Reusing Trim Moulding

Trim moulding

The plan for reusing trim moulding

Reusing Trim Moulding

by: Gabriel A.

Your home has just undergone a makeover and you are wondering what to do with all the things that are replaced and removed from your home? This will be the worry of people who are concerned with the environment and that believes in the concept of recycling. Here is one of those very few tips that you can find here on the internet that discusses how you can reuse things removed from your remodeled home, specifically pertaining to trims. And I do mean that there are very few videos that feature recycling and reusing, that falls under the home improvement category.

Most videos will show you how to install, replace, and lure you to buying expensive accessories for your home but only few tells you how to recycle them, like what you can still do with sawdust or where can you use it instead of throwing it right inside the trash bag.This video is definitely one of those few videos that is recommended that you bookmark as future reference, in case you forgot. For a matter of fact, this definitely went into my archive.

This video presented by Bob Schmidt shows us where we could possibly use the trims instead of disposing them. Imagine how much money you can save for considering this option and applying it for your home. Imagine how much, or how little(I personally do not consider recycling a little of an act, I consider it a brave and bold act of taking care of our word for a change), you have just helped our degenerating environment to somehow sustain itself a little bit more. Hey a bundle of little acts to save the world can make a big difference in the future.

Every tiny decimal of an act still counts. Anyways, Bob Schmidt will show you ideas on how to reuse trims in this video. Applying that concept, you can also figure out what to do, or how to reuse, other things that can still be useful. Remember those early days when we are young and we used to stick anything together to make a toy? Well, this is how fun this is, except that it is better than just making your own unique toy, and your family and perhaps, our planet and the future generations will benefit from this. Such a useful information inside a video that this is.

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Painting Trim and Moulding

Trim and moulding paint

Painting the trim and moulding

Painting Trim and Moulding

synopsis by: Talat Z.

You know when you are doing the interior painting; painting things in a right order can save your time and give you more perfect results when working on different types of trim and moulding.

For example if you are painting edges of the wall before you paint the wall itself. Up there where the wall is near to ceiling a painting pad is great tool to use. It’s a painting pad with some guide wheel at the top of it that moves along the ceiling. It is simpler to use, just place it on the wall and pull it along. Next is painting you woodwork like your baseboards and trim. Remember to paint this before you paint the wall. And you don’t have to worry if you get some of this trim paint along the wall itself. Now paint roller swirl off tiny spects of paint when you use them. So you want to protect this newly painted baseboard you just finished, before we start rolling we can do that with some painters tape or masking tape. Just put the tape on at very top of the baseboard so that it actually set as a shield. Now the paint spects will fall on the tape and not on the baseboard.

Once the trim or moulding paint is dry, we will cut the wall color intermitted. Again using the paint pad with the guide wheels we will do that. There is no faster way to paint those inside corners than with this corner painting pad. Finally roll up the walls. The results will be neat, clean and look like they are done by an expert. For more tips and tricks on painting trim and moulding among many other home improvement items, check out


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Colorful Exterior Trim For Home Siding

Colorful Home Siding

Design a colorful exterior trim for home sliding

colorful exterior trim for home siding by the Tapco Group

synopsis by: Talat Z.

IQm exterior trim is a revolution in home exterior beauty. Delivering variety of colors to match your exterior. You never have to hire expensive painting crew or pick up a painting brush to trim your home with colorful curb appeal.

It’s the only colored through cellular PVC exterior trim. IQm’s advanced design make you forget about the extensive maintenance wood trim. There are no weekend spent sanding, scraping and ladder climbing. The durability of cellular pvc trim everlasting and is only available in white or paintable trim that required costly specialty paint and the task of repainting. From windows to brick mold and fascia IQm brings eye catching colors and quality wood. Every brilliant IQm color is UV protected for lasting beauty. This vibrancy improves curb appeal and sets a home apart from the rest.

Only IQm offers the innovative protection of the up or aqua flax fin. This patterned water management design channels water away from the home providing a shield against mold and moisture damage. The aqua flax fin even meet strict standards for protecting against wind driven raining.

A vibrant hassle free way to enhance any home IQm offers a complete line trim board sizes along with fascia board, brick mold and trim corners. With versatility and innovation IQm trim brings your dreams into full beautiful color. For more detail about the designs and product log on to


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Installing Exterior Door Trim

Exterior Door Trim

How to install exterior door trim

synopsis by: Laura D.

Do you have what it takes to remodel the exterior door trim in your home? Rather than hiring someone to cut and install your new door trim, you can do it yourself. It can take you no time if you focus and follow just a few easy steps narrated in this video. The tools needed for this task are the door trims, screws, hammer, eye/ear protection, and a small hand saw. A measuring tape is not necessary because you will lay out the cuts based on the size of the door trim that previously existed.

First you will want to make sure you scrape the outside of the door and make sure there is no debris before your start. You want to fit the trim instead of measuring it. It seems to work better in the long run according to the narrator. Therefore, when you fit the new trim in, it will sit right if there is no debris. You want to take the piece of trim and make sure it is in the same spot as where the old trim was located. Door trim sits back approximately half way or 3/8 of an inch overlapping the door frame. This goes the same for the top part. You will want to be sure to mark the trim so you can cut that amount off of the other end. To cut the trim, you will want to do this task outside. Transpose the amount to be cut off the same from the top to the bottom. Use a pencil to mark the spots so you can easily erase it afterwards. Now just lay down the trim, and use an adjustable square to mark and cut the end off with a small hand saw.

The narrator suggests using a hand saw since a skill saw may tear up your trim. Lastly, if you are planning on staining the new door trim, make sure to do this before you install it into your doorway. And that is how you measure and cut the trim of your door. Just a few easy steps!

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Tips For Painting Trim

Tips for Painting Trim

synopsis by: Laura D.

Have you ever considered painting the trim around your door in your home yourself

Painting Trim

Tips for how to paint trim

? This video gives expert tips on how to do this task. The tools you will need are: paint, tape, a blanket to put on the floor, and a ladder (depending on your height). At your local hardware store, you will want to look for trim paint. There are many different types. The narrator uses one that is oil based in this video.

Before you get started remember the last thing you will want to do before you paint is the wood trim. It is so important to tape off the edges. A lot of times when you used trim based paint, especially one that is oil based, then it has a tendency to seep under the tape. It does not matter how well you tape and press against the edge. This would put a huge damper in your trim painting and would make you have to go back and re-do everything.

The narrator has a trick to get around this issue. He says to apply a very thin layer of calk along the edge. It does not have to be much at all since you will be wiping this off. Once you have done this all the way across, you can spit on your finger and wipe off some of the left over calk. The narrator claims, “Nothing beats a little spit!” Now that you have done this, you still left a very fine membrane in place which will prevent the paint from seeping behind the tape. Then, you will want to put on a light coat of trim paint.

Do not overwork it also since there are flattening agents in the paint. The more you do this, working the paint, you will just thicken the paint more. It does not remove the paint stokes. The best thing to do is just apply the paint with a few light strokes. The narrator promises this is the best way to do it and it will come out beautiful!

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