Fence Railings For Your Home

Fence Railings For Your Home

video synopsis by: Vikram S.

Fence railing is the part and parcel of a deck. The total outlook is represented by the railing as it is one of the most focused parts of the deck. Fence railings are generally made from the material deck is made from. But recently a new trend of contrast rail has come to light. Traditional wood coexists with equally popular modern items like glass, cable, composite, metal etc.

In the recent years there has been a great improvisation in the fence railing industry. Generally deck railing is placed at the outward side of a house it illustrates the graphical presentation of the house so a complementary color scheme should be chosen for better view.  Metal and composite fence railings offer a low maintenance value but glass railings and cable rails are attractive because they preserve views.

Architectural ornamental iron fence railings are generally seen today in landmark restoration and renovation projects. Its use is because it creates a timeless effort on the overview of a landmark. It also provides visual clearance. Iron and other metallic materials provide stunning style and handcrafted artistry with a distinctive touch. Aluminum rail is extensively used in house and a resident as it is easy to maintain and the cost is low. Whether contemporary or traditional style fence railing is required, aluminum railing can be made well finished and customized.

The designs of wood fence railings have increased manifold though its use is decreasing. It is crafted and detailed along with its way of plan i.e. Roman, Goth, Frank, Celt etc. The traditional railing mostly consists of wood railing but glass has been a new alternate to it because of its transparency and strength.

Because fence railings are such an important design feature for any deck, spending some time researching the options and allowing some room in the budget for a rail that suits the taste would be best.


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Amazing Composite Fence Railings

Amazing Composite Fence Railings:

video synopsis by: Vikram S.

Composite fence railing is a dimension of railing system. Composite railing is made from wood covered by metals or treated wood. Actually this has brought a new generation of wooden fence railings.

In the recent days composite fence railing has become one of the most popular modes of railing. They can be made by joining individual kits very easily. The materials are treated and seasoned with chemical and dried before manufacturing. The basic difference between normal wood and composite fence railing is that wood easily rots but composite does not. Since composite railing is ware proof so it can be painted easily. It can also be prepared by seasoning the old wooden one.

Wood fence railing has moisture trapped into it and when it rains the moisture can easily go inside of it causing it to swell and when sun comes out the moisture comes out of the wood and causes it to shrink. So weather has extreme impact on the wood rail. But composite is made from the specific collaboration of wood and plastic. It does not swell or shrink during rainy season and summer. These decks also maintain their color for years so they don’t stain out. Special attention should be paid while choosing the right material for the railing.

Installation process is quite easy as it does not require much proficiency in this sector. Posts are installed at a pre measured distance and the subsequent fence railings are placed in between them. Designs and additional parts can be pinned on it after the installation of railing to the deck. These systems use 4×4 pressure treated wood posts covered by a sleeve and mounted to either the inside or outside of the frame. Each railing section can be easily installed between posts using brackets provided in each kit. Stair railing kits are also available for ease of installation.

Composite fence railing brings an extravagant look to the house and increases the house value. A good and exquisite look can be well paid off if its illustration creates a temptation to the viewer.


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Your Kitchen Home Improvement Project

Your Kitchen Home Improvement Project

by Vikram S.

custom kitchen designs for home

custom kitchen designs

The most important part of Home Improvement is improving or upgrading your kitchen. A kitchen is a small room that is used for cooking and for household jobs such as washing dishes. Kitchen is considered to be the heart of one’s house.

A clean and hygienic kitchen always keeps you healthy. A Kitchen generally contains a gas stove, a sink, a refrigerator, a microwave and kitchen cabinets and other electronics gadgets including toaster, mixer etc .

The main use of a kitchen is to cook food. The space in a kitchen is generally small so its needs good planning to decorate it and make it more useful and attractive by adding things to it. Its a tough task to incorporate all the facilities in such a small place. If you decorate your kitchen or its interior,  you put new paints  or wallpaper on the walls and ceiling, change the floor type, add new appliances, install new cabinets or replace old er sink with new and larger kitchen sink for dishwashing. It also includes improving of the storage area and ventilation in the kitchen. The renovation process and decoration generally takes a months time.

Proper care should be taken while your kitchen. Preplanning is required while choosing  the colors  or textures that  suits your kitchen and soothes everyone’s eyes. Plastic paints should be preferred to paint the walls and the ceiling of the kitchen as a teflon protected surface protects your wall against dirt and its easy to clean. These paints provides a very smooth surface which dirt doesnot stick to, so the walls can be cleaned easily. Chimneys are installed to evacuate smoke from the kitchen and this keeps your wall protected from dust and oil.

While installing a new floor, you can prefer any of the floor such as wood, laminate or tile flooring as per your liking. Even a small area can be made effecient by placing kitchen cabinets and sink in a proper place. With the technological advancements , electronics appliances have fully filled our kitchen.  One cannot do anything without a refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster, miixer and juicer. Kitchen improvements can cost you high but its benefits are really worth it in the long run.

Beautiful Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Beautiful Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

by: Jan Placido

Hardwoods and hardwood flooring are very attractive and they can last a very long time. Over the time when you cannot maintain the floor, the shine can wear out and it’s not as fancy as it looks. Replacing the flooring can be very time consuming and it can be expensive too, and it is not really necessary to replaced it. If you wanted to get back that same old shine, just like when the first time, it is more, better to refinish your hardwood flooring.

First thing to do is to clear up the room, before you begin try getting rid of your appliances, furniture and rugs. If you decide to refinish only certain parts of the floor you will leave dull areas and that would be easy if you decide to rearrange the furniture. Please do keep in mind to remove any nails that are protruding out of the floor.

Second step would be, sanding the hardwood flooring. Pick a fit floor sander with the correct size of sandpaper. You really have to sand thoroughly in order to level it. Use first 36-grit sandpaper, and gradually move it up to 60, 80, then up to 100-grit later. This would provide you the smoothest appearance. You have to make sure to keep the sander moving constantly and even.

Third step that you would do is to sweep up the floor, get rid of the largest pieces of grit after you completely sanded the entire hardwood flooring. Then you have to use vacuum to suck all those dirt’s that are on some holes.

Fourth thing to do is, stain the hardwood flooring. Before you apply the stain it is very wise to test a small area before moving onwards. Allow it to dry for a minimum of five minutes before proceeding. Put this in mind also, that colors change slightly when they are dry. If you do prefer a lighter color, use rags to make the application rather than roller. Once it dries you can go over the whole process or you could only stain blotchy areas.

The final step would be, applying polyurethane finish. Use a paint to stick to stir it, make sure you mixed it thoroughly. Avoid vigorous mixing this can also cause very unattractive bubbles you can use a roller or brush to make the final application.

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Home Improvement: Choosing The Paint Color

Choosing paint color

Tips for choosing paint color

synopsis by: Maria A.

When choosing paint color,color need to be understood. You need to be comfortable with using the color wheel.  How colors from one room relate to another room. Painting interior spaces, what color you want to use. What color looks or blends together. You need to grasp the basic principles.

In the color wheel,look for the primary color ; red, blue and yellow, .Secondary color, colors that are blends of the primary colors;orange, which is yellow and red, green, which is yellow and blue and violet,red and blue . Complimentary colors, located at the opposite sides of the wheel.Like green is opposite red.Next, what color do you value.When these colors are combined,  each makes each other appear more intense.

As you Identify the colors that appeal to you,give some thought on your own preferences when choosing or blending a color.Do you prefer lighter or darker shades of the color. If you like a particularly strong color, since these color can use to overwhelmed an entire room think of it as an accent. Such as a dividing wall, or furniture,think about what you prefer warm or cool colors. By looking at the color wheel,warm colors are red, yellow and orange. Cool hues are green,blue and violet. In the palette of the other three colors use one for balance. For example,a golden yellow room can be enlighten with green fixtures or upholstery. It is also,important to note the natural and artificial lighting of the room.

After you familiarize yourself with the colorwheel and your own color preferences.  Make a careful study on the play of the light in the room of your home. Take several days and pay attention on both natural and artificial light to how the room looks in the room that you want to paint.Which direction the rooms face, are they flooded with pale morning or direct afternoon light, do they receive much natural light .How the over headlight and overhead lamps affect the lighting of the room all day. Choosing paint color to your home,is not that difficult at all.Just follow the details and the design will follow through.

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Building A New Pergola

Build new Pergola

How to build new Pergola

by: Ligaya M.

In building a pergola many factors have  to be considered,  the location, size of the house, what type of pergola installed, and more importantly, needs and wants of the home owner.  In choosing the right location, what matters most is a shaded area is needed. The size of the pergola should not be big enough that can cover the entire house.  After deciding on these matters, one is ready to build the desired pergola.

Before erecting the place where the post will be built, one needs to check if there are gas and water pipes as well as electric lines that can be hit or damaged to avoid an accident before and after installing the pergola on the desired location.  To ensure that posts are aligned perfectly straight and parallel with each other, drive a stake and string at the first corner.  Position a right-triangle along a two-by-two at the pergola’s front edge.  The stretch string must create a 90 degree angle from the front stake to the back corner for a rectilinear design.   Positioning of the pergola is not much difficult part, tie markers along the string for the middle and back post positions on the side of the pergoal.  It must be evenly and accurately placed and positioned them with a tape measure.   Do it with the other remaining post position on the pergola and then drive a stake at each marker.  Put a mark line and place a bottomless bucket on the six stakes to mark as a digging line, and then slowly remove the stakes for each posthole. Dig at least 3 feet deep with the help of the posthole digger.

It must be stable enough for the strong winds or the hurricanes not to destroy the posthole.  Make sure that the post in the holes are properly plumb with post level, and then clamp temporary braces to stakes and posts to hold them vertical.  After that, place a dry concrete mix and add gallon of water each.  And for the finishing touches secure it with nuts and washers.  And lastly, enjoy the pergola that has been built!

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Installing Exterior Door Trim

Exterior Door Trim

How to install exterior door trim

synopsis by: Laura D.

Do you have what it takes to remodel the exterior door trim in your home? Rather than hiring someone to cut and install your new door trim, you can do it yourself. It can take you no time if you focus and follow just a few easy steps narrated in this video. The tools needed for this task are the door trims, screws, hammer, eye/ear protection, and a small hand saw. A measuring tape is not necessary because you will lay out the cuts based on the size of the door trim that previously existed.

First you will want to make sure you scrape the outside of the door and make sure there is no debris before your start. You want to fit the trim instead of measuring it. It seems to work better in the long run according to the narrator. Therefore, when you fit the new trim in, it will sit right if there is no debris. You want to take the piece of trim and make sure it is in the same spot as where the old trim was located. Door trim sits back approximately half way or 3/8 of an inch overlapping the door frame. This goes the same for the top part. You will want to be sure to mark the trim so you can cut that amount off of the other end. To cut the trim, you will want to do this task outside. Transpose the amount to be cut off the same from the top to the bottom. Use a pencil to mark the spots so you can easily erase it afterwards. Now just lay down the trim, and use an adjustable square to mark and cut the end off with a small hand saw.

The narrator suggests using a hand saw since a skill saw may tear up your trim. Lastly, if you are planning on staining the new door trim, make sure to do this before you install it into your doorway. And that is how you measure and cut the trim of your door. Just a few easy steps!

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Crown Moulding ABC’s

Crown Moulding

Install Crown Moulding

synopsis by: Laura D.

Installing crown moulding can be easy with the proper tools and set up. Wood has always been a first choice for consumers, but now urethane is a popular choice. Urethane is lightweight flexible and looks just like solid wood. It comes pre-primed as well simplifying the process. You will want to make sure you have someone to help you to put up the crown moulding, set your tools up to be nearby at all time, and a miter saw is required as well.

To measure lengths, measure each wall lengths at ceiling corner to corner, the length will be the long points for cutting inside corners at a 45 degree angle. For the outside corner, the measurements from the wall to the corner will be the short points for the moulding, on that angle. You can begin cutting the moulding when you have all measurements for the room. Make sure to cut the moulding to length, cut at the same angle on the saw as the installation, and position the moulding on the saw upside down and backwards. You can also make slash marks on the moulding indicating the direction of the cut.

This will allow you to visualize  how the piece will fit when it is installed. Remember, if you are cutting an inside corner on your right side, turn the saw blade to the left, and if you are cutting an inside corner on your left side, then turn the saw blade to your right. When making cuts, install moulding as tightly as possible. Cut the moulding 1/4 inch longer n each 10 foot section to ensure a snug fit and to create a small amount of tension. For non-corner seams, use use straight butt joints or factory cuts. To install urethane, apply construction adhesive along the top and bottom surfaces that contact the wall. Start at one corner and press the moulding into place.

After securing the corners, press the rest of the moulding  into place along the surface and fasten with non corrosive nails. Remember to use latex gloves before you start!

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Painting Your Crown Moulding

Paint Crown Moulding

How to paint crown moulding

synopsis by: Laura D.

The narrator does an excellent job showing how painting your crown moulding can be a very upbeat and exciting experience. It is very economical to do this task yourself as it will cost a few hundred dollars, depending on the size of your room, to hire someone.

The tools that you will need for this project are: Paint Brush, two inches and paint, of course. Make sure to ask someone at your local store what type of paint is recommended for your house or condo. You may want to use a primer as well, but that depends if on how many coats of paint are already on your crown moulding. The narrator recommends buying a China Bristle brush and says to not use a cheap brush.

Now to get started painting, use a small plastic bucket so you do not spill any paint. You will also want to make sure to have a roller. Pour pain into your bucket about one or two inches. Take your brush and dip it into the paint, and wipe the edges so no paint falls off. You will want to start in the middle of the crown moulding and glide your brush from left to right. The narrator recommends leaving on side wetter on the brush than the other. It is pertinent to hold the brush like you are holding a fork, and make sure it is facing the moulding horizontally. If you paint this way, then you will not get paint on the part of the wall where there is no crown moulding.

Make sure to use long strokes when painting. If you want to cut into the wall where there is no crown moulding, then another day will be added to your weekend! Instead of rushing through this process, stay disciplined and take your time. It is easier to do this in one process rather than two. One coat of paint is fine. If you use two coats of paint, it might look blotchy in some places. After, you complete these steps, you should be done in a few hours. Good luck!

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PVC Exterior Railing Installation

PVC Railing

Install PVC exterior railing

synopsis by: Laura D.

Do you have what it takes to install a PVC exterio railing? A PVC Railing is a great alternative to wood railings, but they are made of vinyl or plastic. They have the same look, but are more lightweight and a lot easier to install. This video will show the basic steps that are needed to install your PVC deck railing.

There are three precautions you must take before you start. First to avoid injury and damages, make sure to have utility lines and underground irrigation systems marked so your digging does not come into contact with them. Second, make sure to check with your building department and follow all local building codes. Obtain a permit if necessary. Third, have all of your tools nearby and include safety equipment such as goggles and gloves. Install the line stakes and run a string line attaching it to the two stakes. Use a tape measurer and mark the locations for each post. Check the cad diagram for your fence model to determine the number of inches from center of post to center of post. After marking the post positions, begin to dig the post holes.

The five inch posts will need a twelve inch diameter hole, and the four inch posts will need a ten inch diameter hole. They recommend the depth of the holes to be 30 to 36 inches, but make sure to check this with your building department in case and take the frost line in the area into consideration. The narrator recommends setting all posts with wet premixed concrete. Use two 80 pound bags for each 5 inch post, and two 60 pound bags for each four inch post. Once you have determined the exact location of the post, fill the remainder of the hole with concrete to 4 inches below ground level. It is recommended to install one post at a time. When gluing picket caps, place a thin piece of glue inside the picket and press the picket cap onto the picket.

They do not recommend gluing the post caps onto the posts in case you want to change them. And that is how you install a PVC exterior deck railing!

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