Railing Systems: Offer Great Benefits

Benefit of railing system

Great benefit of railing system

Railing Systems: Offer Great Benefits

 by: Algene C.

With the availability of the railing systems in the market, it is now easy for different home owners to beautify their houses without sacrificing the safety of their children. There are some individuals who neglect getting decorations and accessories for their homes thinking that the items can cause harm or danger to their family members. Because of this, there are massive numbers of companies who decided to engage in the manufacture, production and distribution of railing systems. This way, different home enthusiasts can get the highest level of aesthetics for their houses and at the same time, keeping their children safe.

Most of you are probably asking what is safe about this wonderful home decoration. The answer to your question is simple. Railing systems can be added in the areas of the house to prevent kids from falling down or getting into accidents. Since it is well designed as child-friendly, the mothers can do their household chores while keeping their children within the boundaries of the railing systems. It can also be added to the stair to aid any persons in going up and down to the different floor areas of the houses. With railing systems, the home owners can already provide unique aesthetics for their houses but still keeping the safety of the family members.

As a home owner, choosing the railing systems is one of the best things you could ever do. Aside from giving the right decorations for your house, you also give the highest level of care and security for your family members. You do not only enhance the beauty of your home. You also offer great assurance that your children are safe and sound while living in your residential house. Not only your children are safe from certain accidents but also all other guests and visitors who regular visit your home. The price for the railing systems vary according to the type of the materials used and the designs utilized in the production. If you are a home owner who want to get the best value for your money, make sure that you include railing systems in the home accessories you are planning to buy.

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Composite Deck And Railing Systems

Composite deck with railing system

The design for Composite deck with railing system

Composite Decking and Railing Systems by Latitudes

synopsis by: Talat Z.

If you are looking for unique, attractive and versatile decking and railing system Latitudes deck and railing providers is your best option in the market. Latitudes composite decking and railing is specifically designed to deliver what consumers want from their decks. Beauty and hassle free up keep. Latitudes employees proven strandex technology and offers design flexibility and ease of use.

Making it the most attractive composite product on the market. Latitude features the most reversible finish and its available in variety of colors like red, grey and violet and many more. Choose from solid decking or latitudes equator slotting decking which features a unique fastener system. With so many unique options and elegant designs in railing balusters and post caps latitude adds  the distinctive look to any deck. For a long lasting beauty, no worries up keep and years of care free enjoyment set your course for latitudes.

Latitudes Composite Decking and Railing is a specially design deck and rail system for your house. Its not just an ordinary decking and railing system. Their different attractive colors and fastening advances system in addition to the exclusive deck and rail accessories available in the market make them unique from all other decking and railing system providers in the market. For more information about the latitude decking and railing system and their services and product visit their website http://www.latitudesdeck.com


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Stainless Steel Railing System

Stainless steel railing system

The design of a Stainless steel railing system

ultra-tec® stainless steel cable railing system

synopsis by: Talat Z.

Since their introduction over a decade ago ulta-tec has set the standard in cable railing system. This article will discuss about the variety of railing styles you can design using attractive stainless cable instead of picket, mash, the glass or other material.

But why cable? Well its primary advantage is you can see right through it. Its strong yet almost invisible. The cable does not interfere with the view or give you a confine feeling. It can be used to avouch a high tech design and its applications are limitless. Cable railings can be made from wood frames as well as metals. Indoors too, they are attractive, strong and virtually maintenance free. There is no glass to clean, no fit bars or pickets to keep clean. Cable railings are versatile; they can be installed vertically or horizontally. You have lots of design flexibility with cable railings and choices.

Ulta-tec has designed and engineered several styles of cable railings to come high with IRC and IBC building codes. They can provide engineering data for pre design railing styles offer you to design you own railing frame to make your project unique. They will help with the basic design and leave the creativity to you. Their fitting sets it above the standards. The unique cable fittings really sets ultra-tec apart from the others. They have beautiful, sleek stainless steel design for railings. No rough edges or unattractive turn buckles just beautiful stainless steel fitting.

The ulta-tech Invisiware receiver is a cable tensioning device that’s hidden entirely inside posts. No special tools are required for tensioning the cable. It also works on stairs without having to drill holes to the posts. Its inexpensive compared to old fashioned turn buckles, it uses no nuts or exposed cable, no exposed studs or clamps that you find in many of the other fittings. So it is economical, easy to install, low maintenance, pull lock and push lock fittings are made for one inch diameter cable. It is perfect for decks and residential railings. Their cables are made from recycled material which helps you qualify your project for green projects. Experienced customers service is ready to help you with your cable railing. For more helpful designs and information about Ulta-tech visit http://www.thecableconnection.com


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Types of Deck Railings

Main Uses and Types of Deck Railings

by: Jeremy K.

Homeowners add a deck to their house for a number of reasons, but perhaps a deck’s most beloved purpose is to provide a space for the family to relax, bond, and enjoy quality time with one another. With a deck, parents need not drive their kids to the beach to grill their delicious homemade burgers, or to take them to the park and play Frisbee.

But aside from entertainment, decks also provide value to a home; and with neatly installed deck railings, the house is prized even more.

Types of Deck Railings

Deck railings come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. The most common types are the listed below.

1. Standard Deck Railings

These railings are the most inexpensive. They are made from wood, and they usually last from two to even more than ten years if taken care of properly. Standard deck railings can be installed by homeowners themselves, and they come with easy DIY instructions.

2. Custom Deck Railings

Custom deck railings are tailor-fit to meet a homeowner’s specifications. They are the more expensive types of railings as they involve professionals in their design, production, and installation. They can be made from wood, metal, or composite materials. 

3. Metal Deck Railings

Because of the nature of the material used, metal deck railings are strong and durable. They do not break easily and serve as strong safety barriers. 

Uses of Deck Railings

Deck railings serve several purposes, but the following are the most common reasons why homeowners install one for their home.

1. Safety

Deck railings are installed mainly to act as a safety barrier that prevents falling. With deck railings, parents can let toddlers walk, crawl, and run freely to develop their motor skills with just a minimal amount of supervision.

2. Support

Deck railings provide sturdy support for the handicapped. Balusters prevent accidents from happening, especially if the house is located in high altitude places.

3. Ornament

Deck railings are an effortless way to prettify the house and complete its overall look. For instance, homeowners with a Gothic concept for their house can introduce railings that reflect this style.

4. Value

Decks with clean and neat railings add value to the house. They are one of the first things home buyers look for, and the more elaborate the railings are, the more money they are willing to spend.

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Cost-Effective Alternatives To Deck Railings

Alternatives to deck railings

The plan for cost effective alternatives to deck railings

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Deck Railings

by: Jeremy K.

Home improvement projects can be costly and stressful; that is, if you let it get into your system. The trick to a hassle-free and affordable execution of your home improvement plans is to invest in time to scour the market for cost-effective alternatives.

One of the most expensive investments homeowners make in housing (either in construction, renovation, and improvement) is on finishing touches. To complete a house’s desired appearance, homeowners must spruce up the windows and doors, provide mouldings for seams and cracks, and install railings on decks.

Just like other house finishing materials, a deck railing is installed for ornamental and functional purposes. Railings can be custom-made and act as a preventive device for unruly children, or they can have an intricate design and be a symbol of extravagance.

Common Materials for Deck Railings

There are different materials used to manufacture an exterior railing. To last more than 30 years, these materials are pressure treated before production and installation. Among the most common materials used for decks and railings are the following.

1. Wood

The most common material used for deck railings is wood. They are easy to assemble and install, but if not pressure-treated, wood deck railings are outlived by some of the other types of railings. Cedar and mahogany are two common choices used in deck railings.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl deck railings are increasingly becoming popular because vinyl possesses several good properties. Vinyl is a lightweight material, yet it is known to provide extreme strength and durability.

3. Metal

Deck railings made from metal are preferred not only because they are durable and strong, but also because they come in different colors and styles. Plus, they effortlessly provide class to the overall look of the deck and the house.

Deck Railings Alternatives

The abovementioned deck railings are oftentimes expensive. Fortunately, because of newer technologies, manufacturers are now able to give homeowners cheaper alternatives.

1. Composite Wood Deck Railings

Composite wood products are made from recycled materials such as shredded old wood and plastics. Composite wood deck railings are not only 100% eco-friendly, but they are also affordable. They require low maintenance, and do not develop molds and mildew even with constant exposure to moisture.

2. Plastic Deck Railings

These deck railings are made from recycled plastic bottles and other plastic containers. They are not only weather-resistant, but they are also cheap and environmentally friendly. Plus, they are easy to paint on and have high elasticity.

3. Deck Railings from Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Medium-density fiberboard is an engineered wood product, but it is a lot denser than any other composite materials. They are made from recycled wood, so the cost of producing them is low making them a perfect alternative to other expensive deck railings.

Deck railing systems along with all types of moulding and trim are the specialty of Intex Millwork Solutions, a manufacturer of many home improvement related products. Check out our website: intexmillwork.com

Popular Deck Railing Styles

Deck railing

Popular style of deck railing

by: Jeremy K.

Many homeowners attempt to increase the value of their home by sprucing it up with mouldings, elaborate decorations, and expensive fixtures and pieces of furniture. But if you are a practical and wise homeowner, you know that there is a better, yet cost-effective way to achieve the same objective. With decks and deck railings, you can create an attractive home while actually enjoying the benefits. While other materials and projects focus only on the aesthetics of your home, decks and deck railings offer you both function and decoration.

Deck Railings for Function and Decoration

Manufacturers and distributors classify decks and railings according to price, style, and materials where they are made. But no matter how vast the selection may be, these housing materials are installed because of two main reasons: to act as ornamental pieces, and to serve many practical purposes.

1. Function

Decks are multi-functional. For one, it provides a great place where family and friends come together to meet for a simple barbecue session, or to celebrate important events. Second, they provide an area for children to explore and develop their skills more. In the early stages of a child, it is important that his surroundings are conducive to learning, so a well-constructed deck with supportive railings is a must. Last, for people who are home-bound because of disability and other illnesses, decks provide an excellent area where they can breathe fresh air and recover.

Deck railings provide the needed support and safety for people to enjoy more the promised benefits of decks.

2. Decoration

Many homeowners put much importance to the design of a deck railing because they instantly enhance the overall look of the house. Depending on what homeowners want, deck railings can have an intricately carved balusters and posts. Sometimes, they are painted with different colors.

Common Styles of Deck Railings

If you do your research on deck railings, you will find out that they come in many different styles. Among them are the following.

1. Modern

With this style of deck railings, balusters (or spindles) are attached outside the rails. The posts are also capped to add a decorative look.

2. Contemporary

With this style, the posts have extended ball caps accentuating the whole look.

3. Colonial

This style of deck railings is suited for a house that exudes a traditional look. Unlike other railings with flat balusters, this style has more intricate spindles.

4. Starburst

Instead of balusters, the rails follow a design that resembles a sun emitting bold rays toward the posts.

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Why Use Vinyl Deck Railings

Vinyl Deck Railing

Use of vinyl deck railings

Why Use Vinyl Deck Railings

by: Jeremy K.

Deck railings are an effective way to attract a neighbor’s (or a home buyer’s) attention. With the right style, color, and design, they can enhance the appearance of the house, or they can serve as a safety barrier that protects the family from unfortunate mishaps. But contrary to popular belief, deck railings need not be expensive.

While most homeowners prefer traditional materials for their deck railings, many manufacturers are encouraging others to use cheaper alternatives. Relatively, these other newer and cheaper choices have similar benefits with tried-and-tested deck railings; but sometimes, they perform better.

Benefits of Vinyl Deck Railings

Among the alternatives, vinyl deck railings stand out because of many reasons.

1. Cost

When it comes to production, vinyl is less expensive compared with other materials such metal and wood. Because of this, vinyl deck railings are sold at a cheaper price compared with their metal or wood counterparts. And since they are durable and last a long time, homeowners do not have to change them easily.

2. Lightweight and durability

Because of the nature of vinyl, vinyl deck railings are lightweight yet strong and durable. Because they are not that heavy, it takes only a little time to install vinyl deck railings.

3. Slip- and weather-resistant

Unlike products made from metal and wood, vinyl products do not heat up and fade easily. During the summer, deck railings usually scald people; but with vinyl deck railings, this is impossible because vinyls do not heat up easily.

4. No painting

Most manufacturers treat vinyl deck railings so that they do not require frequent painting. As a matter of fact, once they are set up, vinyl deck railings no longer need any kind of painting.

Setting Up Vinyl Deck Railings Yourself

When it comes to installation, vinyl exterior railing are best left to the professionals. But if you are confident of your skills, here are some guidelines on how to install these railings yourself.

1. Prepare everything.

Preparation entails checking your pipe and wiring system to make sure they do not interfere with the installation process. Make the necessary measurements, and make sure all areas are measured accurately. Your tools (drills and nails, for instance) should be ready, too.

2. Check the railings’ attachment.

With the necessary tools, make sure that the railings are firmly attached to the deck. Remember that their main purpose is to provide safety, so come up with a way to check if the railings are fastened strongly to concrete poles and other strong fixtures.

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Custom Deck Railings

Deck railings

Design of custom deck railings

Custom Deck Railings

by: Jeremy K.

Deck railings are known to serve several practical and decorative purposes. They come in different styles, colors, and are made from different materials. But sometimes, some homeowners want their railings to reflect their personality, so they choose custom deck railings.

What are custom deck railings? Custom deck railings are railings that, unlike the standard types that one can see and purchase at specialty stores, are not readily duplicated. They are especially made for a homeowner by a company specializing in custom-made railings. Because of this, they are more expensive than the other types of railings.

Considerations for Custom Deck Railings

In installing custom deck railings, both contractor and homeowner need to take note of the following considerations.

1. Height

Deck railings follow a standard height in compliance with the International Residential Code. The code requires that residential railings should have balusters of at least 36 inches. For commercial railings (apartments and commercial buildings), railings must be at least 42 inches. However, these figures are dependent on building codes and other restrictions, so it is important to make a quick check to make sure that everything is in compliance with the law.

2. Style of the house

Deck railings are a cost-effective way to make a house attractive, but sometimes their style does not complement the architectural design of the house. To make sure that the railings enhance the overall look of the house, homeowners are encouraged to work closely and constantly with the architects and contractors.

3. Safety

The primary role of deck railings is safety. Without them, people might trip and fall off the deck. It is, therefore, important that deck railings must made of sturdy materials and are attached properly.

How to Take Care of Deck Railings

To make sure that deck railings last many years, homeowners are encouraged to clean their deck railings regularly.

Just because the deck railings are made from mold-resistant materials does not mean they should be left to their own devices. Over time, dirt and other unsanitary materials stick to the railings, so it is a must that they be cleaned from time to time. And to make sure the integrity of the paint remains intact, the railings should be cleaned only with mild detergent and water.

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Curved Deck Railing

Curved deck Railing

Planning and designing the curved deck railing

by: Jan Placido

Are you planning to build Residential building and a Commercial building that has curved deck? You know it is possible right? Curve deck railing is the best fit for curved deck railings and it can provide an awesome look at your building. Curve deck railings is a must for curved decks, because it is very lame when you are not going to attached a deck railing to it, and you cannot meet the expectation of beauty and elegance of your building. So if you do have something in mind that you really wanted to put a curve deck to you building then go for it, and get some of tips of some professionals that are very good in this field.

Installing a curved deck railing is very technical and it is not recommended to do it by yourself, you must have the help of professionals to install this kind of railing. There are lots of manufacturers or industries that provide curve deck railings and you can choose any sizes of it, depending on the space of your curve deck is. You can also acquire some of the wide options of designs pertaining to this one of a kind curve deck railing. Producing curve deck railings are very similar in making the usual straight deck railing. It has the same physical structure, but the difference between them is, the curve and the straight, and that is the only thing that differs to the both of them. The thing that can make railings strong is balusters, it add support and strength to any kind of railing structure.

If you are planning to do it by yourself then, you must have to study every technical details of curved deck railing. From geometrical principals and required skills in doing this kind of installment on your deck, you must have a layout or a drawing, you have to be certain about the measurements of it, because if you don’t you will just be wasting your time and effort in doing this. Consider this drawing tools, for this can aid you on it, drawing tools that you need are protractor, compass and scale ruler.

There are ton of options in curved deck railing materials, below i will elaborate is each specific materials that can be used as deck railings.

Curve wooden railings.

Wooden railings attached themselves with heavy exterior glue, and by laminating each part together you can have this sweet natural curved wooden railings put in place.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron is one of the most popular railings. It is still used until today wrought iron railings were first introduced in 13th century and has evolved during the 17th century by British Professionals who are experts on this field.

Aluminum Deck railings are one of the most light weight material among curved deck railings. Its best feature is that, aluminum railings cannot be rust, because of some components on this kind of metal.

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Professional Deck Railing

Deck railing

Professional deck railing design

by: Jan Placido

If you do have something in mind about installing professional deck railings, for the first time you might have to consider things. One of the things you have to consider doing is you have to have a plan that actually fits your deck, it has to be perfect no error is allowed for this, because if you do you might have a bigger problem, and may have to remove it and do it back again, you will waste time, money and effort on doing this. Professional DeckRailings have multiple part, these parts are finials, balusters, post and rails. Deck railings have bottom and top parts for this structure. You can have a costume Professional Deck Railing, and you must have to collaborate with the fabricator so you will be able to have the perfect measurements for your porch, and you will have no problem in attaching it. It really saves time and money too.  Equipment must be ready for this you have to ensure you have the exact measurement and supply, so the installation can go in ease.

Millwork has a big impact in Professional Deck Railing. Millwork Deck Railings are very good because it offers this natural elegance that wood has to offer. Millwork Porch Railings offers vast arrays of design, from floral carves and any decorative designs, Millwork has another thing to offer, it offers a feeling of nature because wood provides this natural feeling.

Deck railings offers a wide materials and designs, from Vinyl, Metals, and wood. Iron deck railings are very good when it comes to Toughness. Metal has this robust component that gives superb protection from any person falling from. Iron railings has been used for a couple of centuries now, and still in this modern day it is still one of the best options. I believe many manufacturers now have made a design that are pre assemble, I have read something in an article that says, Iron railings can be assemble in no time. All you have to use is some screwdrivers or Allen wrenches. Iron railings can offer you this clean look, if you paint it that matches the style of your own lifestyle. You could still predesign it yourself if you collaborate with some local home improvement shops, or iron deck railing manufacturers.

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