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Custom Cabinets, Millwork and Furniture Linear Fine Woodworking Phoenix

Synopsis by grace m. saliva

Linear Fine Woodworking is truly a world-class company, attracting some of the world’s most highly skilled craftsmen.  Fine Custom-Built Cabinetry and Furniture, Architectural Millwork, Kitchen and Bath, Home Offices and Media Rooms are their top-notch wood working product expertise.

This company is not using wood species like,  “Hawaiian Koa,” “Mapa Burl,” “Swiss Pearwood,” “Drope Mahogany,” “Block-mottled Anigre,” “Ribbon Sapele,” “Macassar Ebony,” and “Etimoe”. All of these rare wood species, and hundreds of others, are wonderfully elegant and sophisticated both in name and appearance. They are using Veneer. However, few people outside the design and manufacturing community understand how veneers are made and how they are used in the construction of fine custom cabinetry and furniture. Wood veneer is not merely an inexpensive alternative to solid wood construction. Laying veneer over a substrate of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or furniture-grade particle board ensures stability and protects the beauty and value of custom furniture for many, many years. Solid wood may be used for details and accents, but for cabinets, tables, and wall units the best value is to use high-quality  wood    veneer.

Phoenix custom woodworking company, Linear Fine Woodworking, offers or provides their best work  fine custom built cabinets, custom millwork and custom built modern furniture to areas like Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona as well as the greater Southwest.

Each Linear Fine Woodworking custom creation is a work of art crafted and custom built just for you. Whether it’s custom designed kitchen cabinetry, a custom wall unit, custom home theatre unit, or custom office furniture, innovation in design and woodworking is a hallmark of Linear Fine Woodworking products.

Their goal is to design one-of-a-kind pieces that combine custom furniture and cabinetry with fine art. Located in Phoenix, Arizona they have been designing custom built furniture, cabinetry and millwork for over 20 years. They are specializing in residential woodworking as well as custom commercial woodworking and design.

For a closer look at over 100 different types of wood veneers and figure patterns, or to observe firsthand how a veneer panel is “layer-up” and crafted, just contact Linear Fine Woodworking to discuss your custom millwork or woodworking project or visit their showroom to amaze to their creations  that especially made for you.

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