilized in the production. Because of this, consumers are assured that they are getting high quality home decorations from their own selected companies. Some of the best features of pergola are its aesthetics which can make any area look perfectly wonderful and beautiful. Another great thing about this item is its affordability making individuals get the product at the lowest price. There are distributing firms that focus on giving best pergola to their customers but keeping the price low.

If you are planning to curate your home, a pergola should be on the number one list of the things you should buy. Make sure that you give your home the best look that it deserves. When shopping for pergola, always remember to check the location where you want it to be located. You can go online and check for the companies that sell the home decoration. Even at the convenience at your own place, you can already order for the pergola you want. Just check the website of the company where you want to place your order and browse the available designs. When you are done, you can send them your online payment and wait for your own pergola delivered in your front door.

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Pergola For Weddings

Wedding pergola

Design for wedding pergola

Pergola for Weddings

by: Algene C.

                Getting married is one of the important things that every couple looks forward to. Both of them want to experience the loveliest and happiest feelings on their wedding day. Since it is the time when they will bind themselves together, they want everything to be perfect. One of the common places chosen by the couple as a wedding area is the garden or the lawn. Incorporating the ceremony with the beauty of nature brings them bliss. For a successful ceremony, there is a need for the lovers to contact an event organizer to arrange every single thing for their important wedding day.

When it comes to outdoor weddings, the organizer must be good enough to be able to choose the right decorations for the event. There is a need to focus on all the areas of the garden or the lawn where the wedding will be held. Most importantly, the location where both the man and woman exchange their vows must be looked into with great attention. The area must be full of beauty, love and happiness since it is what the wedding is all. It is the responsibility of the planner to give the couple the exact place where they will unite to become one. The pergola is one of the common accessories added to the wedding area. It looks like a gazebo with more elegance and class giving an ultimate wonderful experience to everyone in the ceremony – not only to the couple who is about to get married but also to their guests or visitors who witness their unity.

A pergola that is perfect for wedding ceremonies, held on outdoor areas, are not hard to find. There are many organizations in the market that specialize in creating pergola exclusively to be used during wedding. With this beautiful addition to the wedding location, the couple is assured that they will have a fairy tale like ceremony. Both of them can really feel the love and beauty they have ever dreamed of. The pergola can also be designed easily with flowers and cloth allowing it to beautify the location more.

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Adding A Backyard Pergola

Backyard Pergola

How to add a backyard pergola

Adding A Backyard Pergola

by: Gabriel A.

Pergola, pergola, pergola… oh how lovely it makes the front porch and/or the backyard. How it suddenly shape shifts your positive outlook and your personal environment into becoming one with nature, so to speak. Like how magically it somehow pulls nature to your home, just by adding a pergola! Here now is a presentational video of how to install a pergola using wolmanized outdoor wood, complete with tips and ideas that will ensure that you have a beautiful pergola installed right in your backyard. And that no super typhoon Katrina could destroy. Okay that was figuratively speaking, but I know you understand very well that what I truly mean is that it is sure to  be durable, and pretty.

I have been saying beautiful and pretty for a couple of times now, I am sounding like a redundant maniac already. There is a best explanation to this and I do not intend to keep it as a secret. That sole reason is that I just love, love, love, love a pergola so much the very first time I ever saw a beautiful one and I loved a pergola even more when I finally had installed one for my house last year during summer. This video actually helped me learn how to build a pergola and I hope this is going to be helpful to you too as how it have helped me.

Just for a brief definition, A pergola, arbor or arbour is a garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice, often upon which woody vines are trained. As a type of gazebo, it may also be an extension of a building, or serve as protection for an open terrace or a link between pavilions.

Dean Johnson will provide you tips on building a pergola with Wolmanized Outdoor wood properly and safely with the use of Archwood Products. That is not all, in this video you will see a step-by-step, things to pay attention to, and the proper way to install an Archwood Products pergola just by yourself or with the help of a trusted friend or friends. Enjoy and learn from this informative video from ArchwoodProducts!

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What The Heck Is A Pergola?

The heck in a pergola

The heck and Pergola design

What The Heck Is A Pergola?

by: Ligaya M.

Pergolas which are traditionally made of wooden materials were originally used for raising vines of plants. , In time, pergolas evolved to different types of pleasing designs and now are being used as bases for climbing roses and other kinds of tree lianas.  They have specific structures which basically represents horizontal or semi-horizontal construction built upon columns or lines that keep the pergola in an upright position.  Pergolas are famous for providing additional external beauty of the house particularly in garden and the entertaining area, which becomes cozier and and relaxing because of the ambiance.  This is especially true when staying at longer time and when one is alone. The relaxing atmosphere provided by a pergola creates reflective moment.  Together with the ornamental plants hanging around and climbing the pergola, design and beauty of the pergola is further enhanced.   Friends and relatives who visit the house are endowed with an intimate and an comfortable feeling.

Pergolas primarily serve as a weather protection. It gives shade from the scourging heat of the sun in areas most needed for the greatest comfort of the visitors.   They also add interest to the garden path giving walkways that help emphasize direction leading to the garden or to the main house.  And as originally conceived, they provide the structure for the climbing plants both ornamental and flowering plants.  Aside from embellishing the design and appearance of the house, they also cover and eliminate the unnecessary things or view in the house.

Pergolas come in different shapes and functions available in the market today. There are pergolas made of wood or aluminum. Some are dark or light, colored or natural.  Among the different kinds of pergola in terms of function included a car park pergola, pool pergola, kitchen pergola, garden pergola, wedding pergola, as well as a pergola towards the main entrance of the house.  Pergolas can be customized to suit the needs of everyone.  In terms of shapes, there are circular, rectangular and the square type of designs of pergola. A hexagonal shape can also be a good choice.  Circular designs are more difficult to build and are thus expensive. Thus, one’s budget is also a major factor in the choice of pergola design.

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A Pergola For Your Wedding

Wedding Pergola

The design of Wedding Pergola

A Pergola For Your Wedding

by Ligaya M.

AS the name implies, a wedding pergola serves as the main venue where the soon to be husband and wife recite their vows to each other in an outdoor wedding setting.   Classically the shape of the wedding pergola comes in rectangular shaped, wooden structure with four side posts and an open roof of cross rafters or trellis, pergolas have different  shapes and sizes, depending on the needs and wants of the ones who host an occasion.  The simplest wedding pergola is usually made of a wooden structure which can be easily decorated with different handing plants and plant boxes to enhance the beauty of the pergola. Note however that the design should also match up with the general venue and existing surroundings. The pergola can be easily decorated with small simple materials to enhance the wedding ambiance to serve as a pretty backdrop for the photographs.  Some also needs thing like the greenery or floral garlands, individual fresh or silk flowers, sheer white fabric, (tulle, silk, organza) and the stands of lights added for an extra lightning of the pergola.

When decorating the wedding pergola, one must need to measure the pergolas’ top frame and the four posts.  Cut the four strands of greenery or the floral garland, it should be at least 1 foot longer than the height of the post.  Cover one strand around each post, to protect the top and bottom.  Add fresh silk and flowers, attached to the garland ahead of time, so that on the day of the wedding the decorations are ready and place accordingly on their desired locations.   Additional lighting like the Christmas lights are the best choice especially if the weddings will take place at dusk or after dark.

Greenery or leaf garlands work well for fall and winter weddings, while floral strands complement spring and summer outdoor wedding.  If a wedding decided to hold on to the beach, leave out the garlands altogether and create a simple chic look by hanging sheer curtains from the pergola.   White curtains are the favorite addition to wedding pergolas.  The flowers are the key element of wedding decorations and the must need arrangement in wedding pergola.

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The Many Types Of Pergola

The Many Types of Pergola

by: Ligaya M.

According to materials used

According to shape

According to function

There are many different kinds of pergola and pergola designs on the market today. Made from wood and aluminum, dark or light so on and so forth. There is a pergola for a main entrance, a car park pergola, pool pergola, pergola for an outdoor kitchen, there can be a bar at the back and water feature in the front , pergola overlooking the garden, pergolas attached or stand alone. There are many kinds of pergola and pergola designs that can suit your needs, depending on what you’re looking for. The well designed pergola give your living space a unique luxury appeal and feel. When you are designing the shape of your pergola beams and rafters, take into account how much privacy and shelter from the sun or wind you want for the sides of your pergola to provide for you.

You can also have a circular design which is more difficult to build. It is also expensive as compared to the other rectangular and square pergolas. Circular pergolas are expensive because you need material manipulation which will then give round edges. Another option is to build a triangular pergola. People are also getting hexagonal pergolas made because it looks like a circular pergola. It may look circular, but it is easier to build.

Free Standing

  • Many pergolas are free standing and can be placed in a variety of locations, such as over a hot tub or even amid a garden.

Attached Structure

  • Some pergolas are attached to a house. They are usually attached over front or back entrances to the home.

Box Pergola

  • The box pergola is known as such because of the placement of “solid nogs” amid the top rafters that help to form rows of boxes that may appear oblong or square.

Planter Pergolas

  • Planter pergolas are becoming increasingly popular. This type of free-standing pergola is includes the addition of planter boxes at ground level.

Walkway Pergolas

  • These are free-standing pergolas that are used often in commercial areas. This structure is built to enhance walkways by providing shade.


  • Any pergola can be altered and changed depending on what kind of lumber and materials are used. Therefore a pergola may be built to suit any design of house or garden.

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Pergola Vs. Shade Arbor: Which To Choose?

Pergolas Vs. Shade Arbor: Which To Choose?

The Pergola image

The image of pergola

by: Ligaya M.

Arbors and pergolas are closely identical with each other and can serve purely as decorative structure as they can definitely change the image of an area.  Meanwhile, both pergola and the arbors can also provide shades hence may have similar functional purpose.  However, arbors were originally meant to be built to hold a vine or two in a small niche or recess outside the house.  The word “arbor” relates to trees because the original shades in the garden were provided by the low fruit trees found in the garden.  Arbors were created to mimic the shade provided by this low fruit trees in the garden thus they are usually small structures.

A pergola on the other hand was originally conceptualized to shades in the garden and to block the sunlight for anyone who wanted to have a relaxing view on the garden.  A pergola has horizontal cross members and is supported by columns so as not to block or obstruct garden views.  Moreover as a bigger shaded area, they are usually bigger in scale.

Both arbor and pergola provides shades.  However, an arbor is specifically meant to provide structure for vine plants to climb upon. The vines that climb the arbor are meant to cover the whole structure, which further enhances its ability to provide shade. However, arbors are pretty small structures and usually bend on top.  Thus, arbor is originally made for plants to have a space for them to climb on. As time goes by, people decided to put a stronger wood to support the structure for grape vines to climb around.  People then decided to call it the pergola, which originated in Italy.  Because the plants need to have a strong and structural design that can hold a lot of weight and a person can climb on top, traditionally the pergola was made of wood and the uprights can be stone or some kind of masonry where they last a long time.  Because of its size, the pergola evolved to become a room for other needs of people such as carport, kitchen space, resting space among others.  In other words, it was then considered as a room only without walls.

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Prefab Pergola: Pergola Kits

Prefab Pergola: Pergola Kits

The Pergola Kits

The kits for Pergola

by: Ligaya M.

Prefab pergola or  prefabricated means, easily assembled and installed materials, many different types of kits available in the market today.  Some of them are useful, superb and come with an easy to follow instructions.  If you’re the type of person that can easily get amazed or astonished by the information they are giving to the costumers, it seems that no matter what direction you turn to there are always something new that tries to say that they are the one to consider and buy their products.  It is always up to the buying public what to choose and what to buy.

In buying a prefab pergola many things that as a consumer have to bear in mind and consider also.  Pergola kits can be built by the people with basic skills.  Do it yourself precut so no wasting of time and danger cutting is required.  They come with an easy to follow instruction so no one is excuse on how to assemble the pergola prefab.  And the important is that they have a company behind them that will help the consumers if the problems arise in building the pergola prefab.  There are also a discount wood pergola kits that are made in China that can be found in the market today.  But it is not as effective as the local offers.

The equipment must be used in quality pergola is that always choose the western red cedars as a base material.  Because of its good quality as a garden pergola the red cedar wood over the years has been proven the most effective and reliable wood of all time.  It is resistant to rotting and is natural insect repellant.   And as for the longevity of the wood, the pressure treated woods will last a long time in outdoor elements.   But also beware of the chemical that being placed into the woods, so that it can have their own uniqueness, manufacturers say that that it can stain it for a more ordinary look, again they are just selling on placing for chemicals on the wood to take away the chemical look that was put for the treatment, instead just make sure that use only a sturdy wood when buying and
building a pergola.

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Your Poolside Pergola

Your Poolside Pergola

by: Ligaya M.

The Poolside Pergola

The Poolside Pergola design and Plan

Before choosing a pergola design, better to think at the beginning where to put the pergola and how big it is.  One can design their own pergola according to their needs and wants, also according to the purpose of the user.  One of the many good ideas is having a pergola in the vicinity of the pool.  Of course if one has a pool in the house.  The pool pergola will enhance the look and gives a relaxing atmosphere to be enjoyed by everyone.   One can design the pool pergola however it gives the satisfaction of the owner as well as to improve the attractiveness of the pool itself.  A pergola by the water wills most likely increase the home value a little bit.

Pool pergola can be built in the house, public and private swimming pool, as long as it serves the main purpose which is s giving protection to the heat of the sun and the swimmers don’t have to swim or dip their bodies in the pool for a longer period of time. It provides shade where they can sip their favorite cold juice.  Having a relaxing and enjoyable moment sitting under pool pergola gives satisfaction and a hassle free environment thinking only to pamper oneself under the shaded part of the pool pergola.

In summer days pool pergola, is an added comfort for the swimmers to enjoy and relax.  Specially if designed in pillars by the pool and the rafters above make the pergola pool sophisticated and elegant as any landscaping would in this setting.  And also adding some classic marble pillar pergola topped with flowering vines with stunning vantage views over the hills, and next to the swimming pool.  And if wanted a little more added accessories to the pool pergola can have the leading stairs lead down to the pool and patio/pergola area, as expected continuously into the pool waters from the patio.  This can attract and invite the eye to jump into the pool and enjoy the view of the pool pergola as well as enjoy the cold water in the pool.

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Modern Pergola Designs

Modern Pergola

The Design Of Modern Pergola

Modern Pergola Designs

by: Ligaya M.

Pergolas are a fantastic supplement to any yard providing beauty enhancement and versatile functionality.  Modern pergolas can be used for different things although its main function of providing a shaded area remains the same.  As such, modern pergolas are used as lounge and receiving area for entertaining friends, a dining room for outdoor eating, a play place for the children among others. The options for its use are never ending when deciding on installing a home-style living modern pergola.

One distinctive characteristic of modern pergolas is it’s built to last.  Unlike earlier pergolas that are temporary, modern pergolas are usually designed as permanent structure. Although traditionally, they are still made up of wood materials for posts, beams joining the posts, cross beams and slats, modern designs incorporate other materials including steel, cement, fiber glass, and even PVC plastics.  Most are created with an overhead frame like that of a gazebo.

Pergolas made in open space are susceptible to extreme weather conditions. To ensure that the structure is sustainable, the Red cedar wood or pine is usually used as they can bear the sunlight, rain and other natural calamity. Moreover, some modern architects have invented special pergola designs with durable color and stains. They also used mortised joints to ensure that the pergola structure is stronger. With modern architecture technology, readymade or prefabricated pergolas have become a trend for easy installation and uniformity.  However, there is also a trend towards customizing pergolas depending on the space and usage. The style and structural design of the modern pergolas are usually made to follow the design structure of the house.  Because of this, modern pergola designs can be complex following the exact detailed preferences of the owner or can be minimalist and simple as possible so as not to obstruct to panoramic scenes or spots.  However, the modern super minimalist design does not offer sufficient protection from the sun thus; it is further provided with additional features like white sail awning to increase its capacity to provide shade and coolness.

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