Soil Remediation: Bio Solve

Soil Remediation: Bio Solve 

video synopsis on soil remediation by: Cherry A.

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soil remediation

Soil remediation with the aid of Bio Solve.  Bio Solve is proven effective in the field of soil remediation.  Here, swatted PVC has been placed throughout the bottom of a prepared pit and connected to vent pipes in each corner for the soil remediation process.

Air will later be blown down these pipes to supply the existing bacteria the oxygen vital for the degradation process.  The Bio Solve is applied to the contaminated soil by a high pressure spray system.  This is one of the many techniques that may be used with Bio Solve in soil remediation.  The initial application of Bio Solve is being applied as a conveyor drops the soil into the pit.

While the soil is evenly distributed throughout the pit in layers, a heavier application of bio solve is then applied for the soil remediation process.   While degradation time will vary depending on environmental factors, bio solve has been proven effective, and an outstanding tool, allowing the natural occurring bacteria to rapidly decompose the hydrocarbon contamination.   When circumstances warrant, bacteria and nutrients may be added to the soil to expedite biodegradation.

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