The Advantages Of Carpet

Carpet advantage

The advantage of Carpet

by: Erin Ramirez

Carpets are better than hardwood flooring. They may not have the reputation for being elegant like hardwood flooring does but when choosing the right carpeting, people can find that getting carpet in their home is a good choice for them.

Why is carpeting better than hardwood flooring? For one, in this economy it’s more practical to get carpets installed in your home instead of hardwood floors. Wood is expensive and you’ll be paying double the cost to install hardwood floors than you would be paying to install carpeting in your home.

Although once your carpet gets a stain it’s harder to remove versus hardwood flooring, if you opt for a darker hue for your carpet, the stain is less likely to be visible. Be cautious when choosing a white or beige color, as stains are more likely to show with these colors. A nice navy, black or dark brown always looks good and can hide stains in carpets more easy.

Carpets are also better than hardwood flooring because it provides padding/cushion for your feet. Hardwood floors are bad for people who need cushioning when they walk since the hard surface is bad for the arch. Carpet provides a plush cushion for your feet so that it puts less strain on the feet.

Although it may cost a lot to replace a whole room of carpet, it’s cheaper to replace carpet or portions of carpet than it is to replace severe dents in hardwood floors. A hardwood floor is a good investment, however it takes a lot of maintenance to make sure your flooring is in tip-top shape. Carpets are easier maintenance and require less work on the owner’s part.

Many people may not realize this but carpet is better than hard wood flooring when you have children. The reason for this is because children are more apt to spill things and drop things and if the home has dark carpeting it’s easier to wipe away stains and them not be visible. A spill on a hardwood floor may be easier to wipe away, but if something drops or spills that makes a stain on the wood floor, it is harder to fix. Sanding and using wood cleaning products is a timely and expensive process. Any little thing can cause scratches on your wood floor. For example a heavy desk, table or refrigerator can leave your wood floor damaged. With carpeting dents are easier to mask.

So these are just a few of the reasons why carpeting is better than hard wood flooring.

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The History Of Carpets

History of Carpets

The history of carpets

by Erin Ramirez

Would you like to take a trip on a magic carpet ride? Carpets have been around since the 17th century (wikipedia/carpets). They have come a long way since the 17th century and now there are all different types of carpets made of many different designs and materials. I personally enjoy installing carpets in my home because it provides a nice comfortable atmosphere. Unlike hardwood floors, carpets aren’t as warm or cold as hardwood floors get during the changing of seasons.

When people decide to install carpets in their home they normally go for a more neutral, understated color as opposed to brighter colored carpet. The most popular carpet colors are beige, white, a light silver, a pale yellow etc. This is because carpets are like the canvas for the home, if the carpet is left neutral the walls, furniture and other accessory can come to life and the carpet can complement the accessories and furniture instead of clashing with it.

Although many homes have muted, neutral carpets in their homes, I personally like the embroidered carpet. These are normally carpets with a neutral base and have some sort of design in the center. These types of carpets are seen as slightly gaudy so not as many people favor having them installed in their homes. I like these embroidered carpets because they remind me of the renaissance time period, very old fashioned but extremely elegant.

The main problem with carpeting is that it’s hard to get stains and smells out of them. A carpet cleaning can cost anywhere from 20 to 50 cents per square foot. The bigger your home, the more it’ll cost you to clean your carpets. Some stores offer a carpet cleaner that you can borrow for a fee, pay a security deposit on and return to the store once done. These are often hard to maneuver and they’re not as easy to use as they look. Pet stains are oftentimes the hardest to remove from carpets because if a pet has an accident or makes a mess the liquid will often times soak into the pad and even a carpet cleaning can’t fully remove that.

Embroidered carpeting oftentimes will cost extra to get cleaned because it’s more delicate than other types of carpets and the guys cleaning the carpet will have to be extra careful when cleaning it.

If you can keep your carpet clean and avoid stains and spills, having carpeting in your home is a great addition to the ambiance. Carpeting also feels good when you have your shoes off and the carpet is made of a nice plush material.

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