Fence Design Ideas

Fence Design Ideas 

by: Sherry P.

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A fence’s design is usually driven by two factors: appearance and function. Some homeowners put a huge weight on appearance; others think a functional fence is more important, while some others argue that a good fence is a balance of both function and appearance. It must look attractive while fulfilling the role it has to play properly.

Ideally, the third is the best way to work with a fence. It must be built for the part it needs to keep, but it should also be visually appealing to homeowners and onlookers alike. A good looking fence can help enhance the house landscape of the area it surrounds.

In choosing the right fencing material, consider the look and feel of your house. Select a fencing material that will complement that look. For example, if you wish to build a fence for a beach house or a country house made of wood or natural materials, a low-wooden fence would most likely blend with the relaxing atmosphere of the place and the surroundings. If you have a house constructed in a modern or contemporary style, modern looking materials like iron or aluminum would work better with it.

Another way to decide on what type of fence to build is the kind of picture you wish your space to evoke. Picket fences give a cottage-like feel to a place or a garden, while stone walls give the feeling of privacy and grandeur. If you are keener on privacy, however, tall vinyl fences with decorative latticework on top would help serve both purpose and appeal.

When selecting a fencing material, always consider the amount of time you can spare for maintenance. If you live a busy lifestyle, then better go for a low-upkeep fencing material like vinyl or composites. But of course, you can always hire somebody to clean your fence for you.

Building a fence nj that would help make your place more attractive can be more very satisfying than building a fence just for the sake of having a barrier. Utilizing both functional and decorative potential of fence-building materials is a wiser way of spending money.

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Wood Alternative Materials For Fencing

Wood Alternative Materials For Fencing

by: Sherry P.

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There are many useful benefits homeowners can derive from building fences around their homes. First, a fenced home is a safer home. Fences, especially tall fences, can help give a family the feeling of security. Another valuable benefit is privacy.

A fence allows a household to go about their personal business without being seen or observed from the outside. And third, is beauty. Fences can help contribute to the improvement of the appearance of a home and the space that surrounds it.

Wood is the popular choice for fencing material due to its natural look and feel. It adds beauty to a place without looking overdone, and provides comfortable privacy. However, the disadvantage of using wood is in its durability. Wood rots and gets easily damaged by termites. Sometimes, even with its appeal, several homeowners opt out of using wood because it’s too much work on the upkeep department.

Vinyl and composites are wood alternatives that resemble wood in appearance but not in durability and maintenance demands. Vinyl is made from pure plastic, while composites are a mix of wood and plastic. These alternatives to wooden fencing are guaranteed not to rot and are resistant to insects and termites. They are more durable and easier to clean, but with the added benefits comes a price. They are more expensive than wood.

Between vinyl and composites, composites are more wood-looking; while vinyl appears fake a tad too obviously. Composites are manufactured in many design varieties modeled after certain kinds of wood. Vinyl, on the other hand, usually comes in white, and sometimes, beige. Of the two, composites are clearly more expensive. Both wood alternative fencing materials come in pre-formed panels in uniform sizes.

Wood alternative fencing materials allow you to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of wood without the upkeep hassle and massive deterioration rate. They are the fencing of choice for those who live a fast and busy lifestyle. They are also ideal for homeowners who put a high value on durability and endurance, but would not like to sacrifice beauty and appeal. With these wood alternative fencing materials, you get both!

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Easy Fence Installation

Fence installation

How to install fence easily

Easy Fence Installation

by: Erin Ramirez

With the right tools and how-to’s, installing a fence can be as easy as 1-2-3. Although fence installation may seem labor intensive, it’s actually easier than expected. Your first step for fence installation is to decide what type of fence you’d like installed. There are many different options to choose from; wrought iron, wood, vinyl, steel, barbed wire, bamboo, electric, chain link, aluminum metal, wooden slate, rock, stone etc.

Once you decide what type of materials you’d like for your fence, you need to decide how big you’d like your fencing to be. For fence installation you need to have the right tools such as enough of the fencing materials you decided to go with, a power saw, a power drill, work gloves, tamping rod, ready-mix concrete, nails, gravel and/or sand, hand saw, wheel barrel, hoe, post hole digger, wood preservative, steel tape, marking pencil, fence stretcher, carpenter’s level etc.

Once you gathered your materials and tools for fence installation you need to decide how far apart you want the fence posts, normally people space out their posts between 6 to 8 inches. To make it easier to mark where you’d like your posts to be use better boards and string to measure out where each post should be put. Once you spaced them, you should set them. Use your hole digger or an electric spacer to make the holes and use wood preservative on the parts of the posts that will be underground. Once that is complete fill the holes full of gravel and/or sand or you can use cement and stick nails in the bracing and attach the bracing to the posts to keep the posts in place. Remember only one nail per bracing is necessary to safely secure the post. Normally two bracings are used per post. The differences between whether to use sand and/or gravel versus using cement are very small differences and so I’d recommend just using the one that you feel most comfortable using.

Once that is complete add rails to the fencing post, normally it’s best to add the rails at the top and bottom rather than the middle since it has a more stable base from top and bottom.  This will insure that the rails are installed properly and won’t mess up later on after a couple of months. That is how to install basic fence installation. There are other combinations you can add to your fence, but look for other tutorials on how to complete those.

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Fence Installation

Fence Installation

How to install fence

Author:  Loreta Grace P. Espiritu

A fence is not only another decoration of the house or backyard.  It primarily serves as a protection, a boundary to the property or whatever it is made to protect.  This article will provide you the simply way to install a wood fence around your own home.  First thing to decide on is where to locate each of the main posts.  The post is the main part of the fence that attaches the fence into the ground while providing all the necessary support.  It is necessary to choose a strong kind of wood because it will serve as the foundation of the finished fence.

Make sure these posts are attached firmly into the ground in order to ensure that the fences are good and well secured.  For example, in a small section provided there are two posts.  Determine on how wide apart the posts should be.  A full run of the fencing panels is typically either in a six foot or an eight foot length.  If the posts are placed on eight foot centres the holes are laid out on those eight foot centres.  The next step is to mark those positions with some fluorescent spray paint that make special marker paint for marking the ground.  Dig holes three times the post diameters. Dig the holes about three times wider if the poles are set four by four.  To sink a four by four posts a twelve inch hole in diameter is suggested.  Then secure the posts firmly.  Get the post level and get them centred up and make sure that the dimensions are from the centre of the post to the centre of the post to the dimensions desired.  And then, pour concrete in around the posts.

Now, once the posts are set in the concrete and they’re secured tie end two runners.  The top runner and bottom runner is where the fence will wind up tying to.  Locate the gates where the posts will finally be set.  Build a gate with a frame, form it to look like the letter “Z”.  To form this then opposite to that “Z” and from the top hinge point put a sway brace.  Turn buckle on it tightens it up and holds that gate up in place so that it will stay up and swing properly.  In case it sags up to the point of hitting the ground a little lift it up, adjust it until the desired position is attained to ensure that the gate swings freely.

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Building Your New Fence

Build New Fence

How to build new fence

synopsis by: Maria A

Setting fence posts involves digging a hole three times the diameter of the post, leveling the post straight up and down, hammering it into the ground and pouring concrete into the hole. Use scrap wood to brace a post before the concrete is poured in. Make sure the hole is deep enough when setting the posts that it’s below the frost line. The posts should be leveled,use a post leveler to make it leveled,it should be leveled up and down. Attach a temporary brace in to support your posts, when setting up the post. You then,going to pound that in to the  ground. When the posts are leveled pour the concrete on the holes. And when the concrete is set up, then you can remove the supporting braces.

When installing fence panels,you need to determine what size your fence you gonna have. It fairly depend on the total measurement of the perimeter you are going to fence. You wanna divide that to the measurement of  the area to fence, typical, spacing is 5-feet up to 8-feet to your post. Install fence panels of the same size to make the job easier.

Panels can set up your posts.Panels consist of an upper rail and lower rail, with your  fencing boards attached to it. As long as your posts are centered,with the exception with the ending post and the starting post, you gonna have an overlap. You want the first panel past the post.

In order to cut down on the cost of the fence, what you can do is build a shorter fence. You use less materials,you can use a picket style fence.Essentially, the less material costs you are going to use the lesser labor costs,lesser materials to use.  To make cost-effective ways you gonna need to nail the boards in, instead of screwing them up.

You gonna need to construct your fence in such away that you have your post, you have your crossbars and you have your fencing attached to the crossbar. Also minimize the number of gates that are opening that you have can keep your cost down. You can do the work yourself,by not hiring a pro to do it. You can save a lot of money  by dispensing the labor costs.

That’s how to build a fence.

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