Things You Need to Know about Organic Mulch

mulch new jerseyAs you can observe it while driving around, most lawns and landscapes beds are protected with beautiful mulches.  While many people use attractive gravels as their mulch, landscape mulch is regarded as a natural material utilized as a protective ground covering.  Today, there are assorted types of mulches any homeowner can select from.  You can discover diverse mulches so you can get your choice easily.

Mulches are placed in gardens and landscape beds because of a few reasons.  Mulch improves the quality look of a place.  Moreover, the thick much layer helps in holding moisture of the soil.  This material that holds water is very significant when there is drought and when shrubs or trees are initially planted.

Most likely, the main reason for using mulch is to regulate grass and weeds that always grow in the ground.  Mulch is capable of controlling soil erosion that may develop in unused ground.  Mulch helps in keeping the roots of the plants cool during hot season and warm during winter.  Furthermore, mulch surrounding the tree is a good barrier to the weed eaters.

Among the different types of mulch found in the market, hardwood bark is probably the most widely used and most popular—undoubted because of the cheap price.  This is inexpensive.  Every sawmill produces mulch made of the bark of hardwood as the bi-product of milling operation.  This is locally plenteous and mulch of this kind seems to be the preferred type.

There are also cypress and cedar mulches available in the market.  Both are made of wood and possess the natural characteristics of repelling insects.  One great advantage over the hardwood bark is that they don’t quickly breakdown.

Lots of gardeners prefer to use the pine nuggets, mini nuggets, or pine bark as their mulches.  They look very similar to hardwood although they can’t form any resistant layer.  These nuggets are the larger bark particles useful for rhododendrons and azaleas.

If you love to create the sweet-looking landscape in your neighbourhood, there is mulch made of cocoa bean.  It comes from cocoa beans and husks.  The tiny particles produce a more formal exterior. Normally, it stays permanently where it is positioned regardless of the weather.

When using mulch for the layer of 3 to 4 inches, be sure mulch is kept one or two inches away from the shrubs and trees.  Putting your mulch up on stems will gradually rot the tree and shrub because of moisture.  Eventually, your plants and trees will die.

Looking for beautiful, natural landscape mulch for your home?  It helps to know things about organic mulches.

Things You Need to Know about Organic Mulch


Using Rubber Mulch for Effective Eco-System

rubber mulch new jerseyAs you increase your mindfulness about environment, additional programs are now being used to minimize the production of carbon emission.

Gardens and landscapes are involved in the long list.  The active way of keeping ecological property gardening is by putting rubber mulch.  So here are some methods mulch does it role in preserving the environment for the next generations:

1. Long-term reused material

The more mulch people use, the fewer landfill they have.  Mulch, particularly the rubber type, is from scrapped and old tires.  It gradually decomposes and the colour doesn’t just fade away.  It can last longer compared to other natural mulch. Replacement is not needed frequently.  So the savings comes through this since most mulch needs frequent replacement and tending.

2. Weather-proof crumbs

While water cannot stay on surface, areas with rubber mulch will not become mud-covered.  Dust cannot accumulate either. The materials are too heavy to be carried away even by a strong wind.  Heavy water can’t stay on its surface making it an efficient preventive tool against overflowing river or floods.

3. Ground water supporter

Rubber mulch products come from materials that are permeable and won’t hold water.  For instance, rain water can just sip in downwards.  Having the collection feature built-in below, rain water will subside into the ground instead of just draining.  The process recharges the ground water which can be neglected because of the present waterway system including the cement foundation in place.

4. Temperature controller

Rubber serves as an efficient regulator, too.  As for mulch, this will help the soil to regulate heat temperature.  This becomes true when dark-coloured mulch absorbs the heat.  However, be cautious about areas prone to forest fires as the material can quickly speed up fire like the hay and wood chips.

5. Shock-absorbent material

The main reason behind using rubber mulch for playgrounds, horse arenas, and athletic fields is its capability to support falls.  Runners can bounce and get less stress for every footfall.  Parents can have the relaxation and worry less about broken bones and scraped legs.  Horses can run more rapidly because their hooves have less pressure.

Rubber mulch is a way of contributing your part in preserving the nature. The use will make your landscape visually beautiful with its assorted colours.  Just ensure that the bright colours don’t overshadow the remaining part of your garden, lawn, and the wide landscape.

Using Rubber Mulch for Effective Eco-System

Home: Chiropractic Adjustments

chiropractor expert witnessI’m Dr. Chrissy Stamm Christian, and at Balance in Motion, we take care to be as gentle and specific as possible when we’re doing our chiropractic adjustments. We also use different types of instruments and tables. So that, people who aren’t a fan of traditional manual manipulation, there’s other tools that we can use to make sure that we’re still helping their body move properly and relieving their pain as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I’m going to start with the hips to come down to the feet. One of the things I look for is whether they look even or not. A lot of times one will appear shorter than the other. So look at this, this one is a little bit shorter. I’m going to bring it up.

We’re going to check flexibility, is there a difference side to side. She’s slightly short on this side and a little bit less flexible over there. I’m going to come to her hip over in here. Where the sacrum is, where it meets the lumbar spine. I’m going to raise this up keeping the spine in neutral and work to just create motion into that joint. In a gentle way, that will still correct the misalignment but not create any pain. Then I’m going to move on, so working from there assess the pelvis.

Now I’m going to feel her low back. I’m feeling side to side. Does the musculature feel tighter on one side?  So for her, it’s definitely tighter on this right side. I like to incorporate a lot of muscle works. I think it’s important to make sure things are loose as well, before going into adjusting. So I’m working to through the muscles on that side. Good. I’m going to use an adjusting instrument to work a few of the points that I feel that are out alignment here.

The adjustment instrument has a few different settings. You’re able to control the level force that you want to put in to the area. I’m going to come right into here and come along her lumbar spine. Working the muscles as well as the joints along the spine and then I’ll just assess and make sure that it’s still moving properly.

Next I have them flip over and feel to assess the cervical spine motion. Feeling for tension side to side, also if there are areas that are prominent like a nodule. She’s got one right in through here.  For me, I’m just going to turn through here. For Erin, I’d like to adjust with the adjusting instrument. Although various patients opt do manual adjustments as well if their spine responds better to that. Hers responds best to the instrument. Which is just a very specific way of getting into the area that’s fixated and helping it move properly. Good. I come into there. Feel again. I’m feeling for that prominence to go away. For there to be symmetry side to side and that’s what I feel.

Working with someone with the larger frame who prefers to have a manual adjustment is also something we can do here. I’m going to assess through here for his low back. I feel this is really stuck and not moving through here. I’m going to have you lay on your side; I like to get to where it’s in the perfect setup. So that it doesn’t take a lot of force to create the movement that I may do create. I bring him here. Come into here. Good. It’s as easy as that. Making sure that their muscles stay relaxed and do just a little stretch right through there.

As you can see at Balance in Motion, we use as many tools and techniques to safely and effectively adjust our patients. When you’re ready to get rid of your pain come in and make an appointment at Balance in Motion today.

Home: Chiropractic Adjustments

Going Organic On A Budget

Buying affordable groceries and going organic may seem impossible, especially considering how organic food has expensive farming methods and higher delivery costs. Go green without increasing your monthly expenses with these tips.

1. Go local. More logistics costs are incurred the further away the processing occurred. Groceries coming from a local farmer’s market will be cheaper than getting organic food from New Hampshire.

2. Go with the season. Nectarine is a good fruit to buy organic because of the heavy pesticides in the non-organic variety. However, if you include them in your February groceries, the nectarine was most likely imported and charged extra for delivery.

3. Go on a menu. Before getting your affordable groceries and throughout its consumption, plan your meals properly. By organizing a menu and sticking to it, you can buy organic food in bulk.

4. Go for larger stretched-out meals. Getting groceries for five microwave dinners is not cheaper than a beef stew made from purely organic food. The preparation time might be longer but the larger proportions allow you to skip a session of cooking and serve its leftovers for lunch.

5. Go gardening. Consider growing your own herbs in the backyard or even on your sunny kitchen sill. This way, you have more money to purchase other affordable groceries.

6. Go for inedible skins. If you and your wallet are not yet ready to convert to organic food in its entirety, only buy thick-skinned non-organic fruits and vegetables. The pesticide on the surfaces of bananas and onions, for example, won’t affect the consumed parts.

7. Go back to the traditional way. Before powdered broth and canned beans were part of the usual groceries, chicken stock was made from boiling its bones and beans were actually cooked to perfection. Organic food is also ideal and healthier for such practices.

8. Go for meal extenders, not meat extenders. Processed food does not make for a filling meal. Cook organic food and serve potatoes, brown rice, and whole wheat bread during the main course to stifle the need for unhealthy and expensive desserts.

In the end, organic food always amounts to affordable groceries and a better budget. What you lost out on with cheaper processed food is outweighed by the health benefits you gained. To top it off, the organic methods you are encouraging farmers to adapt is helping provide a brighter tomorrow for future generations.

Home: The Summer Grocery Haul

Grocery Haul

groceries in philadelphiaHey, guys. So, I’ve gotten your quest on grocery haul forever and I just never – that be interesting enough to post on its own video but since this own question, just watch the store. We got home yesterday from our trip and my fridge is empty so I need to stock up some things, obviously we have food. So, I have five Whole Foods bags. This is about much food that I buy in one fell swoop. I don’t like buying a lot of food filling at one time because I don’t like it to spoil but we have literally nothing in our fridge except for like half and half some apple or something. So, I need to re-stock up on food. So, I’ll just going to pull things up and show you in a casual manner. I always have freezer bag with me and I put cold items in. And this is a very typical large size grocery haul for me, so I have this organic chicken breast from Pine Manner farms, done up little grills for me. I like to have them for my salad for lunch or keen on for dinner.

These are not my favorite eggs. Actually they did not have my favorite eggs at the store today. But these are the same kind of eggs. These are organic cage-free omega 3 eggs but 365 organic everyday value, the kind I usually get is by organic valley. It’s just the Whole Foods brand that one and I believe they are about the same thing. And this is the one that I usually buy, but they’re out of that one that I usually get.

Let’s see. I got my favorite organic cottage cheese from horizon organic with two percent non fat. Oikos plain greek yogurt by stonyfield organic. This is the milk drink, organic valley, 2 percent milk. And I got two of these. These are my favorite, frozen quick grab it lunch. I just throw them away to microwave oven for just few minutes. These are by evol burritos, the fire grill chicken fajita is my absolute favorite. They’re so yummy. Then I got a couple of the Whole Foods premade things I got there because we’re going to have some fajita. I also got my favorite fresh mango salsa, so good. I use it in place of dressing in my salads and it’s just so tasty. That was everything that was in there.

Then I got small container of SO delicious dairy free coconut milk and the unsweetened. We’re stocking up on my favorite blue diamond almond breeze in vanilla unsweetened. I usually put them in coffee or smoothies or anything in that nature. Rudi’s organic 14 grain bread, I’d prefer the double fiber, it’s very rare that they actually have the double fiber in stock. I don’t know why, so that’s why I have the 14 grains like my back up choice. My favorite sauce, they were out, so I bought two stock up. This is by Amy’s and its’ the organic tomato salsa in medium. It is so good. Then I bought few Luna bars to stock up on those. Two of these smores, I know I love those. Then, I also got two different one I don’t eat very often. I don’t think I ever have caramel nut brownie, so I bought one of those to try. And white chocolate macadamia, I can’t recall that I have one of those either. But I do loving this year, so I thought it would be interesting.

This is a bar soap that I use in the shower. This is Whole Foods brand, 85 percent organic, triple French milled soap in lemon borbana. It’s one of my favorites, so we bought more of those.

And the reason why all the bags look crinkling because I wash them in a washing machine and then I just didn’t have time to press them and that’s what happened. So, there it is.

Then, I got our Earthbound Farm organic spring mix lettuce, my favorite lettuce. And a big carton of mushrooms, these are from Illinois. Organic baby carrots from 365 organic, I got a lot of organic broccoli, one of my favorite easy-go-to dinners. This done in chop up and steam the broccoli and then sauté the mushrooms with sliced garlic, I forgot to buy garlic. I used to buy garlic, too. And we have chemo with grilled chicken, they are organic zucchini, the time of year to have them and I love them with hamburger or something out my grill. Organic cucumber, I like those in my salad and two organic avocados. I’d have those in my salad as well for my lunch.

This one is on sale, I don’t remember, it’s two for something. We both like this pop chips. I like this soap and vinegar, and then Donald likes the barbeque potato, they’re just less fattening potato chips. They’re not fried and not baked but somehow popped. I don’t know but they’re less fattening and therefore you must still taste it.

Some organic bananas, I like them green. I got three organic bell peppers for our fishy dust. I like to buy organic produce whenever possible. I’ve got organic strawberries, organic local cherry tomatoes, this is from Wisconsin, organic raspberries and organic blue berries. So, I’ll wash them off and cut strawberries and those go to my yogurt in the morning. Two apples of brand, not a brand, kind of apple that I’ve never heard of, it’s crisp pink apple. And when I saw it immediately, I don’t know why but my mind immediately it was a typo and this should have been crisp at pink.

And then the last bag here, we have tortilla chips. These are my favorite, their local name Chicago, totally delicious. I always buy Martha Stewart Halloween hand book when it comes out, but I noticed it looks exactly the same in a different year and it says special collector’s edition back in print. So, I’m going to compare with my other one in previous year and see if it is really exactly the same.

Here’s my list. I always bring my grocery list to the store. And it’s sticky now and it’s just like attacked and stick it on to the handlebars in my cart so it’s easy and I organize my list obviously, section of the store like go to the store. And I stocked up on my favorite laundry detergent by Ecos earth-friendly product in a lemon grass flavor.

And that is my grocery haul. I’m going to put everything away now. I hope you, guys, enjoyed this little different look at haul and I thought it’s interesting. This is really basically what I buy, I mean like I said I don’t buy all at once all the time, but a lot of these are stapled products for us. And like I said, we’re going to make a special dinner or something. I like to go and buy those things separate. Some things I might spoil in our pantry and our plans tend to change the last minute.

But, I hope you, guys, enjoy this. Thanks for watching. Let me know about my grocery haul and take care. Bye, guys.

Home: Laundry Based Groceries Needed Beyond Detergent

grocery deliveries in philadelphiaDetergent alone may not be enough to ensure clean clothes. These additives need not be limited to bleach and chlorine. Here are three friendly groceries that also alter into fabric superheroes.


Baking Soda: The secret ingredient behind the bubbles in pancakes and quick bread, baking soda is more than just a leavening agent. In fact, more and more consumers include sodium bicarbonate in their groceries because of its amazing cleaning capabilities. Laundry is no exception. It removes detergent and bleach odors while helping them perform better. It neutralizes acids and bases before they can damage other clothes and suds before they overflow. When looking for multi-purpose groceries, add fabric softener and rejuvenator to baking soda’s list of capabilities as it can soften even old stains making them easier to remove.


Table Salt: A staple in food groceries, sodium chloride can be used as more than just a salty seasoning. Half a cup of salt during the last wash of new clothes will prevent its dyes from staining the water and other clothes. A larger amount can bring back color to paler curtains and rugs. Soak white cotton or linen in a tablespoon of salt with a quarter cup of baking soda to remove its yellow tint. Salt’s most selling feature as a staple in affordable groceries is its ability to remove stains such as blood, gravy, grease, ink, mildew, rust, wine, and even perspiration stains. If you have a pair of mismatched stockings, you can boil them for a few minutes in slightly salty water to get a pair of the same color.

White Distilled Vinegar: If you get a lot of dirty laundry, recalculate your groceries’ consumption as adding a quarter cup of vinegar to your last rinse can do a lot of wonders. Vinegar dissolves the alkaline properties of soap and detergent on the fabric and thus removes the soap smell. It also removes all other odors that remain even when the stain has left. Vinegar acts as a fabric softener and prevents lint from clinging to your clothes. It also kills the mold and mildew that clings to wet and forgotten laundry. Aside from that, heavy duty stains can be soaked in a bucket mixed with a cup of vinegar to soften it up for the regular detergent.

Getting affordable groceries means finding multiple uses for the items that you buy. However, don’t use all of these items at once as they produce different chemical reactions when put together that may lead to a disastrous day of laundry.

Grocery Delivery Stores

grocery delivery philadelphiaWith the growing popularity of the grocery delivery stores, it becomes extremely difficult to point out the negative aspects, which has led to the bankruptcy of such stores. Many stores have crumbled like deck of card in recent years. This business got all the hype due to market demand and profitability in several locations, yet it failed to retain its customers.

Man is considered a social animal, but when grocery is delivered at home no one would prefer to go out for shopping. This reduces interaction between people. Single people go for shopping to hunt for a date and family goes for grocery shopping to spend quality time together. All this is not possible with a grocery delivery service. This turns out to be the major reason as to why people started preferring shopping than homedelivery.

Another reason customers sidelined these stores is delivery of stale and rotten fruits and vegetables. When ordering on phone the quality of the fruits and vegetables delivered is unknown, they can be fresh or rotten. There is always a high probability of the fruits to be rotten as the delivery person is allotted a fixed time for one delivery and in a hurry they pick up fruits which come in their hand first. The customer has to accept the items delivered to them even though they are bad for their health.

Local markets get new stock for fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. The same is not true for a grocery delivery store. Their order depends on how successfully they have sold the already existing stock of vegetables. Inability to sell vegetables and fruits on a certain day leads to the same stock being used till it is sold out completely. This may take a day or a week.

When purchasing meat, fish or eggs shoppers want to the cut they are getting. The freshness of these is determined by the colour and odour. But if they are purchased from a grocery delivery store all that can be seen is the picture of the available meat. Seeing a picture nothing can be concluded. The pictures displayed may not be of the fresh meat they can be taken from any website or forged. Customers stopped purchasing non vegetarian items from these stores, thus reducing the revenue of these stores as the major profit margin comes from selling of meat and fish.

There is no doubt regarding the effectiveness and usefulness of a grocery delivery store, still there is long way to go before it can truly capture the market.

Home: Seven Days and Seven Ways To Prepare Rice

groceries in philadelphiaGet inspired with a week of these rice delights and add your own touch to the dish, as well. The best part about it is all the ingredients can be ordered on your next grocery delivery.

Monday: Chicken Rice Porridge

For the manic Monday rush, rice porridge is simply practical. Your grocery delivery list needs to include chicken and ginger. Boil rice in three times its volume of water or more for a longer stirring session, softer rice, and more soup. When the rice is half-cooked, add the strips of chicken and ginger.

Tuesday: Cooked Rice and Toppings

Now that you have a little more time on your hands, pair up plainly cooked rice with a saucy favorite recipe. Cook a two-day portion of the rice from your grocery delivery. Serve the rice in bowls and top it with your stew or soup. The remaining rice should be stored in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s meal.

Wednesday: Fried Rice

With your remaining cooked rice, you can make an easy brunch. Try out whatever is on your usual grocery delivery list as the main ingredient. To start, fry garlic and onions in a pan with enough oil for the rice and any other ingredient that absorbs oil quickly. Add the ingredients that take the longest to cook first.

Thursday: Pilaf

Rice does not need to be boiled in water to be edible. You can try a Middle Eastern pilaf and cook your grocery delivery staple in broth. Remember to rinse the rice first before adding it to the broth. All types of rice undergo milling and enrichment processes before being packed into the sacks brought over by grocery delivery.

Friday: Arroz con Pollo

For a Latin American-flavored Friday night, cook your rice in simmering chicken. Different countries have different ways of cooking this meal so pick one that matches your cooking skills and preferred tastes. Look up a simpler recipe version to stay within your grocery delivery budget.

Saturday: Paella

Treat yourself to a Spanish meal without going over budget by using chicken, spare ribs and sausage for your meat choices. Replace saffron by ordering yellow food coloring from your grocery delivery service. If you are willing and able, splurge for the extra seafood that would make the paella and tomorrow’s jambalaya extra special.

Sunday: Jambalaya

Similar to Saturday’s dish, jambalaya is made up of meat, its stock, and vegetables. The main difference is the preference for a spicier and gamier recipe. Of course, the original jambalaya of alligator, boar, and turtle might not be something your stomach is really up to. Your grocery delivery service might not have these ingredients either.

There you have it…..7 days and 7 different ways to cook rice. Eat healthy!!

Healthy Food and Grocery Hauls

grocery delivery philadelphiaGrocery Haul

Hello everyone! If you followed me on Twitter, you know that a little less than a week ago, I purchased Tone of diet plant for healthy living and just to be eating healthy and just putting healthy natural products into your system and obviously that helps you lose weight but it also helps you to just be healthy in general. And I’ve already done a ton of weight loss in terms of, like major weight loss stuff with isogenics three years ago or something like that. So I really don’t need to lose that much, maybe I want to lose maybe about ten pounds but this is really about healthy eating and just putting more natural products into me and not putting in all those chemicals and the junk and stuff.

The other day, my Mom and I went grocery shopping and we went and buy a ton of awesome healthy products. But I wanted a little bit of a grocery haul for you, guys, because a lot of you on Twitter were really interested in some health videos and stuff like that. So, I want to show you guys what I picked up that was like all healthy foods. So if you’re interested, keep watching and please subscribe. You can probably see a bunch of it behind me there at the greens. I’m going to start at the dairy staff just because it really desperately needs to be refrigerated. First thing that I got and this is something that I haven’t tried before but I’ve always been kind of curious about is Greek Yogourt. I got this in strawberry just in case I didn’t like it. Obviously the strawberry has a bit of flavor into it but I didn’t want to get the plain. I know the plain seem like a better option. You can do flavoring as well but the plain one, I just want to be sure that I like it and I’m a huge strawberry fan so I got this Greek Strawberry Yogourt. I actually tried this a little bit already and it’s so yummy, really good for you, way healthier than like most yogurts. It’s got lots of probiotics and other good stuff in there that talks about. If you guys buy that diet plan, you’ll have all the information. Net item that I got the grocery store, in the same dairy section was Cottage Cheese and it’s one percent cottage cheese so it’s low fat. And cottage cheese is something that I always thought was kind of gross, never wanted to eat or try it or go near because I always thought “Eeew, it’s kinda weird”. But I tried it and it’s actually super yummy and I really, really like it.

If you also tried like pure mozzarella then it’s very, very similar in taste but obviously a little bit more watery but it actually tastes really, really good. So I got some cottage cheese and these are two new things that I never would have picked up at the grocery store before. Now speaking of mozzarella, I did actually get a mozzarella ball which is actually really big size but I think it was about $5.00 and mozzarella is way lower in calories and fat than most cheeses. I mean it’s not something that I would recommend eating on a daily basis or anything like that but for a nice light treat, mozzarella’s actually really, really yummy. You see like a huge cheese fan like – I just, I could eat cheese all day and be thousand pounds because I love cheese but obviously I have to like have some self-control but cheese is so yummy I could put on everything.

This is something that I tried like over a year ago and I actually really decided I like it. It sounds weird and almost like I don’t know. Before, I would never have thought to try this but it’s Almond Milk, two flavors. One of them is just the original so it’s like got no flavoring or anything. It’s just plain I guess it’s a close to regular milk – ‘coz I put it in my cereal kind of thing and I like the chocolate almond milk because it’s kinda like chocolate milk but it’s obviously not chocolate milk. But it’s chocolate flavored almond milk so it’s really good for you and has that chocolaty taste so you can get that chocolate milk curbing of your appetite. For my bread type products, I’ve actually been eating this bread for over two years I think. It’s the Body Wise bread. Kind of pricey, it’s about $3.50 for this loaf and its very thin slices that you can see. There are 50 calorie slices of bread per slice so really low calorie, less in like fatty ingredient and stuff that are way better for you, has all natural products. And yet I was actually looking for Ezekiel Bread but I can’t find, probably got to Whole Foods. Always a huge fan of wraps like wraps are probably one of my favorite foods other than sandwiches and stuff to eat so I got some whole wheat wraps as well. So it’s like tortilla wraps but you can use this, I make tuna melts in them and so many different yummy foods and like so many awesome recipes that I’m reading in the wrap section of my Tone It Up Diet Plan so really excited to try some of those.

And the last thing that I got, it’s more like actual big carb like wheat kind of product is Shredded Wheat. My mom and I both got a box of this. I’ve tried the flavored shredded wheat. This is like super plain shredded wheat. Fruits, I could eat all day everyday like fruit and cheese I could live off for the rest of my life kind of thing so I got a ton of fruits when I like all natural products right? So I get crazy with fruits so I got tons of these. Three oranges, these are just regular oranges I’m not gonna juggle with them. I would like to attempt it as tempting as but it’s a failing. I also got some apples and unfortunately this is the only one left. I got some three apples again. This is just I think the red delicious apples but this one left. Grapefruit, which I’m not definitely juggling with these ones, grapefruit is so yummy and I honestly love, love, love grapefruit. I usually in the spring and summer have at least a half to a whole grapefruit a day. In the morning for breakfast before I eat anything else, I’ll have like a glass of water and some grapefruit. I also get a couple of things in terms of berries which I love berries. Berries are one of the best fruits ever. I got this, what are these even called? I’ve had them. I always call them like bumble berries or something, blackberries. That’s what they are, blackberries. They’re so cool-looking and I just love the texture of them. I’m like a huge texture freak with food like I just love just how like texture these are. Just like, look at them. I hate blueberries. I’m just not a fan of like blueberries. They just taste like skin to me. I don’t like those. It’s just gross. But then I also, of course I’ve got strawberries because strawberries are one of my all-time favorite fruits ever. So, some of strawberries. This is a sort of a fruit but kinda not. It’s just a can of Allen’s pure all-natural apple juice like 100% pure, there’s no sugar added kind of thing but this is for a recipe in the Tone It Up Diet Plan that I’m using so I needed some of that and I’m like a weird child, 20-year old child like I love apple juice. It’s so weird.

And now it’s time for all the greens. I have so many greens. I’ve never bought so many greens in my life. I’m a huge salad fan and I really love cucumbers but there’s some other greens that I’ve started to try that I don’t normally eat but I decided to go out of my comfort zone. So, I got some sugar snap peas. I don’t know if there are regular snap peas. If there are, I could not find them. But these ones are not really, they’re like natural sugared. Surprise but I actually really like them are actually really great snacks for you so they’re crunchy kind of like an alternative to chips maybe. Obviously it doesn’t have all the salt and stuff but sugar snap peas are really, really healthy and really good for you and actually so yummy. I actually hate mushrooms but I bought mushrooms to try at a couple recipes from my Tone It Up Plan. I feel like the flavor of mushrooms tastes really good but growing up, I just never really liked mushrooms but I’m trying to like change that and force myself to try more recipes at least to see if I like them for sure or not. So we shall see how me and mushrooms go. Okay more greens, we are getting bored of all the colors. I got broccoli. I actually love broccoli as a child. This is probably one of the only vegetable I really, really like but for some reason my parents kind of tricked us into calling them, we love – movies like the Land Before Time and my brothers were a huge dinosaur fans and obviously a group of my younger brothers were like into boy’s stuff but they will call them like little trees so when they’re all cut and cooked and everything, they look like trees and so my parents were kinda be like “Yeah, eat your little trees!” So, we were like excited to eat broccoli and it was cool, it’s a great parenting trick but I don’t know, I just love broccoli. Eat broccoli.

And I got some green beans, Oh my, gosh! I love green beans. These are so yummy. You just like steam them or, I don’t know, we usually steam them. I don’t know how else you can cook green beans. Fry them maybe, I don’t know but we steam them. It’s healthier to steam them and green beans. Yeah, kind of boring how to plant them, it’s just a few bunch of them. This is probably about two meals, two or three maybe, maybe three meals for like single servings because I’m doing portion sizes and cooking for myself and quick plan of meals. These are my favorite things ever, mini cucumbers. They’re like tiny sized. They come in a package but I took them out. I wanted to keep them in a refrigerator and if you just leave them normal, then they going to go bad really easily which I learned the hard way before but these are yeah, I love them. Instead of just getting like the long ones because what I do is I use one of this per salad, when I make a salad so I use one sizing of the mini cucumbers. I have four left. This is living lettuce. It looks gross. It has the roots attached to it. So, it’s living from the root and they pull the root and they make its living in the container. So, it’s super fresh and, oh my god, it’s organic. It’s so yummy and like you can like open it up and smell how fresh it is, obviously because it’s living lettuce and stuff. You have to clean the leaves very thoroughly because there is like black—on it like dirt and stuff, just see all that crap but it’s so worth it because it tastes so yummy.

The last thing I would not even looked at, at the grocery store but it’s called kale. I had no idea what the hell it was before. I would just like, I don’t even touch half of the greens section. I go to the straight plain normal stuff and I’m trying to like bunch on organic and new things. This is kale. It kind of looks like seaweed or something and it’s kind of gross I guess but I’ve tried it in my salads already and I cut off some stuff and use some of it and it’s actually really yummy and tastes normal. My Mom says it tastes a little bit more bitter than regular lettuce leaves but I don’t really taste that big difference. I forgot celery which I left in the fridge, sorry, and a couple other things like small things and probably forgetting but that was like it’s all healthy foods. I guess not completely. I guess pretty all healthy. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this grocery haul. Sorry if you guys were bored and don’t even want to watch this or aren’t interested in them. Let me know if you guys don’t want me to film these videos. I won’t film them anymore or put them in my second channel or something which if you guys want to subscribe to my second channel, it’s in the bottom bar but if not, whatever. I just thought I would put this video up for those of you who asked and wanted to see this and kind of because I’ve always wanted to do a grocery haul. This is my first one so it’s kind of interesting. So I hope you guys enjoy this video. If not, just be honest about it. I would like to see you guys in my next video which is a beauty video for sure. So, I apologize anyway. I’ll see you guys later.

Home: Shopping With A Grocery Guru

grocery delivery philadelphiaShopping with the grocery guru. For twenty years now I’ve been sharing with people how to save 70 percent on their groceries and that’s what we did today at Albertson. Let’s start in a big, long single file aisle and head this direction. The secret to the savings Is having subscription to the newspaper, having a subscription to the newspaper will actually pay for half your groceries, were gonna put in one head of lettuce, were gonna pick up a loaf of Albertson’s bread,. It’s on sale at a dollar and 39, grab macaroni and cheese, it’s on sale, buy 1 get 1 free. We’re gonna pick up a couple of bottle of the tree top apple blends here.

They’re on sale normally 3.99 for a dollar- 38. With the coupon were gonna get them for 98 cents. We’re gonna pick up one bottle of Kraft salad dressing. If were gonna make the salads or pasta meals, when we put it together, we need salad dressing. Okay were gonna pick up one box of barilla pasta. Okay the next item were gonna pick up, 8 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal. These are normally 3.99 when you buy 8, you gotta buy 8, you’re gonna get them for a dollar-88 I have a dollar50 manufacturer’s coupon makes them 38 cents a box, so youre getting 8 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk for 5 dollars.

Now you got your choice to pick up the whole pork loin or you can pick up the family pack of the boneless chicken breast which is right there. Theyre both on sale for a dollar-88 a pound. We’re gonna pick up two packages of all-schathrops because I have free coupons. So if you have two cents an insert, you get two packs, it’s absolutely free. Free, there’s a coupon for free juicy fruit gum, absolutely free. There you are, alright. What we got in our baskets have we bought it yesterday when it was not on sale would have been 104 dollars or so, we buying it on sale is gonna bring it down to about 67 dollars.

When we add the manufacturers’ coupons, we’ll be down to about 35 dollars. So you’re gonna have a merely 70 dollar savings or 70 percent savings right under the nose. You save a total of 72.41 today,76.73, let’s see how much you saved down there totally at the bottom which tells you saved 75.71if you do that every week for the next year you can go a Disney cruise.