A Pergola For Your Wedding

Wedding Pergola

The design of Wedding Pergola

A Pergola For Your Wedding

by Ligaya M.

AS the name implies, a wedding pergola serves as the main venue where the soon to be husband and wife recite their vows to each other in an outdoor wedding setting.   Classically the shape of the wedding pergola comes in rectangular shaped, wooden structure with four side posts and an open roof of cross rafters or trellis, pergolas have different  shapes and sizes, depending on the needs and wants of the ones who host an occasion.  The simplest wedding pergola is usually made of a wooden structure which can be easily decorated with different handing plants and plant boxes to enhance the beauty of the pergola. Note however that the design should also match up with the general venue and existing surroundings. The pergola can be easily decorated with small simple materials to enhance the wedding ambiance to serve as a pretty backdrop for the photographs.  Some also needs thing like the greenery or floral garlands, individual fresh or silk flowers, sheer white fabric, (tulle, silk, organza) and the stands of lights added for an extra lightning of the pergola.

When decorating the wedding pergola, one must need to measure the pergolas’ top frame and the four posts.  Cut the four strands of greenery or the floral garland, it should be at least 1 foot longer than the height of the post.  Cover one strand around each post, to protect the top and bottom.  Add fresh silk and flowers, attached to the garland ahead of time, so that on the day of the wedding the decorations are ready and place accordingly on their desired locations.   Additional lighting like the Christmas lights are the best choice especially if the weddings will take place at dusk or after dark.

Greenery or leaf garlands work well for fall and winter weddings, while floral strands complement spring and summer outdoor wedding.  If a wedding decided to hold on to the beach, leave out the garlands altogether and create a simple chic look by hanging sheer curtains from the pergola.   White curtains are the favorite addition to wedding pergolas.  The flowers are the key element of wedding decorations and the must need arrangement in wedding pergola.

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